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Is Greek coffee really better for you than American-style brew?

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According to a recent study—and Dr. Oz—Greek coffee may be the superstar of the coffee world.

Could a daily cup of coffee really make a difference regarding your overall health? Coffee is generally regarded by healthcare experts as being good for heart health, since coffee does contain high levels of antioxidants and polyphenols. However, according to a new study published in Vascular Medicine, not only could a cup of coffee improve one’s overall cardiovascular health, having a cup of Greek coffee, specifically, could be the key. In the study, elderly residents from the Greek island Ikaria who drank boiled Greek coffee at least once a day had better overall cardiovascular health than those who did not drink boiled Greek coffee.

What could be the difference?

Possibly concentration and preparation, research indicates. Because Greek coffee is boiled rather than brewed, the average cup is more concentrated than the average cup of brewed coffee, containing more protective compounds per serving. Also, super-fine grinding of the Arabica coffee beans concentrates antioxidants, another healthy plus.

The norm in Greece is to drink coffee in small demitasse cups; each serving typically contains just a little over 100 mg of caffeine—the amount in about a cup and a half of American coffee. So, perhaps replacing your regular coffee with Greek-style cup-for-cup would not be a great idea if you drink a lot of coffee, or consume a lot of caffeine from other sources.

Additionally, the Dr. Oz website indicates, those with high cholesterol levels may want to stay with their American-style brew. “Coffee contains kahweol and cafestol, which both raise cholesterol levels,” the site indicates. “Paper filters help to capture these substances before they make it into your cup.”

Still, some may wish to give this super-strong joe a try. And, it definitely has its healthy aspects for the right coffee-drinker. If so, visit the Dr. Oz website for additional information on boiling your own Greek-style coffee.

Just don’t do it too close to bedtime!

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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