Ice Road Truckers: Will tonight be Porkchop's last stand on the Dalton?

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The History Channel says someone will be walking away from the ice roads tonight.

Personnel changes are in the works for tonight’s episode of Ice Road Truckers on the History Channel—someone is leaving, while others are causing tension with their progress.

Each season, there seems to be one driver to watch, and one driver to watch go home. This season, Austin, as whiny as he is, seems to be the designated driver to watch. He’s young and ambitious, and that can be a negative at times, as it has resulted in his being overly impatient. But, then again, all of that youth and ambition can be good, as it makes him reach for more and not just rest on his laurels, just settling for whatever comes along.

Before the season began, Austin was wide-eyed and in awe of the haul-road ace, Jack Jessee. But, from the time they met, the two seemed to rub each other the wrong way. Jack was condescending and dismissive of Austin, while Austin found his one-time hero to be something of an old fogey when it comes to driving. After some time together, convoying on the haul road, Austin had had enough of Jack, and Jack seemed to have had enough of Austin, as well.

Jack Jessee has been something of a disappointment for many fans this season. Previous to this season, Jessee had been the top guy on the haul road, but he never seemed to have the arrogant attitude so many of the IRT drivers seem to display. This year, however, right from the beginning, Jessee has been as arrogant as anyone who has ever been on IRT, and his attitude toward Austin—dismissing him instead of trying to actually be a mentor to the young driver and teach him something—has been a big part of that change of character. Whether this has actually been Jessee’s true colors coming through, or just a storyline directive created by the show’s production team isn’t clear, but it is disappointing for some fans, regardless. This week, Jessee may get his comeuppance when Austin gets the biggest load of the season thus far—an entire cabin—and Jessee is finding the Dalton challenging with a mere regular-sized load.

Porkchop's Glory Days at End?

Everyone has been wondering when rookie driver Porkchop’s days with Carlisle will come to an end—and it could well be tonight. Someone, according to the History Channel, will walk away on tonight’s episode. If it is Porkchop, it won’t be because Carlisle boss Lane Keator has not given him every opportunity to make it. After a poor showing as the season started, Keator gave Porkchop a couple of days to cool off, then allowed him back as a Carlisle driver—just not on the Dalton and driving a box truck instead of a big rig. This week, Keator puts Porkchop in a convoy with MVP rookie Darrell Ward, to see if the South Carolina trucker can learn a little something and perhaps become a valuable Dalton driver after all.

If it isn’t Porkchop who leaves the game tonight, who might it be? Alex is driving on the Dempster, just trying to get his work complete before the snow shuts him down. And, Hugh and Rick are just trying to keep out of jail after their cement truck haul hits the skids.

Who will walk away from IRT tonight? And, will Jack Jessee’s pride be fatally wounded as Austin picks up a load worthy of the haul-road ace?

Stay tuned.

Ice Road Truckers airs on the History Channel on Sunday nights at 9/8c.

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Not Porkchop, Darrell Ward.

Submitted by B & J (not verified) on
The question isn't arrogance on Jack Jesse's part, but where is the loyalty from Carlisle Trucking & manager Layne to such a talented veteran of 15-20 yrs? Jack's concerns regarding Austin are warranted, but Layne appears not to heed such concerns. Jack has given his all to Carlisle for many years & all of a sudden takes a back seat to a cocky, arrogant 23 year old young man who thinks he knows it all. Yes Austin has talent as a trucker, but he certainly doesn't deserve such prime hauls over Jack by a long shot. Another question might be who is Austin related toor the son of a good friend at Carlisle?? This appears to be the only somewhat logical reason why Austin is allowed to be on his own so soon & receive the premier hauls rather than them being given to Jack. Layne was rude to Jack of the part shown on tv. There's much we don't see that goes on, but the arrogant one hands down is the little spitfire Austin not Jack. Any veteran in a company with the knowledge and experience Jack possesses deserves to be listened to when he has concerns of a brand new employee with a few years experience. Duh!! Given all this Layne's attitude toward Jack regarding Austin doesn't make any sense, unless of course Austin really is the son of a relative or good friend with Carlisle Trucking & maybe Layne himself. If Carlisle Trucking really loses Jack because of Layne's attitude issues, the CEO/owner needs to take a hard look at what is going on. Our respect for Layne & Carlisle Trucking is going down the toilet fast because of Layne & how he defends Austin at Jack's expense. No need to watch IRT if Layne doesn't get it together & apologize to Jack real soon. Layne isn't Jack & maybe Layne is actually jealous of Jack's gift, knowledge & experience with the company??

Submitted by Rick T (not verified) on
I too believe Austin is related to Layne or somebody in Carlisle. Austin left his convoy and Layne was not concerned. Last season when Dave did that he got a butt chewing. he displays no respect for those with more experience and this can lead to problems on the road. No Jack, No Lisa, No Show. Get rid of Austin.

Submitted by kat (not verified) on
I too believe that Austin is related to Layne, or a friend. I was gald to see somone else write what i was feeling but did not know quite how to put. and this is what the show comming to i think it will be the end of the show

Submitted by kat (not verified) on
I too believe that Austin is related to Layne, or a friend. I was gald to see somone else write what i was feeling but did not know quite how to put. and this is what the show comming to i think it will be the end of the show

Submitted by JPT (not verified) on
I know all the episodes of this season are all ready recorded, but to see the seemingly blantant disregard of the Jack is absurd. Jesse was the one who saved the Company literally thousands of dollars by piggy backing the two trailers to get them across the ice in time to meet the deadline or they company would have been fined. He was obviously counted on to handle key jobs in the past and yet this happens? Layne stated he didn't know why Jack was upset .. duh, showing favortism to a newby like Austin (looks close enough to Layne to be related). Austin can drive but arrogance will always get a person into trouble. If this is how it goes they can forget us from watching it. Good ones are gone and arrogance has taken over.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I too believe Austin is related to Layne in some way. Layne was there when Austin pulled in with his load. Sure seems that he was overly concerned that Austin did well on this trip. It will come out if they are really related then we will know for sure it was favoritism. When it comes to Jack though it seems on one episode Austin was waiting for Jack to finish his breakfast and Austin was getting the rigs ready to leave so to me thats not very good on Jack's part.

Submitted by Rick T (not verified) on
I know it didn't look good when Jack was eating breakfast while Austin got his truck ready. On Jacks behalf I work construction and we do that sort of thing so the youngins can learn. Yes they get mad because "you" should be there to help them. Well, it is better for them to learn by themselves in the parking lot were help can come if needed rather than to have serious problems on the road with no help. Sometimes when you want the big money ya gotta step it up a bit. just how I saw that playing out.

Submitted by Karma (not verified) on
That's what this was a case of. Austin wanted independence but the moment he got it and it meant actual work he didn't like it. Austin annoys me but nowhere near as much as Porkchop.

Submitted by Karma (not verified) on
Still watching it but in the beginning of the epi they said it would be one of the Veteran's leaving.

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