Kitty Carter is tactless, but knows what it takes to be a DCC

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The girls finally face Kitty Carter on the DCC: Making the Team dance floor, and one girl learns that she might be--can you believe it--too thin to be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.

It is coming down to the wire on Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team on CMT, and the ladies had an unexpected night with dreaded dance teacher Kitty Carter when DCC director Kelli Finglass called in sick for the night. Cheerleaders, Kelli pointed out earlier in the season, are expected to report to practice even when they are sick, if only to watch; being the boss does have its perks. But, then again, Kelli earned that “perk,” having been a DCC herself for five years and, of course, rising to the top of the DCC chain of command.

Kitty is a former DCC, as well, and knows what it takes to make the team. And, although she is intimidating and direct, she truly does seem to have the best interests of the candidates, and certainly of the DCC organization, at heart. The criticisms she makes are honest, and corrections may just lead to a girl making the squad. She just does not deliver her criticism with a lot of—well, any—tact, and so she comes off as being pretty ruthless at times.

It was good that there were no cuts made the night that it was just Judy and Kitty; that would have been rather unfair. While, yes, Kelli and Judy both take Kitty’s professional opinions very seriously, and both realize that her critical eye helps them field the best team possible each year, it would have been unfair to just have her come in one night and have the power to cut someone based on a single practice. Sure, she may point out some things that Judy and Kelli have missed or just put aside, and that is a good thing. But, Judy and Kelli have been watching the girls night after night, and have seen some rising to the challenge, and others just lagging along behind; it just would not have been fair to cut someone after only one night of observation by Kitty. And, of course, no one was cut that night.

Really, She's Too Thin to Be a DCC?

Speaking of ruthless, Judy and Kelli appear to have no problems being ruthless, themselves. Of course, as the leaders of the DCC, they really have no choice, if they want the squad to continue to succeed. They may like some of the girls personally, but that just cannot be the standard of deciding who stays and who goes. One area where they are particularly ruthless is in the area of weight. This episode, however, showed another side of the weight issue: a girl who they felt was too thin.

At the cameo photo shoots, Kelli and Judy discussed candidate Kelsey Lauren, whose disproportionately big head made her look anorexic, they agreed. Turns out, her extreme thinness was a result of an intestinal infection she had told Kelli and Judy about earlier in the process, and she was, in fact, trying to gain weight. “It’s weird for us to tell somebody to fatten up,” Kelli commented. “Yeah, it is,” Judy agreed.

Unfortunately for Amy Caroline, she did not get a reprieve from Kelly and Judy’s critical eyes, after being called into the office for the first time. Their main issue with her was her robotic appearance, emphasized with her repetitive and often misplaced, “Yes ma’ams” as she was let go from the team. “That was weird,” Kelli whispered after Amy left. “You saw her robotic answers,” Judy responded. Amy was not a highly featured candidate up until this episode, but it was hard not to see exactly what Judy and Kelli were talking about as she “Yes, ma’amd” them over and over and over. As Kelli said, weird.

Stay tuned.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team airs on CMT on Friday nights at 9/8c.

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