Ice Road Truckers: Could a Lisa Kelly spin-off be in the works?

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Former IRT Lisa Kelly asks on her Facebook page, "If you saw me on TV again, what would you want to see me doing?"

It’s official: Lisa Kelly, the fan-favorite and undisputed star of the History Channel’s Ice Road Truckers, appears to have made an amicable break with the History Channel's IRT reality television series. Kelly wrote on her official “Team Lisa” Facebook page on June 3:

As you've seen, I won't be on the show. I want to extend my sincerest appreciation to the History channel. Throughout the seasons I've been on, they've been nothing short of spectacular in their support. I'm still a trucker and I think you've probably not seen the last of me. Most importantly, I want to thank Team Lisa fans. You are nothing short of the most amazing people out there. You've supported me through thick and thin, and I'll still be here, keeping you up to date on all the adventures I am up to. Thanks everyone, and keep on truckin'. Shiny side is up ;) LK

And, Kelly wrote on her Facebook page just yesterday:

I'll keep letting you all know (it's being asked A LOT): I won't be on Ice Road Truckers this season. Also, I haven't left because of headaches, pregnancy, drugs, etc. And of course I am not Rumor mill runs high. I still truck for Carlisle, have a great relationship with the History family, and have an awesome relationship with Team Lisa! I'll keep in touch all the time... Right here and on my site!

Also, on June 5, she confirmed that she will not be making any surprise appearances on Season 6 of IRT:

Answers: Not pregnant. Still trucking. Will not be returning to IRT this season. No surprise appearance. Will still be right here and the Team Lisa journey continues

Now, of course, the messages did not clear up anything regarding the reason she left. But, considering the fact that, in her own words, she still has “a great relationship with the History family,” it can be assumed that any rumors of bitter contract disputes between the star and the network were overblown rumors. And, although it is still possible that the split did come over money disputes that were amicably resolved, there is no confirmation from Kelly or from the History Channel that money was involved in her departure. So, for now, fans can at least rest easy knowing that the History Channel did not simply force their favorite trucker off the screen.

Many Huliq readers questioned whether or not the History Channel willingly let Kelly go from the series:

  • Dan: "What's going on here. Is the network getting too cheap and soliciting less expensive alternatives. Enough of this testosterone laden biased program. I just loved watching the ladies perspective and experiences with trucking. Guess the show is taking a step back with a one sided, man only, less than entertaining approach. You guys suck. Directing my evening viewing in another direction. Good bye."
  • Anonymous: "I can't imagine that IRT chose Lisa to not be on their show! It is a huge risk taking the best of the show out and leave smart mouthed Hugh on."

More Television for IRT star Lisa Kelly?

But, visiting Lisa’s Facebook page, fans can leave well-wishes for their favorite IRT star and rest assured that the History Channel did not simply choose to remove her from the cast this season. Perhaps, as inquiring fans continue to ask on her page, Kelly will eventually make public the reason she is not appearing on the show in Season 6. One thing is for certain: Looking over her page, leaving the show certainly isn’t hurting her ability to make appearances and connect with her fans. In fact, she seems to be soliciting ideas from fans for future television endeavors. On June 5:

Good morning to all! Well, lots of talk about me not being on the show. If you saw me on TV again, what would you want to see me doing? LK

This, of course, leads to the obvious follow-up question:

Noting fans' overwhelming rejection of an IRT without her (and considering her glowing reviews of her ongoing relationship with the History Channel), could a Lisa Kelly spin-off be in the works at the History Channel?

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Tonight's season finale of IRT sees a friendship teetering on the edge

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
no Lisa then you don't have a show its time to find soming else to watch to bad you had good show.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
and how wants to watch an kid, a hillbillie-mr.knowitall, two in Canada both with attitudes,,,thank-godm they still have Alex,,,

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Yes, thank goodness for Alex! That will keep hanging on for a little longer. Lisa needs to come on back.

Submitted by Dan McLaughlin (not verified) on
I love the show and I miss the female drivers but I also know it is a "reality " program and editing makes the show what it is. The absolute best and most likable person on the show, editing aside, is Alex. I am sure he is in real life, the honest, helpful, compassionate and skilled driver that the show protrays him to be. Thankyou Alex for being the example of what we all should strive to be in real life, a truely good person.

Submitted by lee (not verified) on
As an ex heavy haulage driver (Mostly Mack DM800's. Israel. I watch the programme avidly. The snow and Ice of IRT is not that different from endless gravel desert roads and 50 deg heat- and 18 hour days with no sleeper pod.. No mobiles. Although nothing could really compare to driving over ice. Any way Yes I am a great fan of the show and if Lisa et-al encourages more females to challenge themselves to ladies..We will all be safer on the roads. As for Alex Even the hype of the show cannot, nor needs not hide the etched lines of lonely bleak miles.. Yeah a great guy, The show is a fine testament of his decency. "Good on yer "

Submitted by Bues31fan (not verified) on
I know if, I'm the History Channel. No dollar amount would prevent me from having Lisa Kelly on my shows, they have to have a show that will be featuring her, and no way do they just keep her off IRT 6.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I am leaving the country for 6 weeks and was making arrangements to tape the IRT shows so I could watch them when I returned. Now with Lisa gone there really is no reason to bother doing it. Good luck on any future endeavors Lisa. I guess I wont miss anything because of my trip after all.

Submitted by used to be a wa... (not verified) on
I wanted to be a truck driver because of Lisa on IRT. Now, I'll just have to be. I always appreciated her refraining from swearing as much as the boys. It is disappointing to not have her as a driver on season 6. Ho Hum..... bummer.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
ain't that the they have two dumb-skulls..(newbies) and I even miss Mayia

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Didn't Lisa won the money last season? I do believe this show is coming to it's end......


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