Ice Road Truckers: Girl gone wild in the hot springs?

After the second episode of the 2011 Ice Road Truckers season, it is unclear whether the History Channel wants their women drivers to be real truckers or pinup girls.

The women of Ice Road Truckers—or, would the producers rather you call them “girls?”

Lisa Kelly broke into the “boys only” club of the History Channel show Ice Road Truckers, and she did a pretty good job of it. She is definitely still learning, and doesn’t project herself as the tough, don’t-mess-with-me-or-else type of trucker some might like her to be, but she does come across as really striving to do her job because she wants to do it, not just as a plant for History Channel ratings. She’s not a big, hefty, masculine female, but a small, blonde, perky gal—well, at least, she was last season. This season, she is a small, darker version of herself, apparently trying to get rid of the “blondie” image, as she herself referred to it in the opening show of the 2011 season. In fact, with her dark hair—which, at alternating times, appears dark brown, burgundy or maybe even a dark auburn—heavy black eyeliner and black fingernail polish, it seems she may even be making an attempt to appear a bit on the “goth” side. Does it work? Well, it does do away with the “perky gal” image of last season, even if it doesn’t seem to flatter her that much. So, maybe it does work, for what she seems to be hoping to accomplish: Be accepted as a “real” trucker, not just one of the “girl” truckers on the Dalton.

Having a female trucker on IRT brought a new twist to the show last season, if only to see what she was not going to be able to do next—and, to be honest, there wasn’t much she couldn’t do, she just made such a silly fuss about whatever new situation she found herself in, it was hard not to laugh. And, had she been a young male driver, one would probably have been giving him a thumbs-up for trying to learn and working hard, instead of thinking, “What is she doing out there, anyway?”

This season, Kelly doesn’t have Jack Jesse, her biggest cheerleader from last season, to help her through the rough spots, and is being given more challenging assignments—like the oversized car carrier she hauled in last night’s episode—in recognition of her hard work and progress. And, although she isn’t as confident in her abilities as maybe she should be—the assignment last night seemed to terrify her, as she recalled a similar failure last season—maybe that shows a smarter side of her, not a weaker one, because, after all, she didn’t back down from the challenge, she faced her fears, and took the assignment all the way, on her own, no backup. A little bit of fear, after all, is good—for an example of potentially hazardous self-confidence, one needs only look to another trucker on the Dalton, Dave Redmon, who seems to consider himself an expert at everything truck-related, even though he has never been on the Dalton.

With Kelly making progress in her quest to be accepted as a “real” trucker, it seems that the History Channel felt compelled to bring in another female trucker, Maya Sieber. Before the season started, the History Channel IRT website painted her as a tough, tattooed, New York City driver, and one may have expected her to come onto the scene with lots of bluster and attitude—maybe more like Redmon has, in fact. But, in fact, she is now being styled as the new “it girl” of the show, all giggles and “oh no’s!” as she learns more and more about the Dalton. Last night, it was unclear as to whether producers of the show would like her to drive the Dalton or star in a new IRT calendar, as she stripped down to a bikini and took a dip in an area hot springs—seriously? Have we ever seen other drivers—male drivers—taking it down to a Speedo and jumping into the hot springs? With the IRT cameras rolling around them, getting angles worthy of the latest commercial? Seriously?

Kelly has worked—worked—hard to become an accepted member of the IRT cast. She is a real trucker, carrying real loads over the Dalton, not a new “character” in a bikini taking a giggly dip into a steamy hot springs—is Sieber even going to drive a truck this season?

There is nothing wrong with bringing another female driver onto the IRT scene, but this is not the way to do it. It doesn’t further the show, and it makes a mockery of all that Kelly has actually accomplished, as if women on the show should be “girl truckers,” to be seen or get out of the way—is this the show the History Channel really wants to present to viewers? And, are viewers going to respect a show that was once about the real work of real truckers becoming a peep show?

Stay tuned.

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Well I heard they are going to change the show To ICE ROAD TRAMPS....The shots with Maya in them were ridiculous..I am a 48 year old Grandmother who absolutley enjoys the show but much more like the show on Sunday Night and I will watch reruns of Sponge Bob....You guys made a big mistake....There are other shows that men (or women) can watch if they want to see Women running around half naked....It definitley took the show down a notch... Kelly and the Rest of the drivers keep up the hard work I have great respect for you and the hard work....

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Just wanted to say "ditto". You said it better than I could and you are right on target. Love the show. Just hate the direction this is going. The producers are headed into a dead end.

Submitted by quesoanejo (not verified) on
that scene was the only one in any episode that made this show even remotely watchable. a bunch of fat canadians whining and griping about their terrible lives and each other...good god. how this crap is still on the air...who knows. i bet its just the rest of canada tuning in every week because "they" are on TV.

Submitted by Johnnyz28 (not verified) on
You have alot of nerve calling Canadians fat and have terrible lifes..Who has a show called The Biggest Loser?? Oh that would be americans and you are considered the fatest country in the world...You are a pathetic piece of garbage one of those people that voice an opinion online because you are a low life coward.Want to talk crap about Canada Ok.Let's see what sport as the americans invented? Basketball,,Hockey,,Football,,Rugby all Canadian invented.Who inslaved black people america who slaughtered native americans?If it wasen't for Canada you wouldn;t have the air force you have today where do you think your jet motors come from? Have some respect, I like my neighbours to the south but it's people like you who are why people around the world are hating your country..

Submitted by Pit Bull (not verified) on
I happen to know Maya and her work ethic is very high. She works very hard at her job, is a safe driver and contributor to bringing attention to the importance and respect of all truckers. The bikini scenes were fresh and innocent and one of two days off having fun during the rest of the long hauls up in Alaska.

Maya may very well have a high work ethic, work hard, etc., but that is not how the show is presenting her at this point ... that is a problem with "reality" shows ... they don't always seem to present "reality" ... they tend to style real people into the television characters producers want them to be. I would imagine that, assuming what you say is true--and there is no reason to believe it is not--she would not be happy with the way she is currently being portrayed, either ... we'll see how it goes as the season progresses ....

Submitted by Pit Bull (not verified) on
By now, since we posted the messages, it is totally evident that Maya is a serious and hard working truck driver. She braved the storm, even though it was suggested that she not continue and delivered the load.

Submitted by Priscilla Wilson (not verified) on
I have enjoyed this show since it started. I have loved Lisa Kelly. This Bimbo they brought on this year is insulting. Who is running the programming on the HC? If someone wants to look at T&A they can find it almost any channel that is available. Next thing we will see is some blonde with fake boobs in a bikini hunting alligators. I think what the HC has done is degrade the importance of the job the other drivers do so well.

Submitted by taz (not verified) on
i like lise and maya hell i,d love to see lise in a bathsith sometime beside u all are fuss over 1 show get a life beside and u all gay or something any man that say he did like looking at that hot body has got to be gay hey this the way i think like it or not P.S. add some more ladys to the show tried of all the old men fuss all the time irt needs more ladys like maya and lise on it

Submitted by Pit Bull (not verified) on
Yes, you are right. The night in the Hot Springs, was one of two events where she had time off while she was waiting for things to start in the very beginning. The scenes of her just relaxing for a change was lovely and sweet. People are reading the wrong message into things from their own view of life.

Submitted by Carl (not verified) on
I happen to like the bikini scenes with Maya. Not many women today are willing to admit they are FEMALE and THAT THEY ARE SEXY! STOP TRYING TO LOOK LIKE MEN!!!

Submitted by Lisa Fan (not verified) on
Where is Lisa's bikini episode. Heck have them all take a dip in the hot springs even the naughty Canadians. Wheres my Ice road truckers bikini calendar.

Submitted by Priscilla Wilson (not verified) on
Lisa Kelly is very attractive, intelligent, likable and feminine. She has appeared in some endorsement ads where she is dressed up and looks great. However, evidently, she did not deem it necessary to promote herself in a bikini. Instead, she seems to love her work and is very adamant about proving herself. It seems to me that Mya is taking the shortcut to gain attention and acceptance on this show. It may be her choice or the desires of the producers. I think it degrades this show and takes attention away from the essence of the show.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
quit your whinning...just becasue you look like a fat cow in a bikini....all you do is bich about Maya well tell you what, she has more BALLS then you will ever have...i'm a trucker and no fucking way would i ever drive the Dalton...they all deserve credit even that pompus asshole Hugh and befoer you all complain, I AM CANADIAN AND PROUD OF IT so that asshole that called us fat Canadians had better take a hard look at your fellow countrymen & women...just go to Walmart! LOL

Submitted by taz (not verified) on
hell i hope both of the ladys end up in playboy oh yesssss

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
For those of you that are offended by the bikini piece... You need to get over yourself and not be so jealous. If they are proud of their body and do not overexpose them-self, then GOOD FOR THEM! I love the show and the ladies, FOR THOSE OF YOU BOTHERED BY THE SKIN, stop watching if you don't like it! Raymond Dunkin Fishers, IN

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I have watched IRT in the past but have not had a chance to watch but now I see this Maya person. Dont care for her. She seems like she has never driven before, and not talking about ice roads, but any roads.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
They should have taken Maya up into the mountains with the India show last season for some really exciting scenes. With the heat they have there she could have worn her bikini 7x24 and the show would have had top bookings for the slow summer TV viewing season. Just a thought. I do worry when I watch her face and her look of fear on the road. Can't imagine how she was allowed to be put on the show. I hope she does finish the season without hurting herself or anyone else. The only thing she'll probably break are some old guys heart.

Submitted by Greg (not verified) on
All of these psuedo-documentary type shows degenerate from a feeling of realism and a focus on the actual occupation, into little more than a drama solely concerned with personality conflicts. IRT is just the latest, you can see the same pattern in Deadliest Catch, Storm chasers, Axe men, and of course the late American Chopper. May I am alone, maybe I am the odd ball. But I do NOT watch History and Discovery network for drama.

Submitted by Priscilla Wilson (not verified) on
I agree with you 100%. I love all of the shows you mentioned. It seems that they are all going with a focus on the drama and less emphasis on the subject matter of the show (example: the dangers of the Bering Sea; hauling on the Hall road; learning about the timber industry and how it is done). I don't care about watching guys fighting and women in bikinis relaxing in the hot springs. The industries of crab fishing, hauling over the ice road or the roads in India and cutting timber are interesting to me and very remote. I hope the HC is making note of the comments coming in on these sites.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Maya really adds to the show. Just because she's cute as hell doesn't affect her job performance. And what's wrong with adding a little spice to the show ? I hadn't watched any TV for 5 years until I discovered IRT. With Maya as one of the characters, IRT is now a religious obligation.

Submitted by Priscilla Wilson (not verified) on
First of all, I don't think she is cute at all. She does and evidently so do you. If you want a spicy show, go to HBO, CINEMAX or any of the other stations that will give you some really cute girls. When IRT started, it was focused on the interesting jobs and challenges these drivers face. Now, we are looking at Maya giggling and buying her knives and pepper spray. Isn't it funny, Lisa is good looking and she does not feel it necessary to jump in the hot springs in a bikini or buy pepper spray. Can Maya even change a tire buy herself or put chains on? Maybe, she has, but, I have not seen her do it.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
if i was dave before i left i would i would have beat tony and phil ass . the only reason tony and phil are nice to maya is her rack.

Submitted by Doug Melvin (not verified) on
Trying to find out if Dave reddman was kin to Brooks (red) Reddman from wewahitchka fl. Red was a very good friend of mine

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
maya has to go lisa is ok but maya has to go used to like the show untill tony and maya came on the seen