Hardcore Pawn: Breaking hearts, changing lives and making money

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Hardcore Pawn showcases realities of the pawn world, both good and bad.

Hardcore Pawn on truTV shows some of the realities of the pawn world, such as last night’s episode: When you pawn something, if you want it back, go make payments and get it back out of pawn, or the pawn shop will take it out for you.

The thing is, as you watch, you want to feel badly for some of these people who go to American Jewelry and Loan—like the woman last night who had pawned her grandmother’s ring four months previous, but never came and picked it up, and lost it to pawn—but they are so nasty, all you can do is shrug and say, “Got what you deserved, mean, nasty customer.”

“People need to take responsibility when it’s their mistake,” Les said as the woman was dragged out of the shop, kicking, screaming and threatening.

Just a Bag of Glass?

Sometimes, though, good things happen in the pawn shop, like for Crystal, who was trying to get enough money for her grandmother’s funeral, and wanted $50-$100 for a bag of stones/crystals.

“It’s obvious they’re not gems,” Ashley said. “It’s a waste of time,” she told her dad when he decided to let their gemologist look at the stones.

“You’ll see, you’ll see,” Les said, walking away from his know-it-all daughter.

Not surprisingly, as often happens when Les faces off with either of his children, Ashley was wrong, wrong, wrong.

They weren’t all gems—some were just glass crystals—but there was a real one in there, too.

“This is the find of a lifetime,” Les said, “We’re gonna change this woman’s life.”

And, change it they did, to the tune of $10,000 for a Burmese ruby in the bag of glass.

“This is exactly why I take time to look at merchandise,” Les said, obviously happy for the woman.

See, good things can happen when you go to the pawn shop.

Stay tuned after checking out this clip from last night's episode, of a female weightlifter proving her strength to Les before talking numbers:

Hardcore Pawn airs on truTV on Tuesday nights at 9 p.m.

UPDATE: American Jewelry & Loan is not the place to run a pawn scam

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Submitted by Gerald (not verified) on
Hardcore Pawn and all the other prime time programs of the "Pawn Shop Genre" are certainly entertaining, but should be seen as entertainment only. Several "Mom & Pop" pawn shops are proactively getting the word out about what the reality of the pawn industry actually is. Essentially they have become the "Banks" for the middle class that got hammered during the global meltdown.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
What size was the ruby?find that out and then we will know if less did the right thing.Burmese ruby can go for 60,000 and she Han a nice size Burmese...

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Les ripped that poor girl off.....that Ruby was worth $250,000

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Lol it's not worth 250,000!! The size of that one is about 15-20 grand maybe even 25-30 but no sorry never 250,000.. Also you have remember she we offered 10 grand because pawn need to make money too. Lol 250 grand lmao!!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Exactly... Why did they not air the part where the Gemologist gave the appraisal of what is was worth? Ashley asks the question of the gemologist, but they cut out his answer. The answer is obvious; they did not want the public to know how bad that girl got ripped off and give the show a bad name.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I wonder if they broke any laws by taking that womans property without disclosing its potential value and if the local district attorney should be contacted. I am sure the seller needs to beware just as a buyer needs to beware buyer but depending on their profit i feel they may have criminally scammed the woman.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
There is nothing illegal about it. They could buy it for a dollar if she agreed to it. There's no laws protecting stupid people from selling stuff way too cheap.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I saw the episode with the ruby and the"good deed" they did. We weren't told the weight of the Ruby or an estimate of its value. How much was the ruby worth? how much profit did a tearful Les make off a woman who was ignornant of the value of her property and in dire need of money?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Well, yeah, it more or less could be considered a good deed. The lady walked in wanting around $100? A completely unscrupulous person would have gone, ok, here's a hundred bucks. They checked them out, and the ruby was discovered by the gemologist. Doubtful they were all "glass" though. The gemologist should have at least noticed the ametrine (yellow & purple one)...... The thing is, when a pawn shop is willing to offer $10k, the lady should have gone to a regular jewelry store, instead of a pawn shop. Still won't get retail value for it, but a jeweler would have likely given her more.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
First we are big fans of the show. Let me rephrase that, we were big fans! When I saw the episode that they cut out the burmese rubys appraisal value, and the fact the other stones that were real wernt talked about and the fact that the lady wasn't made aware she should go to a certified jeweler to be made aware of the true value of all her stones. I totaly lostany faith I had that the golds had any integrity or honesty. IF THEY WANT TO REDEEM THEMSELVES IN OUR EYES THEY SHOULD BRING THE LADY BACK AND COME CLEAN ABOUT THE VALUE OF ALL HER STONES BESIDES THE RUBY and this could be done in an "update" type episode. That would show they aren't bad guys without integrity and it would give their business and that of pawn brokers everywhere a better name. I was screaming at the tv the night I watched this episode! How stupid did they think we are that we wouldn't notice what they did to that poor lady! She definetly needs to be compensated! Anyway let's all get some kind of petition going so they correct their treatment of that poor lady as well as prevent them from doing that again to anyone! I mean thre should be a law that makes it so they must disclose the true appraisal value of items and at least give the customer a chance to make a "knowledgeable" choice to accept whatever offer they make to the potential customer!!! Isn't that reasonable to expect of an "honest" business! My last statement is : to the owners of american jewelry and pawn-please redeem yourselves in our eyes and correct your behaviour in the way you handled the business with the woman who brought in the valuable ruby! At least compensate her, your behaviour was horrendous!


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