Joe 'takes point' in South African bush, Dual Survival fans react

Last night's episode of Dual Survival gave Joe Teti a chance to shine, but were fans convinced that he is a positive addition to the Discovery Channel show?

Dual Survival is now firmly in Season Three, with the second episode of the regular season airing last night. Fans had an opportunity to see Joe’s military training kick in and take charge, and get a taste of what he adds to the team. But, were fans impressed?

Cody appeared to be out of his element for the most part in South African bush country. Oh, as he said once again, he loves the desert. But, with big game—lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos and hippos—circling around, and phantom poachers in the area, there is no doubt that he was out of his typical survival comfort zone. Cody is adept at fighting—or working with—Mother Nature; eluding poachers and hiding from rhinoceroses just did not appear to be his forte. So, one would imagine that he was glad to have Joe and his training along on the trip.

But, were fans glad Joe was along to “take point” as he vocalized again and again and, yes, again?

No Longer for 'Everyman'

Buzzing about Huliq has not, at this time, been in favor of Joe’s performance, as disgruntled fans express their opinions on various articles already on the site. Specifically, the main grumbling appears to be that the show was once viewed as an everyday-man survivalist show; now, the harder edge, military calculations and evasive actions are not striking Dual Survival fans as accessible for “real” people.

“I found the new show with Joe upsetting to watch because Joe is more of a trained killer, more so bulling his way through nature in a destructive manner rather than respecting it,” Huliq reader Ken commented. “At least Dave was willing to compromise with Cody and I think they did respect one another. Btw Cody’s survival techniques are superlative to the soldiers and Joe’s skills are more appropriate for battle. I was looking forward to the new guy but after watching I would rather watch Cody and a hunter.”

“I don't get it,” commented geosmdavic. “Is it dual survival or dual military tactics. Joe has ruined a great show. I may not watch it anymore after this one. Joe is not a teacher at all. … So again I ask you guys at Dual Survival are you guy going to get back to teaching us something or is just going to just another show on Discovery. … I think Discovery should have a vote to see if Joe stay or Dave should come back!!!!”

No Brotherly Love in Arguments

Many viewers are uncomfortable with the dynamic going on between Cody and Joe at this point, as well. Whereas the arguments that were always occurring between Dave and Cody seemed more “brotherly,” always tempered with a mutual respect, the arguments between Cody and Joe are striking the viewing audience as harsh, uncomfortable and, most of all, disrespectful.

“No respect for each other,” Fallnhorse said, cutting right to the chase after watching the new episode last night. “Cody and Dave use to disagree but not be disagreeable. Joe and Cody show no respect for each other. If they were truly depending on each other to survive they would fail. I have learned nothing this season from this show, the old shows were informative. There is too much arguing and contempt. … The chemistry is gone and mutual respect is gone. It's time to shut down the show.”

Where Are the Joe Fans?

No doubt as the day and week goes on, those fans defending the new vibe of the show will speak out about the latest episode, as well. But, at the time of this writing, the overwhelming voice of the fans was loud, clear, and above all, unhappy.

Stay tuned.

Dual Survival airs on the Discovery Channel on Tuesday nights at 9/8c.

UPDATED: Did Cody, Joe turn trust-building corner in Hawaii?

Image: Discovery Channel


Submitted by Pipip (not verified) on
Joe is just mean. And for all his military training, he couldn't even kill a catfish. Cody had to do it.

LOL--Cody's got it in him when he has to do it, doesn't he?

Submitted by geosmdavic (not verified) on
It just goes to show you that this guy has no business on the show when he can't even kill a fish.. And then what the heck joe acts like they are at war or something. Then he told Cody to build a fire his way or no fire at all ..he said it would "Give their position away" Give their position away???? Really ??? Please don't get me wrong .. I have so much respect for our military and the people fight for our country, but this guy is a joke.. My uncle was a sniper in the Marines .. He died when I was very young but from what I was told he never went off half cocked like this guy.. I think I will stick to re-runs on Netflix of season one for till season two comes out..

Submitted by Val (not verified) on
What a joke. This Joe dude seems like a real moron. He finds a single AK-47 shell, takes it as proof of poaching, and then decided to take the law into his own hands and STEAL supplies that belong to those he has stupidly and unilaterally found guilty of poaching!!!! Honestly, everything about the dude just screams stupid, phony and staged. I can't believe that this guy has the credentials that the show claims he has. No one would survive in harm's way behaving the way that this idiot does. Did Discovery Channel actually vet this moron? Are they sure that he wasn't a cook for the Green Berets who is padding his resume? That's what he acts like. Way to wreck a good show.

Submitted by Dual Fan (not verified) on
Joe is not anymore suited to survival than Dave, in fact he may be even less so as is obvious by the way he charges around like he's about to be shot if he stops moving. This is understandable given his background, but it changes the show completely and not for the good. The point of the show was how regular people could survive with little to no gear....Joe's background is based on normally having access to the best gear produced on the planet. Not to say his skills arent legit, of course they are, but his perspective is way off. The show is not about being stranded in a combat zone. That poacher stuff was THE single most ridiculous "staging" the show has ever done. And the producers really tipped their hand when they had him running around with his shirt open, come on, you just ruined a great show. They are probably banking on getting a bigger, different audience....we'll see if it works.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Did this guy really shave a straight line down his stomach, and then take off his shirt in front of a camera?? Joe adds nothing to the show but that tough guy military shtick, and I'd honestly rather watch a show with just Cody, than to have to sit through another 42 minutes of this fool. Discovery Channel, please GET THIS GUY OUT OF THERE!! I don't care who you replace him with, but Joe Teti is way too annoying for television, and just about any other survivalist would be more watchable than him.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Well, atleast we wont have to read your ridiculous assesment of the episodes if your arent watching.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Joe kept giving the top 5 for deadly animals, I don't remember the exact animals that he put into that category, but he should have listened to Cody when he was trying to inform Joe that snakes are the most deadly, and by a lot. Top 10 deadliest animals were on the discovery channel before, look it up. It goes something like snakes, then spiders. then farther down the line you have the alligators, sharks, elephants and lions. But Joe was so worried about the big 5 and Cody was correct to be more concerned over the snakes.

Submitted by non-embellishin... (not verified) on
I can actually watch this show now. It's far better with Cody & Joe! I've always liked Cody but I somehow had a feeling when Dave spoke he was just full of crap...guess i was right! Keep up the good work guys hoo-yah!!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Completely agree - Dave was a liar & now it's proven. Joe is the real deal. He's the soldier Dave wishes he could be. The show is awesome with Joe. All the butt hurt Dave fans need to get over it.

Submitted by Kate (not verified) on
I thought last night's show was excellent....especially when Joe took off his shirt...what a chest!!!!

Submitted by magman (not verified) on
It's good to see that Joe was allowed to go back to the Travel Lodge at night in order to shave his belly.... Is there nothing about this man that is not embarrassing??

Submitted by magman (not verified) on
I will not be watching this again. Why did Joe Teti want to be on a survival show when he hasn't got a clue about survival? He is utterly miscast and a joke.

Submitted by Dylan (not verified) on
My wife and I were laughing when Joe was walking around with his shirt unbuttoned, she said "he wants to be macho man Randy Savage.":)......But, wow, what a tool that guy is. He cant keep up with Cody's survival abilities. Joe parades around almost modeling for the camera. Its pretty sick. A nerdy gamer would of been a better choice then this guy, I think anyone else would at least listen and respect Cody!!!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
What a one sided point of view lol. Apparently fans of the show are unwilling to change ie stubborn. Dave lied/embellished on his resume' and this went against what the network wanted and he was removed end of story, now move on! Apprenently, Joe is the type of counterpart for Cody that the producers of the show wanted. People should respect the fact that Joe has done so much for our/his country that very very few people ever will. It seems because of Joe's background he seems to be picking up more fans that are ex or still military. Those people that want to blast the show are still going to watch so they can blast the show, meanwhile Joe will add to the fan base.

Submitted by Archer (not verified) on
Picking up new fans perhaps, but he's driving out the old ones by the drove. As a long time tv watcher I know full well that problems that arise from suddenly changing out a character or actor. Fans are resistant to change yes, but there are other factors at work here in this case. Dave showed skills that everyday normal people could use. I for example, have no military training, very little outdoors experence (camping with friends and family in the mountians) but even I could make those traps he showed back in season 1 episode 1, and just from watching a few episodes (combined with a youtube video or two) I understand the basics of cleaning and prepairing things like rabbits or even field mice to eat. Joe on the other hand, I havent seen him do anything yet that I COULD do (as again, I'm nonmilitary and have limited survival skills) or WOULD do (I avoid animals that are at least a third my body weight). Trying to boost raitings with eye candy for the girls or attracting military/exmilitary is one thing, but at the very least the person should be able to SHOW actual survival skills and teach viewers those skills. You know, the premise and purpose of the show? My other gripe is that Joe just doesnt come off as the kind of person I would want to be stuck with in a survival situation. Cody? Yes, I wouldnt mind, I know he has skills and would do his best to keep both of us alive. Dave? Yes, pretty much the same as above, though I would be a bit less sure of my chances if fire were needed. Joe? No, for two reasons. First, I have yet to see any actual survival skills displayed. Second, I am 90% certian he would leave me to die if it would increase his odds of survival. That likely isnt the case for Joe, but thats what his personality leads me to believe from what I have seen so far.

Submitted by geosmdavic (not verified) on
I agree,joe is driving off the loyal fans that have been watching since day one. If they want to change the show fine change it ,change the name altogether. But right now they are ruining a great show with Joe on it.. My thought was instead of having this guy on here.. Get back to teaching us, have a guess survivor on the show someone who has no experience , and have real life stories when people died somehow. Stranded in the desert without gas in the car or whatever. Then let them teach us the right way to get out of it without getting killed..That's a real survivor show!!! But the show now, I keep waiting for him to break out a firearm and start blasting away.. I know I won't let my son watch it now cause of him. Until the day they either rein him in or get rid of him, He's loud mouth, disrespectful and I can't see anyone like him being in the military.. I just can't ..

Submitted by OutdoorJT (not verified) on
Right on, Archer!! Yes!! this is exactly the feeling that I had and that I couldn't pinpoint. Yes, I have the same uncomfortable feeling that in a real survival situation, Joe would have no problem going on his own and leaving you behind if he thought it would increase his survival chances. I feel terrible writing this, because I know this is not what he was taught in his military career, "no one left behind". However now that he's out, and given the fact that many times he has shown no problems getting separated from Cody so he could do his own things, I wouldn't trust him a bit. He feels too individualistic and selfish. I may actually put him up to number one on my list of predators to be wary of, if I was stuck with him!

Submitted by robb (not verified) on
I thought the new season was cool sometimes the same thing gets old I kind of like that the 2 aren't buddy buddy its a survival show not friendship hour. Cody is awesome and so was Dave and now it gets even better with Joe and his military perspective. It's a and I will continue and I will continue to watch it or Joe an Joe and Cody this is still cool show.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I have to admit, I couldn't watch Dual Survivor in the past although I gave it several tries. The show just could not keep my attention. I suppose it may have been the fact that Cody was the clear personality of the show and frankly, he's just too weird for me. To his credit, he does seem to be knowledgeable on unusual things. Cody is just too strange and just doesn't resonate with me although it's probably good for drawing a certain type of viewer. I never really understood Dave's military background although he genuinely seemed to be a nice guy. With Teti, we have someone that has really been there and done that for real. His real life experiences are unquestionably exciting and admirable. His TV personality, although gruff to some, has been carved out of live or die situations on how to really stay alive when the chips are down and when the country needs him. I am disappointed at the many naysayers when 99% of them would proudly admit of their military service whehter or not they never left the mainland and were admin personnell. Here, we have a credible warrior that knows how to stay alive, has accomplished more in defense of our country that only a few in history could have and here he takes heat from armchair survivalists who more than likely will never find themself in a situation where they need to defend themselves let alone a combat situation. Any one of Teti's military accomplishments are extraordinary in and of themselves: Marine Force Recon (This aint the boy scouts), Green Beret, Halo and Scuba qualified, SERE instructor etc. I now enjoy the show with the addition of a real American Hero.

Submitted by OutdoorJT (not verified) on
Yeah, OK... However, he's blowing stuff our of proportions too. blindfolding the camera crew when you tell to your face on America's TV screens makes no sense, and oh yeah, he just gave away his father's location, to watch this episode again... The balls, yes, he definitely has them, and I admire him for that. But he is at the total wrong end of the spectrum as a special force guy, when they are all about modesty and service... He's cocky and not in the right way... Big balls, yes, I give him that. Kudos. But brain, not so much. He even used the wrong words in this episode. If he wanted to be on tv, he's on the wrong show, he said it himself, he's only slept in the wild a "couple of times" and always had the best technology. He's a good military terrorist fighter, but this is different from being a survival expert, like he claims he is... This series should just now be renamed "military vs. survival"

Submitted by OutdoorJT (not verified) on
Yeah, OK... However, he's blowing stuff our of proportions too. blindfolding the camera crew when you tell to your face on America's TV screens makes no sense, and oh yeah, he just gave away his father's location, to watch this episode again... The balls, yes, he definitely has them, and I admire him for that. But he is at the total wrong end of the spectrum as a special force guy, when they are all about modesty and service... He's cocky and not in the right way... Big balls, yes, I give him that. Kudos. But brain, not so much. He even used the wrong words in this episode. If he wanted to be on tv, he's on the wrong show, he said it himself, he's only slept in the wild a "couple of times" and always had the best technology. He's a good military terrorist fighter, but this is different from being a survival expert, like he claims he is... This series should just now be renamed "military vs. survival"

Submitted by Diss-appointed (not verified) on
Was it just me or did Episode 2 seem rushed somehow? It also seemed lacking in continuity, like the editing job was rushed and thrown together. One theory would be they were trying to avoid the poachers so they deviated from the script somewhat. I am giving Joe an honest chance but for now I am liking Dave better. He was just more good-natured.

Submitted by Rick (not verified) on
I love the show. What made me uncomfortable is Joe’s attitude. He seems to think this is his show and Cody is his side kick. I believe Cody deserves better.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Cody and Dave had a chemistry whereas Cody and Joe do not. I'm not saying Dave can't be replaced as he choose to leave, but Discovery could have used a different partner with Cody each week to see which one clicked and then signed them up.

Submitted by Beast (not verified) on
The thing about Joe is he acts as if he is on a battlefield also he doesnt play well with could Cody Sure Dace used to argue with Cody but Joe doesnt gave a sense of humor i used to think that Dave is a hardass but i was wrong

You have a great point on the sense of humor; perhaps he will loosen up after a few episodes, when he is more comfortable being in front of the cameras, and he and Cody are more comfortable with each other?

Submitted by BiggusBishus (not verified) on
I'd take Canterbury back in a heartbeat. I don't think he should ever have left. We live in a society where leaders make huge mistakes, get off with an " I'm sorry" and go back to life like nothing happenned. Canterbury was the nads and the show is suffering without him.

Submitted by HelenM (not verified) on
I really enjoyed this show, before this current season. Having watched the first two episodes of season 3 I can honestly say I have given it a fair chance and don't like what I have seen so far. I spent much of the time feeling uncomfortable during Cody and Joe's many disagreements. Whatever Dave has done this was far more enjoyable with Cody and Dave. I do wish it could go back to the great show it was.

Submitted by ReconScout (not verified) on
When it comes down to Dave or Joe from a military survival standpoint, Joe is heads and shoulders above Dave. While Dave provided some very basic techniques taught to our armed forces many of them were outdated and improper. Joe on the other hand certainly is the cream-of-the-crop when it comes to tactical survival training. While some of Joe's antics are for theatrical purposes he truly is the veteran he claims to be. (Which I cannot say for Dave) All viewers are entitled to their own perspectives which ,like mine, are filter through our individual experiences. However, strictly from a military member with extensive training in reconnaissance and survival. Joe Tedi is what he claims to be and Dave Cantebury falls short on the military side of things. (To Dave's credit he is a knowledgeable woodsman). There are things I have enjoyed about each personality on the show abduction things that have bothered me regarding each. It's tv meant for entertainment. If you're not entertained, watch.something else. If you are keep watching. If you're looking for knowledge, take a course. Simple as that.

Submitted by Diss-appointed (not verified) on
I get your point about Joe. But the show (up until now anyway) places them in situations where they are lost with limited resources and must find civilization. I kind of wonder if they are taking the show in a new direction (cue the poachers) to give Joe a more relevant role. It will be interesting to see. If they don't change it up, and keep the old formula, I do think the show will suffer for it.

Submitted by geosmdavic (not verified) on
Dave mave have been outdated as you claim,but I enjoyed watching the outdated. Back then the show seemed to have symmetry. Now it's just joe barking oders at Cody and giving hand signals.Also when back when Dave was on,no matter if was setting up a trap to dressing wound, Dave showed how to do it and explained what was going on. From beginning to end . But in noticed in last episode Joe was talking about setting up trip wires. They show cutting some sticks for trip wires and that's it.. Nothing... If he knows so much about all this as they claims then why do they keep cutting it when it come to him and his tasks.. You guyscan sit there and believe what you want.. I can see with my own eyes Joe doesn't have any real survival skills. And yes it is a TV show that WAS a pretty darn good one. At one time it was informative and knowledgable, so in a since this was my classroom.. And I had two great teachers.. Please don't get me wrong joe could be a great guy for all I know in real life. But that does't make him a fit for TV. Also, I just don't think he is a good teacher.. That's just like me .. I can cook an awesome pizza and all my friends know it.. But that doesn't mean I should open a pizza restaurant .,, simple as that...

Submitted by TonyMonterey (not verified) on
I was into Dual Survivor and Man, Woman, Wild. I guess the geniuses decided to cancel one and do damage control on the other. I am an SF Vet, I know this is the internet and I could also claim I'm a hot chick with mad survival skills. But, people like what they like, and, I want to let people know there is a time and a place for guys with high speed training, but don't give them more influence because of that. I like to think I could survive the stuff they show on here, but if you guys watched me on TV it would be more of a comedy than a survival show. The guy who lied still fell within "Rogers Rules for Rangers" about lying to non Rangers. I think the rule applies to military people who know their crap and want a shot on the TV. Long story short, OK the dude lied but he did it to get on the show. He did a good job and made the show interesting. He's fallen on his sword and embarrassed himself. I as an 18B forgive him, make him do 50 pushups and get his butt back. We didn't call Squeals, Squeals for nothing! The Seals had a movie staring Charlie Sheen, we had John Wayne!

Submitted by TonyMonterey (not verified) on
This guy strikes me the way Seals act... now I spent the 5 seconds Googling to see he is a fellow Green Beret. Something is off here. Unless they have really changed the type of SF people they select or he is stressing out at being on TV. Anywho.. sorry... Squeals... I mean Seals.

Submitted by TonyMonterey (not verified) on
Just looked at his page and he was in SF the same time I was... And I think I remember him. Sorry dude! You need to chill out, though. If you read this, good luck, but try to rein it in. You are acting like a shallow breathing spot lighter.

Submitted by OutdoorJT (not verified) on
I will not go over Joe's attitude, many people are taking care of this already. It makes the show painful to watch. I will try to be kind and maybe blame it on the high level of stress from their lame staged poacher set-up, but "we need to do in accountability of what's inside his backpack" ACCOUNTABILITY?? OK, I didn't know one could use this word this way, and then Joe discloses where his Dad lives... "my Dad in "Name of the City here""... Come on, man, you blindfold the crew you work with to go to your house, but don't mind saying where the rest of your family lives? Seriously?? That's dumb... Then Discovery's editors are not even smart enough to edit it out either!! None of this makes sense, it smells like bad TV. This episode was so stupid from A to Z, it was a pain to watch... Give us back more Dave & Cody, more Mykel Hawke, more Les, more realistic TV with less BS and more content and knowledge being shared!!

Submitted by Scott newbanks (not verified) on
Buddy you were "on point" with that comment! What a terd this great show has turned into

Submitted by Retired Military (not verified) on
I can't relate to the new guy as he is cast on this show and I'm retired military! I think Joe WOULD leave Cody behind if it was to his advantage. I don't buy into Joe as a survivalist. I see him as out of his element in this show. Either change the name of the show to reflect the new dynamic or bring back Dave Canterbury - at least I can relate to Dave. As for Cody, I really like him and respect his approach - he is the genuine article. I would like to see some URBAN survival situations since most of us live in cities, and when disasters hit we won't be globe-trotting in nature preserves or other wild areas - we'll be stuck in town with all the unprepared folks panicking.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Yep, he's a jerk, but he is sexy as hell. I love when he dropped the shirt and exposed that big old fat belly. THAT is what a real man looks like...except for the stupid belly-shaving.

Submitted by stanton Lore (not verified) on
Thumbs down. Joe is unwilling to do it any way but his. He would be all right if this was a one man survival show,but it isn't. His personality puts me off. I wish Cody would lay him out. he must give in to Cody or leave the show. I cannot watch the show anymore.

Submitted by Scott newbanks (not verified) on
Oh where do I start. Number one, if I wanted to watch a show where a guy is on a mission on every episode I'd turn it to the military channel. Cody has made a bad call with this guy, there is no survival anything in him, it's all missions. It's not Afghanistan or Iraq, it's a survival show with two people that have to come together to make it out alive, but instead it's "take point" "compromise our security" and "recon" the area. Whatever Dave's deal was with what he claimed he knew or did the two of them got along and taught the viewers the techniques to survive, and while doing it came a mutual respect and understanding. Joe comes off as a cocky know it all that needs a shirt that reads"doesn't play well with others". This is a very poor match, a disaster for the future of the show and if I had to give Cody some advise it would be to call, mail or send smoke signals pleading Dave to come back and send joe with a one way ticket to Somalia with his spear in hand. I should have known when he made the camera crew blind fold themselves before they drove to his house. Come on Cody, you had a great show, don't let this GI joe ruin it .

Submitted by Brad (not verified) on
Heres an idea, just keep Cody and pair him with ordinary every day people. That would be awesome.