It was a Sasquatch hoedown on Finding Bigfoot this week

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The Finding Bigfoot team took Animal Planet fans into the mountains of West Virginia last night.

West Virginia is the latest area that the gang from Finding Bigfoot checked out, and, no, they did not locate their primary target. However, there were a few interesting moments on the night.

For one hunting trip, the team took a local teen squatcher with them into the night. The teen, David, developed his interest in Bigfoot when, at age 10, he thought he saw a Sasquatch, and captured it on film. The photos were, as Matt described, them, “Blob-squatchy,” showing little, if anything. But, since then, he has maintained a fascination with the creatures, and has become a regular squatcher himself, even starting his own squatching group.

“That’s what I do most of the year is Bigfoot hunt, all because of that one encounter,” he said of his one-time Sasquatch sighting. Definitely, that one incident triggered something within him; real Bigfoot or not, he certainly believes it was real.

The Good and the Bad

The team invited David out on a hunting trip that night, and Bobo offered some squatch-calling technique tips, showing him how to hold his hands and stand as he screamed. They did not have an encounter—well, Ranae and Cliff were intrigued by a branch that may or may not have dropped on them suspiciously, and Matt, Bobo and David were convinced they heard a lone howl—but it was still a fun night of squatchin’.

The Finding Bigfoot team is infamous for their unique baiting techniques and Ranae gave one a try during her solo investigation: balloons and party horns, along with glow sticks. She knocked through the night, and lined glow sticks along the ground, but, alas, she left the woods empty-handed, yet again.

The best potential find was from a local squatcher: a hair sample. But, unfortunately, the DNA testing was inconclusive. But, another incident could have given the long-time squatchers the evidence they needed. After their smelly bait pile disappeared, the team had hoped that the nearby camera would reveal the culprit, hopefully the intended Sasquatch. However, according to an afterward, the team uploaded the cameras the next morning, and they had mysteriously malfunctioned.

Oh, the ups and downs of squatchin’.

Fun with the 'Mountain Folk'

The best entertainment of the show, however, probably came when Bobo, Matt and Cliff went to watch some real West Virginia clogging. No moonshine showed up, but one of the locals did say that, “there’s always some of that around.” Cliff’s question to “you mountain folk” had an awkward ring to it, but no one seemed to hold it against him, and they were all cloggin’ and having fun in no time.

Oh, what a night in the mountains of West Virginia.

Stay tuned.

Finding Bigfoot airs on Animal Planet on Sunday night at 10 p.m. E/P.

Image: Animal Planet

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