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Meet the Hutterites season finale leaves fans hoping for Season Two

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Many loose ends were left dangling in the Meet the Hutterites season finale, but a second season on the National Geographic Channel is far from guaranteed.

The season finale for Meet the Hutterites on the National Geographic Channel really left some strings hanging—especially since the “season” finale may wind up being the “series” finale for this fan favorite.

There has been trouble with this series since before it hit the air. The Hutterite Bishops claim that the production team went through improper channels—i.e. directly to King Ranch Colony instead of to them—to get permission to do the show. The Washington Post later reported that Jeff Collins, executive producer of Meet the Hutterites, said that the claims by the Bishops were “completely and utterly ludicrous.” Additionally, Wesley Hofer said, The Washington Post reported, that those colony members taking part in the show are “adults who are capable of making rational decisions regarding Hutterite life on King (Ranch) Colony. The notion that we were taken advantage of, as if we were innocent children, is nonsense.”

Fans are hoping that the show will be renewed. However, if the Bishops are genuine in their distress over the airing of the show, it seems unlikely that a second season would be allowed to go forward. Then again, if King Ranch Colony was able to break away and do one season, why not two?

Will Claudia Leave the Hutterites?

If there isn’t a second season, a lot of strings are going to be left dangling. Will Claudia leave the colony to pursue her dreams of college and more? Will Bertha be made to pay the price if she does? Will Carver eventually learn to deal with the turmoil that has apparently plagued him since his father’s death? Will anything change on that colony, now that they have been exposed to the world via television cameras?

It would be a shame for Claudia not to go to college, when she wants it so badly. She is a smart, strong person; she can do it. But, losing her whole life—her family—is such a high price to pay. Bertha herself made it clear that, although she will do her best to support her daughter, much of their family will turn their backs on her. And, it makes no sense. Why should she be punished because she wants, as she has said repeatedly, more than just colony life? Does that make her worthless to many colony members in the future? A traitor, perhaps?

Apparently so.

Wesley lectured her on being a Hutterite, which seemed highly hypocritical, considering he had recently spent his evening getting drunk and burning down the calving barn.

“Hutterites need to shut up already and just keep quiet and mind their own business,” Claudia told her self-righteous cousin. “That’s what should happen to Hutterites.”

Later, Claudia added in a camera cameo, “If being a Hutterite means that I can’t get an education and pursue my dreams, then maybe I don’t want to be a Hutterite. Those are man-made rules, and I don’t think God would care if I went to college.”

Did she make a decision? Will she follow her dreams? And, will there be a Season Two of Meet the Hutterites to answer these questions?

Stay tuned.

Image: Wikimedia Commons


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
our elders did not die because of this nonsence they layed down because they lived like jesus did, his way is the only way,love the enemy,our neightbor,andour next one more than ourself, i cant see this happening here.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I love this show. The people are wonderful! Im hooked and sad if the Elders stop this. It is not a negative potrayal. I am so amazed that they have done the show and thankful they were willing to share a glimpse into their lives. They are so endearing. Its good to know there are so many great humans in one place in this planet. Im a total fan!

Submitted by Gwyn (not verified) on
I am a nocturnal dialysis patient so that means for 8 hours I have to lay still. There is not much to do but watch the little t.v. that hangs in front of me. I started watching the Hutterites and I LOVE them all! Just as if they were my very own family. I grew up very much like them and pray they have another season. It is wonderful to know that there are kind, good, God loving and fearing folks left living on our ever increasing selfish, ugly, un-godly world! Toby and Melvin remind me of my two brothers Grant and Grady. As Children we helped work our Parents farm. I wish I was well, so I could go out there and tell them personally how much I love and appreciate them. And to keep on loving God and loving each other! GREAT BIG HUGS TO ALL THE HUTTERITES! In Christ, Gwyn

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Please I too want to see more about the colony. Never knew ant thiny about them and want the learn more!!!!!!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I love the show. I never even new such religion existed, and since watching the show i have researched the Hutterites. The show is very informative and I love Claudia. I think the show just reflects what a lot of young people go through. No matter what religion you are, there is the same ever day struggle for all of us. The compentiveness between siblings, i love it. I hope the show does a second season.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I was shocked to watch the filming of this Hutterite episode. The last thing Natgeo seems to do is filming a fire way too close to the building where the party was held. They zoom in on the barrel that will set the calving barn on fire... So, are we to assume that they sat around and waited to film the 'unexpected' fire!?!? After this, I am not so sure I am interested in the next series. Now, I have seen nature films where photographers wait for obvious disaster including animals dying of thirst, one in which primates even came begging photographers for water! This now seems to be staged. Why the focus on the barrel? Why an out of control fire with photographers obviously on duty to film the disaster??

Submitted by philly bob (not verified) on
I had the same thoughts as well regarding the fire. Perhaps there is a agreement or code that, short of a life threatening event, the film crew does not interfere. Let's face it, reality shows are not all about reality. Every reality show has staging, etc. Some of the opening scenes of Meet the Hutterites appear to be people waiting to say their "lines". I am hooked on the show, and I feel for both sides in this issue, Claudia and Bertha. I hope that there is a second season.

Submitted by Rita (not verified) on
Of course all these episodes are staged!!! They are scripted, too. You can tell when people are reading their lines. I don't think Clinton is really such a screw-up as they portrayed him. It is all a play!

Submitted by claudiat (not verified) on
wow i thought the exact same thing!!!! & the way they just "happen" to be in toby's house?! that episode looked very suspicious....i still love the show tho....

Submitted by Rita (not verified) on
I think they mentioned that Wesley had graduated from college, and he is still a member of the colony. How come it is all or nothing for Claudia? Wesley's grandmother went to college and got educated, too. This is the part that makes no sense. If Claudia wants to get an education and continue to live in the colony, why can't she do it???


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