Mountain Men: Eustace channels Superman while Ellie hunts antlers for Tom

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Will Mountain Men be back for Season Two on the History Channel?

History Channel’s Mountain Men were at it again last night.

Eating kale from his garden patch, Eustace heard a shot somewhere up in his Turtle Island Preserve, and went into action—superhero action, even. “I’ll fight for truth and justice,” he said, like a mountain man Superman. “It’s what I’ve always lived for.”

Sorry—it was hard not to laugh at that one. Okay, he didn’t push it to “and the American way.” But, whoever wrote that line was laughing, too, as they wrote it, one would hope, and having a little fun, wondering if anyone would catch it. The more episodes of this show that air, the more one has to hope that it was meant to be a spoof of real mountain men; otherwise, it is simply a colossal failure. As a spoof, it’s a great show; as an attempt to really capture the life of the modern-day mountain man, well, each week, Huliq readers have spoken to that one loud and clear:

  • Rusty: This is just what it is, TV. "Misfire" is just what it is too.
  • Anonymous: Having lived, hunted, and fished in the wilderness of Montana, and actually worked with cut nails, lived in a house only lit by candle and kerosene, I can attest that some of the aspects of the show are authentic. But like much of the reality TV that we are subjected to, it's tailored to entertain us rather than enrich us.
  • Anonymous: This show should really be called "3 Idiots Spread Across America."
  • GVN: I hear that Hee-Haw song playing in my head during this show "Gloom, despair, agony on me, deep dark depression incessant misery, if it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all, gloom despair and agony on me." I know that reality shows are anything but reality but these bad luck moments seem to happen way too much to be believable.
  • Daveburrell: A good concept, hurt by fake recreations and fake mountain men.

Ellie, Tom’s dog, is the most realistic part of this show, and it seems even she was likely drawn into the fakeness of it all last night. For whatever reason, instead of simply picking up the antlers he said he saw while out previously, Tom’s friend Tim offered to take him out searching for antlers Tom needed to finish some project he was working on for additional income (Tim did, after all, indicate that, “This time of year, Tom and Nancy are really pushing to get their product. I mean, they are in business. This is what they do for a living.” So, one would assume that he would know that they could use whatever antlers he saw laying around, and would just pick them up and take them back with him. But, apparently not.). And, while out antler hunting Ellie came charging back to Tim and Tom—after once again worrying Tom that she was lost—with the antlers Tom needed.

Now, Ellie is adorable—she is a beautiful dog, and seems as sweet and loving as they come. But, let’s face it: Ellie has a hard time finding herself, bless her little doggy heart, much less anything else. So, it is hard to believe that she just took off on her own and brought back antlers. No, a better bet is that somewhere off-camera, she was given antlers, and encouraged to run back happily to Tom and Tim, which she did, no problem. But, did she scavenge them up herself? Probably not.

The next Mountain Men episode is the season finale, and if anyone was not laughing as they watched the teaser, and cheering on Eustace “Superman” Conway as he rode into town on his horse to defend Turtle Island, well, they are taking this show too seriously. It’s not what most viewers had hoped for—not a realistic portrayal of contemporary mountain men. But, hey, it’s funny.

Will Mountain Men be back for Season Two?

Stay tuned.

The season finale Mountain Men airs on the History Channel next Thursday, July 19, at 9/8c.

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Ellie looks like a German Shorthaired Pointer, and I am not surprised that she finds antlers. People train dogs to find sheds. I have a GSP that actually sniffs around in my garden and finds tomato hornworms, kills them and brings them to me. Naturally, she also finds and points birds. Smart dogs.

Submitted by anonymous (not verified) on
You are right. Ellie did find the antler on her own as she has in the past. In fact she came in with a nice five point once, and Tom told her to find the other, which she did. Good post about GSP.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I'm wondering why Tom was out in the woods with only a can of bear spray, and no gun. They are not in Canada :)

Submitted by CoyoteJoe (not verified) on
I can almost believe the dog did indeed find the antler. My own Shorthair/Brittany cross will pick up any old bone he finds and come bouncing back to me to proudly show off his prize. So while it did look staged I can about half believe it and 50% believable makes it one of the most authentic scenes in the whole series, LOL, way more believable than Eustace's "ride of vengeance" LOL. Any poacher worth his buckshot would have been at home cleaning his turkey before Eustace & Preston could get those poor old sway backed nags saddled up, a poacher doesn't shoot and then sit back and wait to see who shows up.

Oh, I'm sure Ellie is capable of finding antlers, but for this show, given everything I've seen up to this point, I land on the staged side ... she is a gorgeous dog, tho', even if she does get lost and scares Tom and Nancy at least once an episode ... LOL

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
ever hear of a filter on the end of a pipe to stop leaves from jamming it up?? Not cutting enough wood to make it thru the winter and having to cut it in the snow idiot........children watching this would get a twisted idea of the real world in the how to live in the back country...either the producers are from fifth ave or this threesome is a joke. little of both i guess but more on the fifth ave side. now where did i park my hummer?????

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I actually enjoy it- hope it comes back again! Eustace is hilarious- he's the real deal too. "Kale yeah"

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Am I the only person that Can't Stand Eustace??? After watching a few episodes and seeing how much of an idiot he is I knew why Justin flipped out on him all the time. He uses those people as his slaves. They didn't show him teaching anyone to live of the land. Then how bout when he got his tax bill in the mail, what a jag-off (as we say in pittsburgh) If you own property you Pay Taxes Moron!!!!! I can't wait to watch this idiot ride his poor horse to the courthouse to pay his taxes on the season finale!!! Notice how they Never showed his house or went into it! He Claims his only income is from cutting fire wood, yea right! He's hiding something, they showed inside the other two houses. He makes my skin crawl!!!

Check out a couple more "Mountain Men" articles on this site; you'll find plenty of Eustace anti-fans. LOL

Submitted by Coyotejoe (not verified) on
No, you're not alone there, Eustace is phony as a three dollar bill. Tom and Marty are just ordinary guys doing what they do and the producers add the voice over fake drama which makes them look foolish but Eustace is all into playing the roll because that is all he has ever done. I recorded the show for a friend who does live off the grid, hunting, fishing, trapping and guiding and he said the same thing, Eustace couldn't get along with Justin because Justin sees through his BS, as anyone with a speck of common sense would do. He's just an old hippie who scammed a way to get by without working and apparently without bathing either. LOL


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