Ice Road Truckers star Alex, Shell Canada team, go 6000 Km on under 5 tanks of gas

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Alex Debogorski took a little time away from the ice roads to prove that saving gas is possible with a few simple FuelStretch tips from Shell Canada.

Alex Debogorski, star of the History Channel hit reality television show Ice Road Truckers, recently helped Shell Canada prove that the seemingly impossible can be done, with a little bit of planning and care: A 2012 Volkswagen Passat can be driven across Canada using less than five tanks of gasoline.

Using what Shell Canada describes as “15 simple techniques,” as well as Shell lubricants and Shell New Nitrogen Enriched Bronze gasoline, a team of drivers, which included Debogorski, reduced their fuel consumption by more than 30 percent, as compared to the manufacturer’s stated fuel economy figures. That, Shell Canada announced in a release, resulted in the team being able to cross Canada—a trip of over 6,000 kilometers—on less than five tanks of gasoline, setting a fuel-efficiency world record.

The team of drivers that made the trip happen included Shell representatives; Alex Debogorski of Ice Road Truckers; Globe and Mail automotive columnist Lorraine Sommerfeld; Shell's Energy Diet Challenge winner Simone Kitchen-Kuiack; and representatives from environmental NGOs Pollution Probe and the Pembina Institute.

A major point the team is trying to drive home to consumers is that making a dent in fuel efficiency takes something many drivers are short on today: patience.

“Driving a truck, one of your biggest expenses is fuel,” said Debogorski to Metro Ottawa. “But fuel efficiency is all about patience. You have to be very steady on the throttle and you don’t want to be stomping on the break and then pushing on the gas.” So, he indicated, it is imperative that drivers brush up on their driving technique in order to save the greatest amount of fuel. “If a person practices a technique consciously for a little while it’s not long before your subconscious takes over,” he said. “If you can incorporate two or three techniques, you’ll become more fuel efficient very quickly.”

Shell Canada's FuelStretch Tips

FuelStretch Tips from Shell Canada include the following:

  • Drive smoothly.
  • Service your vehicle regularly.
  • Lighten the load your car is carrying.
  • Avoid excess idling.
  • Measure tire pressure at least once a month.
  • Brake evenly.

Learn more about how to put these tips into practice—as well as get more FuelStretch tips—by visiting Shell Canada online.

Ice Road Truckers star Alex Debogorski can be seen regularly on the History Channel reality series Ice Road Truckers, which airs Sundays at 9/8c.

Image: Shell Canada

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