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Hardcore Pawn: 'Whatever’s happened, you’re my son. That’s all that matters.'

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Sometimes forgiveness comes when one least expects it--for Les and Seth, it happened in the parking lot on truTVs Hardcore Pawn.

What would you do if your son tried to sell your business right out from under you? Think you’d be a little angry? Hurt? Not willing to trust him again anytime soon? Les Gold has felt all of these things on truTVs Hardcore Pawn recently, but an incident at the store has opened him up to working with his son once again.

When an angry customer flashed a gun in the parking lot, and, as Seth said, his father just stood there “like a deer in the headlights,” Seth moved him out of the way. The action softened his father’s heart enough to at least talk with his son on some level, if not immediately trust him in the business once again.

“Listen, thank God that Seth was there, helped me out; I didn’t realize how serious this situation was,” he told Ashley. In a camera cameo he added, “Nothing is more important than family, and Seth proved it today. But, when it comes to business, Seth is going to have to work a lot harder to gain my trust.”

Is there hope for a nice Gold family feast on Thanksgiving Day?

Truce in the Making?

Later, a 1951 Fender guitar came into the shop—potentially worth $50,000. The seller wanted $40,000. With such a potential investment, Seth consulted his father.

“If Pontiac taught me anything, it’s that I need to work closely with my dad and tell him everything that’s going on.”

“This thing could be worth tens of thousands of dollars,” Les said of the guitar—if it was real.

Checking it out, the parts were not matching up; some were showing as ’52, some ’54. Gambling, they decided to give it a go at $10,000.

Not even close, the customer said.

“All the dates … are from the 1950s, which makes it vintage. It could still be worth a lot of money. We just don’t know,” Seth said to the camera.

“Feel like shooting dice?” Les asked his son.


They were still dealing as the customer walked out the door, and ended up letting them go for a $300 difference, going to a top of $12,200.

“I would have loved to have bought that guitar, but this could have been one of those opportunities I could have lost and lost big. Seth really stopped me from making a bad choice.”

Later, Les said in a camera cameo, “I thought that the betrayal that I feel could never be resolved. My son pushed me out of the way of a possible gunshot. After this, everything else is incidental. He put is life on the line for me. Nothing else matters.”

To Seth he said, “Whatever’s happened, you’re my son. That’s all that matters. It’s over. Let’s move forward.”

Happy Thanksgiving, Golds.

Stay tuned.

Hardcore Pawn airs on truTV on Tuesday nights at 9 p.m.

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Video: truTV/Hardcore Pawn

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