Junior surprises Senior tonight on American Chopper

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Junior has a surprise for his dad, but mainly just hopes he will be happy with the results of the build.

Tonight may be the wrap-up for the Teutul father-son chopper build, but will Senior be surprised by the results?

In “Junior’s Surprise,” the Discovery Channel indicates:

OCC starts a build for Sturgis, PJD unveils a high-tech bike for QUBX and the Teutuls finish their father-son build. Later, Junior and Senior take their new bike for a ride and Junior has a big surprise for his dad.

What could that "big surprise" be?

Junior Hoping to Please Dad

It has been nice, seeing Junior so hopeful about pleasing his dad. Sometimes when we get older, busy with our own lives, especially if we are consumed with having kids and being parents ourselves, we drift away from our own parents. Paul Jr. doesn't have the responsibility of parenting yet, but considering everything Junior and Senior have been through over the last few years, it is especially understandable if pleasing Dad has not been at the top of Paulie’s “to do” list. But, working with Nub to get the paint job just right, Junior was straightforward about wanting to please his dad with the results.

“My father’s leaving the paint job in my hands.” Paul Jr. said in a camera cameo. “You know, I really want my father to like it. There’s not a lot of space, so I really want Nub to knock it out of the park.” Still, he was obviously nervous about taking on the responsibility of choosing the look. “You know, I really want to surprise my father with something nice, and I think it’s gonna be good.”

No doubt Nub will, as Junior said, “knock it out of the park.” And, like everyone around the situation, he seems glad that the two men are finally coming back together in a true father-son fashion.

“I never had a problem with Senior; I like him,” Nub said. “We had our moments where the arguments took over, but I think the thing that saved me was ... my shop wasn’t in that shop, so I could just walk away.”

So, what is “Junior’s Surprise?”

Stay tuned.

American Chopper, “Junior’s Surprise,” airs tonight, Monday, October 08, at 9 p.m. E/P on the Discovery Channel.

Relive the first day of assembly with the following video:

UPDATED: Both Senior and Junior get a nice surprise when original build surfaces

Image: Discovery Channel

Video: Discovery Channel/American Chopper


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Very disappointed that in this episode, Sr. nor his sidekick were NOT wearing googles or safety glasses during cutting and welding of equiptment. Do you ( or they ) realize how many young boys ( and girls) watch this show. They should be more professional, esp. while on T.V. Show the correct way to do these things. Someone is going to get hurt!!!!!

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