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Gold Rush: 'Team Turin's all over it' while Team Hoffman flounders

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Todd's Turbo Trommel finally arrived at Quartz Creek, but did it live up to the hype?

As fans of Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush know, Team Hoffman has been sub-divided this year into Team Turin and Team Todd, with Dave’s team working on the Indian River claim, and Team Todd standing around on the Quartz Creek claim.

And, the standing continues.

Turbo Trommel Finally On-Site

It has been WEEKS since the gold mining season began, and there has been basically no action on Quartz Creek, short of piling up some dirt. If Team Hoffman had not split into two, the Hoffman’s third season would literally be dead in the water. As Greg described the situation in last night’s episode, “It looks like we’ve shifted to Indian River having to be the savior and we understand that; Team Turin’s all over it.”

Is it any wonder Todd’s long-time friend chose to be on Team Turin this season?

This week, however, Todd’s special-ordered Turbo Trommel finally arrived on-site, saving the day, saving the season.

Or, well, not so much.

When the trommel finally arrived on-site, the team apparently did not have the landing site ready for the truck to drop it where it needed to be—not like they’ve had a month waiting on it to get the area ready or anything, after all—and they had to struggle around with the on-site heavy equipment to get it where it needed to be. Unfortunately, while they were moving it, the chain they were using to lift it broke—classic Team Hoffman—causing the 60,000-pound trommel to thud to the ground. It did not bend the frame, as was feared, but it may or may not have led to the later-discovered motor issues that shut the Turbo Trommel—and the Quartz Creek operation—down completely, bringing things to a standstill once again.

Thank goodness for Team Turin.

Indian River Nearing 100 Ounces

Although Team Turin started off rough, with Dave having test drills done on the wrong site, it has since proven to be a well-oiled machine, actually bringing gold out of the ground consistently. Last week, the Indian River operation brought in a 30-ounce cleanout, and this week more than doubled that with an amazing 63.41 ounces, worth over $100,000.

With that, Team Hoffman is within reach of their investor’s 100-ounce demand, with a total of 93.7 ounces mined by Team Turin.

“I’ll try to get the rest of that and get us to 100 before he shows up,” Todd told the two teams, sounding pretty dejected, understandably.

Well, good luck, Todd, but it’s probably a good thing that Team Turin is still on the job.

Stay tuned.

Gold Rush airs on the Discovery Channel on Friday nights at 9/8c.

Image: Discovery Channel

Video: Discovery Channel/Gold Rush

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