'Ice Road Truckers': Dave Redmon discusses destructive nature of reality TV

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Former History Channel ice-road trucker Dave Redmon believes that much of the focus of reality television is on the destruction of the people on the show for entertainment of the audience, which he explains in his quest to enlighten people about his experience with the genre.

Dave’s contract with The History Channel ends in July of this year, and all of his ties and obligations to the network will be fulfilled. He then intends to publish a book on his experience, to give the public a true look at what “reality television” is, and what it does to many of those who participate in the genre. After all, as Dave points out, many of the reality shows out there are fueled by the destruction of the main characters and sometimes their families—a fate Dave, happily married to wife Wanda for 12 years, has avoided.

“All the shows that involve families ruin families. … All of them in general have the same focus and the same path that they’re going for. They just may use different tools to get there,” he says, shaking his head sadly.

Although he has managed to avoid problems at home from his time on reality TV, Dave has had more than his fair share of negativity, even being forced to change various accounts and passwords due to hackers. People have created fictitious accounts after being removed from his Facebook page, so that they could come back and spew more negativity. “It’s pretty much leveled out right now,” he says. “I’ve been off of TV for awhile. But, now, see, it’s starting up again. … You see, I’m going to be on TV for a couple of years,” he explains, “because of the way the show airs [in different parts of the world over a rolling, extended period of time]. You can tell where the show is being aired by the friend requests you get every day,” he adds.

“I don’t take a lot of it to heart,” he says, indicating that it is much harder on his wife to read all of the bad things people write about him than it is for him. “I laugh a lot of it off. But, it does have a toll on you after awhile."

He doesn't , of course, claim that he is perfect.

“I am obnoxious sometimes,” he says bluntly, “but if I was as obnoxious as they make me out to be, I wouldn’t be able to go out in public. They don’t show anything I do good, anything productive I do,” he says of the IRT producers. “Do you think Carlisle would have kept me on as long as I was there if I had acted as bad as they showed me on TV? They would have gotten rid of me the first week,” he said, re-emphasizing that Carlisle did have control over the truckers who were brought into the workplace. “They’re not going to let [the producers] bring up somebody they know is going to be dangerous and smash up equipment because that is going to hurt their insurance, it’s going to hurt their standing in the community as being dangerous." He alleges, in fact, that a typical facet of the preconceived storyline is that a non-Carlisle driver will be fired. "Everybody who has been on the show that’s kind of an outsider that’s been brought in by production has been fired,” he notes, naming himself, Hugh, Alex, Drew and Greg. “That’s what they call the ‘story arc’ of the show.”

In Part Six of this exclusive six-part series, Dave discusses his current relationship with The History Channel, and whether or not the experience has been worth the ride. Part Six will be published on Huliq on Jan. 29.

Stay tuned.

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