It is Sons of Guns vs. Mythbusters down in Baton Rouge tonight

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Will the Red Jacket Firearms team be able to prove Mythbusters wrong about a famous James Bond movie myth?

Mythbusters vs. Sons of Guns: Who gets the last laugh in Baton Rouge?

The Mythbusters have apparently indicated that a myth about blowing up propane tanks with a single shot is just that, a myth, and the Red Jacket Firearms team is determined to prove it possible tonight on “Red Jacket Challenges Mythbusters.” The Discovery Channel indicates that not only is the Red Jacket team challenging Mythbusters, but in doing so, they will be taking on a famous element of the James Bond series of movies, as well:

The Red Jacket team attempts to bust an un-busted myth from MYTHBUSTERS. Tory Belleci and Kari Byron come out to Louisiana to help the team break the famous James Bond myth. Will Red Jacket be able to blow up a propane tank with a single gunshot?

Well, if anyone can do it, Will and the team at Red Jacket Firearms can. But, whether they are able to blow up the propane tank with a single shot, they definitely intend to give the Mythbusters a great time in Louisiana:

The stars of Sons of Guns haven’t given a lot away on their Facebook pages. The normally exuberant Kris Ford simply wrote, “Myths,” on his page yesterday. Earlier today, Stephanie wrote, “TONIGHT!!!!! We UNBUST the BUST with the MYTHBUSTERS!!!! ‘Hey Kari, did I get that right?? Who did we say got it??? OH I’m so confused!!!" Don’t miss it!! (I mean it’s not like anything else good is on right? ;) ).” And, Will, well, yesterday he posted, “Anybody seen a commercial for tomorrow night’s episode? What's it going to be about?”

Not a lot of info there. So, fans will just have to watch and find out for themselves: Can the Red Jacket team blow up a propane tank with a single shot?

Stay tuned.

Sons of Guns airs on the Discovery Channel on Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. E/P.

Additionally, the Discovery Channel is currently running a Sons of Guns mini-marathon, leading up to the new episode tonight at 9 p.m. E/P.

UPDATED: Benelli USA shotgun upgrade scheduled for tonight's episode

Image: Discovery Channel

Video: Discovery Channel/YouTube


Submitted by TJ Simons (not verified) on
Enjoyed the episode; it was interesting that the myth remained "Busted". Gotta say, though I found Kari very annoying-couldn't believe it when she started squealing like a 13-year old in the range. I've taught lots of female friends to shoot, and the way she acted was an insult. One thing in her defense, though-they should have coached her better on mounting and holding the Saiga 12 shorty. That had to hurt when the stock hit her like that. She certainly looks fit & strong enough to handle the gun-5 min. instruction on techhique would have been nice.

And, I agree, it was interesting about the myth remaining busted; I was fully expecting them to "bust the bust" ... but, I guess you can't script everything when it's reality TV ... kind of refreshing, in fact, I guess.

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