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Mountain Men: Producers have turned show into hour-long blooper reel

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Producers trying to give viewers what the production team thinks they want took a show with great potential and pretty much ruined it.

Show of hands: Who out there watching the History Channel’s Mountain Men would get in a plane with Marty and take off?

Don’t see a lot of hands going up out there.

Marty has got to be one of the most accident-prone people on the planet, according to the way he is portrayed on Mountain Men. He certainly cannot drive a snowmobile more than about 25 feet without running into something, running over something, or just plain dumping it into the snow. In last night’s episode, he managed to not only dump his snowmobile, but run over his own glasses in the process, leaving him close to blind. Luckily for him, he did find an extra pair in his plane, which was too bad, because it would have been fun to see what he would have came up with had he not had an extra pair.

Tom spent the episode, according to the narrator, “battling wolves.” Now, perhaps this is a skewed point of view from someone who has never visited Montana, but “battling wolves” would imply, one would imagine, that Tom would have at least seen a wolf. But, all he was shown doing last night was snowshoeing around listening to wolves howling somewhere out in the wilderness, and talking with someone who had recently seen some wolves. Personally, that doesn’t qualify as “battling” for me, but seems to be close enough for the Mountain Men production team.

Eustace spent the episode battling water problems, not wolves. And, for all of the talk in earlier episodes about how winter was closing in on Turtle Island, and reminders of the urgency of Eustace killing a deer, it certainly was looking warm in the mountains of North Carolina.

Let Marty Have His Gun!

One thing that is interesting is how the producers on this History Channel show seem to be determined to make Marty appear like he is traveling with no gun, but how poorly they cut the footage to accomplish it. In last night’s episode, for example, when Marty was walking away from his now “bear-proof” cabin, he clearly had a rifle strapped firmly to his back. But, somehow, in the short walk from the cabin to the snowmobile, the gun disappeared. Of course, it’s probably good that they had him remove it, because it was shortly after that scene that he dumped his snowmobile into the snow—probably easier to do without a gun strapped to one’s back. At any rate, after digging himself out of the snow and finding his broken glasses, he gathered himself and took off for his airplane, this time with his rifle, but not strapped to his back. Rather, he was holding it at his side—just another indication that the earlier shot with the rifle strapped across his body for a fleeting moment was yet another Mountain Men production error.

Mountain Men could have been a really interesting show, if the producers had let the areas and the men just be what they are naturally. Why try to push North Carolina like it is a state that has feet of snow and sub-zero temperatures only days away, when the guys are walking around with their sleeves rolled up? Why set Tom up to be “battling” wolves when there is no indication he’s even seen one at this point? And, of course, why not just let Marty have his gun wherever and whenever he needs to have his gun?

Production is fine, necessary, in fact; over-production, however, ruined this show before it ever had a chance to get started.

But, hey, at least it’s fun to re-set the ol’ blooper-counter each week and see what the producers have screwed up this time, right?

Stay tuned.

Mountain Men airs on the History Channel on Thursdays at 10/9c.

UPDATE: Will Eustace keep his land in Season Two?

Image: Wikimedia Commons


Submitted by Chewbit (not verified) on
Teddy, I agree the stuff about Eustace seems manufactured. Sadly I am noticing the same in many of similar shows. I enjoy Turtleman but the episode in the theater with the many varieties of snakes was over the top in un-realism. I have to chase copperheads out of here on a regular basis but I never see more than two at any one time unless there are babies. It is the damned water moccasins dropping out of the trees that whizzes me off. Sneaky little bass turds. Found one nesting in my boat last week under the cover. The damned thing was crawling up the outboard and right into the boat. I never expected that, doodoo happens. I rely on the snakes to keep the rodent population down and have recipes if I get too many snakes. I just wish this area of South Carolina had more rattlers they are wonderful tasting. Hunting season is coming soon. We have such a large population of deer this year I caught 11 doe in one trail camera picture. Luckily boar hunting is unrestricted here so keeping the freezer full is easy but pork gets boaring after a while. I have to get a gator stamp! I wish we could post pictures here! My grand daughter photographed an 8.5 foot gator on Tuesday while she was out on her run by the local lake. They took 23 out of there last year. I need a recipe for possum. Never ate it. I would post a link to the gator picture on my grands web page but links are not allowed. Getting past the spam filters here are a pain.

Submitted by Bert (not verified) on
I've lived near Eustace and Turtle Island for about 15 years. Truth is, it's not wilderness. We are about 10 miles from Boone. Eustace pretty much puts on a show for tourists and kids just like he's doing for the History channel. Dresses up like Dan'l Boone and acts like he's never even seen a real life automobile before. In the meantime he operates track hoes and bulldozers for pay. Also, he charges a pretty penny for his wilderness classes and camps, so I seriously doubt he's got money problems. Folks around here just grin about it, we've seen many snake oil salesmen work over city folks in the past, none of them had a TV show though.


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