McLobster: Real or a hoax, hungry McDonald's customers ask

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Is the McLobster a real sandwich? Or a hoax? See YouTube video of the McDonald's commercial!

Questions about McDonald’s “McLobster” are mounting. Is it real? Is it fake? Where can I get it? Would I want to get it?

Some blogs are insisting that the McLobster is a scam. Deanne Goodman of writes:

“All day long, the McLobster has been trending on Twitter. Rumors of this sandwich got us interested. Carlsbad Patch e-mailed the McDonald's media team and asked, ‘Is McDonald's really testing the McLobster in some U.S. cities?’ A response came almost immediately asking where we got the information from and that it is false.

“So, the McLobster is McFake, at least in the U.S., according to McDonald's. However, one of our Twitter followers said she's served and ordered it in Maine for years. She believes it's a seasonal summer menu item. McDonald's tells us it's not available in Maine.”

However, a report in the Los Angeles Times appears to agree with Goodman’s Twitter follower who says she has been getting it in Maine for years. According to the LA Times, the McLobster comes and goes at restaurants in certain parts of Maine, as well as Canada. It is made of 100 percent lobster meat from Atlantic lobsters, and is served on a French roll. According to the report, the McLobster is about $6 Canadian.

A number of videos of the McLobster are available on YouTube, including a McDonald’s commercial for the sandwich.

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