Mountain Men: Producers have turned show into hour-long blooper reel

Producers trying to give viewers what the production team thinks they want took a show with great potential and pretty much ruined it.

Show of hands: Who out there watching the History Channel’s Mountain Men would get in a plane with Marty and take off?

Don’t see a lot of hands going up out there.

Marty has got to be one of the most accident-prone people on the planet, according to the way he is portrayed on Mountain Men. He certainly cannot drive a snowmobile more than about 25 feet without running into something, running over something, or just plain dumping it into the snow. In last night’s episode, he managed to not only dump his snowmobile, but run over his own glasses in the process, leaving him close to blind. Luckily for him, he did find an extra pair in his plane, which was too bad, because it would have been fun to see what he would have came up with had he not had an extra pair.

Tom spent the episode, according to the narrator, “battling wolves.” Now, perhaps this is a skewed point of view from someone who has never visited Montana, but “battling wolves” would imply, one would imagine, that Tom would have at least seen a wolf. But, all he was shown doing last night was snowshoeing around listening to wolves howling somewhere out in the wilderness, and talking with someone who had recently seen some wolves. Personally, that doesn’t qualify as “battling” for me, but seems to be close enough for the Mountain Men production team.

Eustace spent the episode battling water problems, not wolves. And, for all of the talk in earlier episodes about how winter was closing in on Turtle Island, and reminders of the urgency of Eustace killing a deer, it certainly was looking warm in the mountains of North Carolina.

Let Marty Have His Gun!

One thing that is interesting is how the producers on this History Channel show seem to be determined to make Marty appear like he is traveling with no gun, but how poorly they cut the footage to accomplish it. In last night’s episode, for example, when Marty was walking away from his now “bear-proof” cabin, he clearly had a rifle strapped firmly to his back. But, somehow, in the short walk from the cabin to the snowmobile, the gun disappeared. Of course, it’s probably good that they had him remove it, because it was shortly after that scene that he dumped his snowmobile into the snow—probably easier to do without a gun strapped to one’s back. At any rate, after digging himself out of the snow and finding his broken glasses, he gathered himself and took off for his airplane, this time with his rifle, but not strapped to his back. Rather, he was holding it at his side—just another indication that the earlier shot with the rifle strapped across his body for a fleeting moment was yet another Mountain Men production error.

Mountain Men could have been a really interesting show, if the producers had let the areas and the men just be what they are naturally. Why try to push North Carolina like it is a state that has feet of snow and sub-zero temperatures only days away, when the guys are walking around with their sleeves rolled up? Why set Tom up to be “battling” wolves when there is no indication he’s even seen one at this point? And, of course, why not just let Marty have his gun wherever and whenever he needs to have his gun?

Production is fine, necessary, in fact; over-production, however, ruined this show before it ever had a chance to get started.

But, hey, at least it’s fun to re-set the ol’ blooper-counter each week and see what the producers have screwed up this time, right?

Stay tuned.

Mountain Men airs on the History Channel on Thursdays at 10/9c.

UPDATE: Will Eustace keep his land in Season Two?

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Submitted by Karma (not verified) on
As a NC resident I can say if the production crew filmed in NC this past winter they picked the wrong winter to do so. We had one of the warmest winters on record. Usually our mountains do get plenty of snow and ice and it could make for an interesting show but not last winter. I haven't watched this show, the promos didn't interest me at all.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
My biggest beef with this show is all the repetition that occurs. There is no meat to the story. As one person commented elsewhere, the producers are entertaining us, not enlightening us (they seem to have it backwards). Not only does this station and show repeat the same scenes and lines over and over, but other stations and shows are doing it as well as if it was the golden formula for success. In reality, this is driving viewers away from shows and channels that used to have some credence. So stop treating us viewers like we have a 10 sec memory and all we want is some force fed drama and give us some nitty gritty truth. As far as Eustice struggling for money, did they pay him to do the show? I would have asked for the tax money at least.

Yes, personally, I'm not convinced that the whole "tax lien" situation is real ... seems like a perfect dramatic creation for a "mountain man" supposedly making less than $2,000/year ... what he was paid for the show, I have no idea, but I would be willing to wager that he didn't do it for free--who would?

Submitted by TJ (not verified) on
I was excited when I saw a review for the show when I "thought" one of the mountain men looked a little like the guy I had read about 12 years or so ago. Sure enough, I pulled out my hard cover book, and the guy was THE same guy. Knowing what I know from reading that book...I'd say that the producers did NOT stage the drama with the lien on his land. He has worked hard to get his land piece by piece and it was written that he even early on had a hard time keeping developers from trying to find ways to get the land from him. Eustace lived for years in a tepee and spent ever penny he could scrounge up to get his land, starting from his late teens. He was notoriously frugal and ate what he found or hunted or grew, even carrying a windfall of some roadkill to one of his college classes since he didn't want it to get away from him and lose a dinner. LOL! He roamed that land during his childhood as a way to cope with his home life, so he was always more comfortable in the woods than at home. He did value an education and I think he probably did get a college degree. He pretty much showed up for his college classes by hiking, riding, or walking off the mountain to get to those classes, while living in his tepee. I do not believe Eustace would allow any producers to "USE" him to make some drama about his fight for his land. Eustace most likely saw the show as a possible means to generate money to keep his land, which I think is HONORABLE. I sure hope the history channel pays him plenty so he can keep his land. It's a job that allows him to be himself and probably doesn't disturb his way of life much, so I say why the hell not? BTW...the book that was written about him years ago was written by an author that pretty much lived like he did for a time period to gather info about him and his views, much like the history channel is doing, but the book is more in depth. He is the real thing.

Submitted by boomer (not verified) on
I, too, heard somewhere else that Eustace was the topic of a book. But just because he's in a book doesn't mean he's right about the lien. I agree with you, though, that he is using the show to generate $$ to pay it off. I wouldn't call that "honorable," however. It sure doesn't seem to be Eustace's style of action from what you described of his life. I don't think Eustace, from what you described, is the kind of guy who would normally figure "the ends justifies the means." He must really be in desperate straits to go to these lengths. How did he let it get to this point? Eight five thousand dollar judgments don't just spring up out of thin air, I can promise you. I have a friend who ignored a $15,000 claim against him for years until it got to $50,000--which he had to pay. He knew about it, but just didn't take it seriously. That's the price you pay. Eustace, you didn't take it seriously . . . for YEARS, obviously, whatever the lien is about. THAT doesn't equal an honorable man!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
It is not called a misfire if the gun actually fires , it is a missed shot. If he is such a great hunter the gun would have been sighted in with no reason for the young lad to resight. Eustice is an idiot living off of others and not paying his taxes . These guys have the whole year to gather firewood and hunt during the proper seasons for food. However it is like a train wreck and I can't help myself from watching it .

Submitted by Neil Brown (not verified) on
Surely these people are being compensated. Why does Eustice(Sp) pay his taxes with his compensation money. Maybe because that does make good television.

Submitted by NC Lawyer (not verified) on
I am a licensed NC attorney. Since 2006 I have represented debtor rights in NC and Federal courts. That is all I do. I have filed hundreds of bankruptcies and seen innumerable times that legal notice Eustace was holding. What you saw was a Notice of Rights to Claim Exemptions. This is sent after a judgement is rendered against a debtor. This document allows the judgment debtor to list property that is protected from collection under NC exemption laws, found in NC General Statute 1C-1601. Look it up. The interesting thing is that these do not apply to tax debts; they apply only to consumer debts. For Eustace to say he is losing his land over taxes is a LIE. It cannot possibly be a mistake. He was served notice of the debt, notice of the hearing and clear notice of a default. He knows he owes someone money. The idea that he is riding to court on his horse like Paul Revere is laughable. This is no longer a court matter. Unless he hired a lawyer to set aside the judgment, he is going on a sightseeing trip and that's all. About the poacher: the were talking loudly, giving ludicrously bad bird calls and stomping around to track a poacher with a weapon. Why not call the game warden? We all know those are decent guys who take their jobs very seriously. They will confiscate your weapon and your vehicle. They do not play. How convenient that his bumbling friend fell just as they were about to catch the guy, who conveniently got away! If my retard friend fell while I'm tracking a poacher, he's a big boy. He will catch up. I don't need to hang around and kiss his booboos. Also, hey Eustace, you only need to rack a shell into your pump shotgun once. And why didn't the shell you put in before eject when you racked the slide for dramatic effect? Did your shotgun misfire as well? I'm not going to pick on Tom. He seems like a nice guy. I like Marty, though he let's them put him in stupid situations. And his daughter is a cutie Tomboy and reminds me of my daughter. My biggest question is how did the History Channel find the three most accident prone people on the planet who have somehow managed to not kill themselves through sheer bumbling stupidity? Also, when I saw Marty take off his glasses because they were fogged up (what?!?! Is this the first time he was outside in Alaska wearing glasses?) and he just put them behind the windshield I was DOUBLE U TEE EFF?!?! What idiot would do that and how did they go from the windshield to under the tread, not beside the snow machine, and land on a substrate hard enough to grind the glass out of the frames? This is the worst-written show on tv. The producers are complete buffoons and the editor is a joke. Last thing: I have first hand knowledge that the stars of these shows are compensated. More than that, being famous means that Tom's knives and moccasins will all sell. He will be fine.

Submitted by Scott R (not verified) on
Hey NC Lawyer, I froze the scene on that document you're referring to. They blurred out a date, but in one frame I could clearly see the entire date. Forgive me for not remembering the entire date, but the year was '06!!! With your information, I'm guessing that is likely the date of the original judgment. It seems likely that it is a "Default Judgement" given Eustace's propensity to ignore monetary issues. For someone who claims he is bonded with his property, a little diligence would have gone a long way, before a judgment was issued. I agree, IT IS NOT A TAX LIEN. He was sued by a party to whom he owed money back in '06 (or earlier) and lost - or did not show up at the hearing. If you still have the show on DVR, check out the notice again.... I seem to think it was actually early in '06. But I'm positive of the year 2006! I looked for other documents and noticed that Marty's airplane, using the "N" number (or "tail number"), that there has been no activity since '07 meaning he has not had an annual inspection since that time...... that's a no-no! Also, what about hunting licences for the mountain Goat? He seems to shoot what he wants. YO! Game Warden!!

Submitted by boomer (not verified) on
Yes, when you examine the details as they are presented there are many, large, gaping holes--especially where Eustace is concerned. Eustace is famous for being the topic of a book called "The Last American Man"--as in he's supposed to be the last guy in America who "knows what being a self-made American" is all about. For a guy who got on that land back when he was 18 or something, he's certainly done little to protect it when a letter can come in the mail one day and turn his world upside down! Surely he had to have known about that before. And the show was very vague on the details, just that, "when someone can just come and take your land away from you . . . well, that's just wrong!" No, Eustace, they can when it's just "right," as in you owe someone lots of money and you made no adequate defense that you didn't. It's "just wrong" for you to take advantage of someone else; take their money, for instance, and not give them what they paid for. Then they get to take a pound of your flesh in exchange. It's called justice, Eustace! And it's as American as it gets! P.S. And, Eustace, how useless is it that you spend an entire day out of your busy, busy schedule keeping that farm going for "so many people" (we never see) to make a trail through your woods to "save" you two hours to ride the "ten miles" into town by horseback? And you're riding into town to "save money"? Really? Ten miles by old, broken down truck even at $3.50 a gallon wouldn't cost you nearly as much as you're going to run down that poor horse, use up an entire day, or more, possibly, riding to and from town, not to add the whole day you spent saving two hours to cut a trail through your woods! The "Last American Man" doesn't have a whole lot going on upstairs, it seems. And why can't a "true blue American man" find himself a wife? Is that part of being a "mountain man"? Tom and Marty seemed to find ones willing to live their kind of life . . . why can't you? All very strange, indeed!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Agreed, it seems common sense just ain't that common

Submitted by NC Lawyer (not verified) on
Good job. So this notice was given in 2006? Ok, this notice is sent to the judgment debtor when the judgment creditor wants to have the Sheriff collect the debtor's property for sale to satisfy the judgment. The debtor has 20 days to fill out the notice. So this notice was out of date 6 years ago. But don't take my word for it. Here is the statute: Go to It lists both the exemptions in 1C-1601(a) and the actual text of that notice you saw in 1C-1603. So this whole thing is a complete lie. This hasn't been a concern for him for years. And again, this is all relevant to a civil judgment, not a tax debt. He was sued civilly by someone he owed money. What really bothers me is that he acted like he went to the mailbox that morning (note: why were they filming something as mundane as checking the mail? That makes for AWESOME tv!) and he pulled out that piece of mail. (And no junk mail, haha.) He knew that notice was over 2,000 days old. But he staggers about, clutching his notice and mumbling vague threats against the Sheriff if his office tries to perform their Constitutional duties. This makes Eusless Wrongway a liar in my book. The reason this show is so offensive is because we know they could have found some real people whose stories would have been interesting, informative and REAL. What can you learn from lies and tales of incompetence. Has there been one honest minute in any of these shows? I grew up cutting our firewood for heat until I was about 12. I have trecked through mountains and backwoods. I have ridden horses. Hell, do a new show called Hillbilly Lawyer. I can almost pretend to be stupid!

Submitted by NC Lawyer (not verified) on
Replace "go to" with the W's and pastry it in your url bar.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I haven't looked to see how Marty has his piper cub registered. But just because you can't find anything on it since 2007 doesn't mean that much. If Marty has it registered as experimental and has a repairman's certificate on it then he can do the annual inspections himself. Even if it isn't registered he could have an A&P and be an I.A. and do the annual inspections himself. In order to find out if his annuals are current are his log books. I have been working in aircraft maintenance on general aviation aircraft for almost 16 years. And to my knowledge you don't have to report annual inspections to the F.A.A. every time one is completed as long as the A.D.'s are up to date and the entries are made in the log books.

Submitted by ed wiker (not verified) on
mountain men is an awsome show,its easy to find things that are questionable when outside looking in. some people are just accident prone. these people live by a different set of values than we do. a way of life that 99% of people couldnt handle. i have come to the realization i would love to live off the grid and try that way of life.i love the show,and people should enjoy learning about the lifestyle,not so much the showmanship. the men and women on the show are the type of people i love to meet because they are just AWSOME...... if people think about how it must be to live in remote places-maybe the producers had to dumb it down for us city folk to understand it. the point is just watch the show,learn something,and maybe they will bring more to the table when they think we can handle it....

I don't know about "city folk," but there are a lot of people out there who are just plain smart enough to see all of the producers' errors--and they are numerous and blatant. I don't think one can "learn something" when the show is slap-full of mistakes, unless, of course, learning something incorrectly is somehow productive ... "when they think we can handle it" ... LOL ... are you for real with this, or are you just pranking us, Ed?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Well Ed I do not know if I would call it awesome but I will admit it is better than most of what can be seen in "night time soaps" or WWF/WWE WWW whatever. I too would love to be "off the grid' and soon we may not have a choice considering our government.

Submitted by ready-teddy (not verified) on
They have to "dumb" down hunting and camping? Yeah, I guess the simple minds of city folk who do things like engineering and law are too dumb to understand living in a cabin in the woods.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
You know you are awfully gratuitous with your comments. I am just wondering how much experience you have living off the land from behind that desk? I would gladly fly with Marty. I have flown with bush pilots in Alaska. Where does your experience come from? Hmmmm? You are quick with a quip and talking like a man(?) with a paper a$$hole. Now about that shot Marty made? pop bottle glasses, high winds and a crack shot! Could you do better? Prove it! Did you ever wonder about how Marty's snowmobile as old as it was could be still running? Must be a pretty good mechanic. Unfortunately he neither has the time not money to carry it to the local Mercedes shop like you do. As for Tom Battling wolves, how many times have you been in a position to film wolves? Remember the zoo does not count. Oddly enough Wolves do not always show up on cue. Where is your experience again? As for Eustace, you would not last one week living as he does, in fact you would not last one week in any of those locations and while you are at it how about one week on the swamps in Homa Louisiana? How about those repairs Eustace had to do? You would call a plumber and pay $200 or more and Eustace does it all himself for free. You probably would not know which end of a snake to put into the plumbing first. I expect you will hammer Swamp People when you get a chance. If you have not done so already. I am wondering how you will fare one week after the US economy collapses? With little to no ability other than dishing out verbal abuse. How do you thing all of the people mentioned will do in the same circumstances? Have a nice day and go get a broader education. Learn to respect those you cannot begin to understand. To the readers: Yes I have assumed a great deal in regards to Mechele R. Dillard and his/her education. Perhaps given more credit than is due. After 22 years in the military, trained in survival, I have experienced a hell of a lot. Learned a hell of a lot more, and will continue to do until the day I die. One thing I have learned is that I do not know everything and realize that there is plenty I can learn from those who live off the land. From those whose pharmacy is found in the plants around their homes. Where stitched wounds are sewn by self or a friend. Where MRSA is not a worry and strep infections are not to be found.

Enjoying your "quips" from behind your desk, as well--now, what was your name? I find it interesting that you take a television show so very seriously, particularly one that is obviously badly produced and highly entertaining in its scope, but, hey, we all have something meaningful in our lives, right? Enjoy your day, as well--and, oh, btw, I LOVE <em>Swamp People</em>! Why? It is a well-produced show that doesn't make its stars look like idiots, unlike <em>Mountain Men</em>.

Submitted by ready-teddy (not verified) on
Ha ha, we got ourselves an uppity weekend warrior. Congratulations, you're good at camping. I think the complaint many people are making here is that the show does a poor job of what could be a great topic. Marty is the only interesting guy on the show. He's not some dumb hippie running a commune or some retiree playing cowboy. He's actually making a living at this. I grew up in British Columbia and am constnatly surprised at the things this show tries to make into drama. I grew up with bears in my yard all the time, know what we did? Watched them until the got into the garden, then opened the window and yelled at the to go away.

Submitted by you betcha (not verified) on
marty didnt make enough money for his furs so he takes his plane to fly 400 miles to shoot a ram to keep the family from going hungry, he gets a whopping 100 pounds of meet ! . the cost of fuel in alaska is spendy, must have a hybrid plane

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I agree avgas or just plain fuel, it is an older plane. Is expensive. $4000 does not go far. I agree that the company responsible for filming and continuity in this show definitely lacks vision. We cannot fault Marty of the others who represent what it is like to live off the land. And face it, it is not all "live action" all the time. It can get very monotonous and boring. Having lived and survived out on the Aleutian chain. There really isn't much time for conversation and a whole lot of time for conservation. It is not often that one gets a 817 pound caribou or a 615 pound halibut. But when one does it is a time for celebration. When fishing for salmon the Eagles were the greatest threat. They would swoop down and take a stringer full of fish then laugh while they flew off. Drying salmon presented a similar problem you had to build a netting of wires above just to keep them from flying in and stealing your catch. Any idiot who had a small dog just fed the eagles. Most "mountain men" would not have interlopers like camera crews on their property or even near them. Simply because city folk get in the way and are a pain in the butt. However when the money is as tight as it is survival allows for exceptions. In this case each group has an exception. If the studios actually cared for these people they would allow them an internet site to sell their products. Hand made products do not sell for much in the region but on the internet, well there is a sucker born every minute and would pay a great deal for handmade products from these real "celebrities". But then the government would probably get involved saying it interferes with the operation of the local economy.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I have seen this show a couple of times, and I have to leave the room everytime the "mountain man" from Montana is on for his 3 snippets of re-edited and re-edited bits. I honestly believe there is really only 12 minutes of real content, the rest is re-edited and re-told endlessly! it is so ANNOYING! Being from Montana, I'm a native born Montanan.. The Montana man character (tom?) is NOTHING like a mountain man. He's an old cowboy, afraid of his shadow and the scary BEARS!! Seriously. Come meet my husband or some people we know. Real Montanan's are not fraidy cats about going out in the woods like this wuss and his dumb dog that he treats like a 2 year old toddler. Seriously. Ugh. I'll watch marty from Alaska.. and the NC hillbilly is sort of interesting.. but the Montana man.. he is NOT a mountain man. Just some broken down cowboy living a big life in his fancy log house .. that he didn't build, hardly off the grid, hardly self sufficient- he probably goes into Kalispell to Costco every week to buy up on paper towels and toilet paper and crap just like everyone else who has 5 acres in the valley and woods of Montana. I cannot believe that the producers couldn't find a real Montanan that was a real mountain man. Call the MT Fim Office.. they could have helped you.

Submitted by boomer (not verified) on
I think you're right. I'm about as far from a mountain man you can get, but I can spot that Tom "aint" one of 'em! They talked early in the show about how Tom earned his living up until whenever riding in rodeos. I was dying to know whether he did that from his cabin in the woods or what. I would guess not since it's not the kind of place you would own horses and practice riding them. Now his cold-as-ice brother lives as he once lived, and that makes sense. But why would Tom, in his old age, want to give up riding horses in the valleys to go live in the mountains? They never said. The show talked one time about how he made his living trapping, and later it was all about crafts; so which is it? Saw him get a couple of beaver, but that's it. He really doesn't seem made for the mountains. And neither does his wife. But I think you can account for the "scaredy cat" attitude of Tom and his wife by their age; they're just old, and really old people get more scared the older they get. I think it's because they are feeling more and more helpless. Obviously their children can see it, and they're trying to help them by offering to basically pay their way for the rest of their lives if they will just move near them in Florida. But Tom's reply to their loving offer is: ""If anyone tries to take that away from me, there's gonna be one 'h . . l' of a fight . . . I can tell ya that!" Take a chill pill, Tom! They don't want to fight you, they just see reality . . . just as plainly as we could see it: you can't hardly walk, you're scared, your poor wife is alone and scared, you're barely scraping by to live, you're going to die the next time you try cutting down a tree with a chainsaw or when you fall through thin ice on the river or die of fright. Please go live with your family; they love you, Tom and wife! You're not a mountain man, and it's time to return to the flat lands where you grew up and lived most of your life!

Submitted by Gibbyplayer (not verified) on
Did I hear on the show a claim that there were 20 human deaths related to wolves? Someone should hold The History Channel to the truth over this claim. Substantiated claims of wolf attacks on humans are rare. They happen, but for a reason. Certainly, 20 random attacks is quite a stretch of logic.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I agree because they also stated that in recent times because of the ban on hunting wolves there has been 4 deaths from wolf attacks. I lived long enough with wolves in the region and though I was always armed I never had to use my weapon against wolves. All too often in winter they found natural sources for protein like voles (gerbil like rodents) of which there are usually plenty. I must admit that I only spent two years where Wolves were common before moving farther north. I cannot vouch for living in regions where humankind has moved in and ruined the ecosystem destroying the delicate balances of nature.

Submitted by Elmo Bannannabush (not verified) on
This is the worst show on TV. The History channel should be ashamed of themselves. Try to create and make DRAMA out of nothing. Euastace Conway - USELESS CON-MAN Tom Oar - TOM BORE

Submitted by ready-teddy (not verified) on
Eustace is just an idiot. If you were really sick, as he was in that one episode, what would you do? Tromp around in the bush all day looking for a yellow root to indulge a cherokee myth, or get some sleep and food in you? He sure loves to talk about how dangerous everything is, claiming if he gets a cold there he could make a mistake and die. Doing what? Eustace is a hack and an arrogant one at that. Tom is a nice enough guy, but he has a truck and a landline phone. Hardly a mountain man. My uncle Brent lived JUST as tom does and he never claimed to be a mountain man. He was just a guy who lived an hour and a half down a mountain road in a cabin with his wife. Marty is out there actually making a living, he's not futzing around or anything. He's also truly isolated.

Submitted by Chewbit (not verified) on
Teddy, I agree the stuff about Eustace seems manufactured. Sadly I am noticing the same in many of similar shows. I enjoy Turtleman but the episode in the theater with the many varieties of snakes was over the top in un-realism. I have to chase copperheads out of here on a regular basis but I never see more than two at any one time unless there are babies. It is the damned water moccasins dropping out of the trees that whizzes me off. Sneaky little bass turds. Found one nesting in my boat last week under the cover. The damned thing was crawling up the outboard and right into the boat. I never expected that, doodoo happens. I rely on the snakes to keep the rodent population down and have recipes if I get too many snakes. I just wish this area of South Carolina had more rattlers they are wonderful tasting. Hunting season is coming soon. We have such a large population of deer this year I caught 11 doe in one trail camera picture. Luckily boar hunting is unrestricted here so keeping the freezer full is easy but pork gets boaring after a while. I have to get a gator stamp! I wish we could post pictures here! My grand daughter photographed an 8.5 foot gator on Tuesday while she was out on her run by the local lake. They took 23 out of there last year. I need a recipe for possum. Never ate it. I would post a link to the gator picture on my grands web page but links are not allowed. Getting past the spam filters here are a pain.

Submitted by Bert (not verified) on
I've lived near Eustace and Turtle Island for about 15 years. Truth is, it's not wilderness. We are about 10 miles from Boone. Eustace pretty much puts on a show for tourists and kids just like he's doing for the History channel. Dresses up like Dan'l Boone and acts like he's never even seen a real life automobile before. In the meantime he operates track hoes and bulldozers for pay. Also, he charges a pretty penny for his wilderness classes and camps, so I seriously doubt he's got money problems. Folks around here just grin about it, we've seen many snake oil salesmen work over city folks in the past, none of them had a TV show though.