Is Matt over-the-top with growing paranoia on Operation Repo?

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Is Lyndah really bent on destroying Matt, or is he forcing the idea of their growing feud to become reality with his obsession?

Operation Repo has troubles raging, professional and personal.

Matt is obsessed with the idea that Lyndah is “playing a very dangerous game” with him. Froy disagrees.

“Your problem is, Froy, you always think the best of people. Well, I know they’re capable of the worst.” To the camera, Matt added, “Froy doesn’t seem to have my back on this situation. He doesn’t seem to understand that Lyndah’s playing a very dangerous game.”

Could she be playing a game with Matt? Sure. But, could this growing conspiracy be all in Matt’s head? Yes.

Tipsy Pilot Take-Off?

People getting their cars repo’d are pretty funny. They act so offended that “their” car is being taken. But, there is a simple solution: Pay your note. In this episode, Sonia and Carlos repo’d a car from a pilot who had not only been drinking, but who was on his way, in the car, to fly a plane. It was pretty funny, except that he snuck out as they were hooking up the car, hopped in a cab, and took off for the airport.

“Call the airline,” Sonia told Carlos. “Call the airport police. Let them know about this guy, so they can have heads up. He ain’t gonna get on no plane and cause no accident,” she said.

Good job, Sonia and Carlos.

Lyndah v. Matt

Meanwhile, Lyndah made a move against Matt, retaliating against Matt’s plea to Sonia to straighten Lyndah out.

“Sonia just finished yelling at me because Matt is accusing me of sending him on dangerous repos on purpose. Waaah. Repos can be dangerous, regardless. So, if Matt wants to sit there and accuse me of something I’m not doing, I might as well just do it anyway. So, I hope that Matt and Froy enjoy this repo that I’m sending them on, and it’s not my fault if they don’t have all the information.”

“It’s like two trains on a collision course,” Sonia observed.

Smelly, Nasty, Yucky

At least Lyndah didn’t send Matt and Froy on the sewage truck repo. Oh, what a mess that was—pun intended. It was nasty, and Sonia—who went with Lou on the repo—was understandably sick, although she held it until they got the truck from the owner.

“Next time, I don’t want to do no repo with no s@@@ truck!”

Can’t really blame her on that one.

Will Matt and Froy come out of Lyndah’s trap okay? Or will there be serious repercussions from her information omission on their latest repo? And, has she been plotting against Matt all along, or are her actions simply retaliation against Matt's growing conspiracy theory obsession?

Stay tuned.

Operation Repo airs on truTV on Wednesday nights, now at the new time of 9:30 p.m.

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