'Ice Road Truckers': No Lisa Kelly on IRT Season 6

It's a new season for the History Channel's Ice Road Truckers, and fans will be seeing some new faces, as well as some old ones, when Season 6 begins.

Once again, America’s favorite truckers will be taking the road for the History Channel’s popular Ice Road Truckers. For Season 6, fans will recognize some old faces—and wonder where other familiar ones have gone.

This season, the Ice Road Truckers are once again in both Alaska and Canada. The Alaska drivers will battle the Dalton seemingly non-stop, as Carlisle drivers will be pushed to the limit by an all-time high season of oil exploration. For Season 6, truckers will go beyond familiar Prudhoe Bay, and out to the remote oil fields of the North Slope. Meanwhile, in Manitoba, Canada, the roads will be close to impassable, as warm weather has settled over the area, creating the thinnest ice ever seen on winter roads. Truckers will face Dempster Highway in the Yukon, and will cross not only the expected rivers and lakes, but the Arctic Ocean, as well, as they head to settlements located at the very end of the northernmost ice roads.

This season, there will be four IRT veterans, as well as three newbies. Fans will no doubt be surprised at who they do see—and who they don’t.

  • Hugh Rowland: Hugh “The Polar Bear” Rowland has been on every season of Ice Road Truckers thus far. Although not welcome at Carlisle after a particularly destructive season—and not interested in returning to the Dalton, anyway, according to Hugh—Hugh continues taking on the ice roads in his native Canada. But, the warm temperatures are probably going to cut the driving season short, and The Polar Bear may find that a business deal he hoped would pay off big is actually his financial undoing.
  • Rick Yemm: Rick has appeared in Seasons 1, 2, and 5 of IRT. Last season, he did well enough to buy his own truck. This season is a make-or-break one for the new owner/operator, and could leave him flying high or down-and-out.
  • Alex Debogorski: Alex has been with IRT since the beginning. Finally, last season, he beat rival Hugh in the load count. This season, he will be taking on a new territory when he heads up to Dempster Highway.
  • Jack Jessee: Fans will no doubt welcome back “Haul Road Ace” Jack Jessee, who previously appeared in Seasons 3 and 4 of IRT. Jack can haul anything anywhere, and is the go-to man for Carlisle, particularly when a load involves a fuel tanker.
  • Darrell Ward: Darrell, the “Rocky Mountain Log Hauler,” considers himself to be the “best trucker in the world.” However, even with his 30 years of experience and strong resume, Darrell will be starting at the bottom at Carlisle, just like every other rookie; can he handle it?
  • Austin Wheeler: Baby-face Austin hopes to make a name for himself on the Haul Road. Only 23, he is already an experienced heavy hauler on the highways of southern Alaska, but is now making a step up to the Dalton to prove he can hang with the big—and more experienced—boys.
  • Ron Mangum: Ron is a family man from South Carolina. Known to everyone as “Porkchop,” he has something to prove on the Haul Road: That he can be the type of father to his children that he never had himself. Porkchop has 14 years of experience, but he is a rookie on the Haul Road; will he last the ice road season?

No Lisa Kelly on IRT Season 6?

Fans of Ice Road Truckers will quickly recognize that the all-male cast of Season 6 means that fan-favorite Lisa Kelly is not joining the IRT cast this season. There had been a rumor out there for awhile that she would not be joining the cast this season, and it is now confirmed. Is it true that it is because of headaches she has been having, as has been floated out on different message boards? Not confirmed at this point, so why she is not there can only be termed, “unknown.”

Will Season 6 rookies be able to cut it? Will the Canadian ice road hold up in the warm weather? And, exactly why is Lisa not back for Season 6?

Stay tuned.

Season 6 of Ice Road Truckers will premiere on the History Channel on Sunday, June 3, at 9/8c.

UPDATE: Tonight's season finale of IRT sees a friendship teetering on the edge

Image: Wikimedia Commons


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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Guys driving trucks? That's expected and boring. Without a pretty little gal along to make it interesting there's zero interest for me and no reason whatever to watch. Sorry, but I'm afraid it's over and out, good buddies.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I like many of the cast members, but without Lisa, show is not worth watching.... Sorry David from GA

Submitted by Mort (not verified) on
Hope Lisa solves her issues with headaches. Could be the brightness of the snow over a continued period time. Maybe the presurres of driving themselves. Get well!

Submitted by DELORES JOHNSON (not verified) on

Submitted by Beverly (not verified) on
I agree. Without Lisa, this program will not be the same. I probably wont watch it this year. Lisa was a breath of fresh air on this program. I get tired of the profanity from the men. Bring her back or you will lose alot of your audience..

Submitted by Doris Orvis (not verified) on
Ice Road Truckers will not be the same without Lisa. The other girl isn't there either. Wished the guys wouldn't use all that foul language, it's disgusting! Don't know if I'll be watching it this time. I really like Alex though. Was so looking forward to the show again.

Submitted by Doris Orvis (not verified) on
Ice Road Truckers will not be the same without Lisa. The other girl isn't there either. Wished the guys wouldn't use all that foul language, it's disgusting! Don't know if I'll be watching it this time. I really like Alex though. Was so looking forward to the show again.

Submitted by fisherman (not verified) on
I don't think I will be watching to much of Ice Road Truckers this year without the girls on it. They where the bigest part of the show. They bring on those "hot shots" that are not worth watching. PS. Come back Lisa.

Submitted by KayCee (not verified) on
I totally agree ...without Lisa, the show is not worth watching. She will be missed b many.


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