My Big Redneck Vacation brings Clampets back to USA

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America's favorite rednecks are back on CMT for Season 3, and this time they are staying home--sort of.

It is the return of the Clampets this Saturday on CMT, with the Season Three premiere of My Big Redneck Vacation.

We last saw the Clampets in England—probably not the greatest vacation choice for America’s favorite redneck clan. They were completely out of their element, living in a castle where anything they touched—i.e. broke—could be the destruction of an irreplaceable centuries-old relic. They made it work, making do with the closest thing to Bud Light that they could find and holding the Redneck Games on the front lawn, even winning over the castle staff to the glories of being a redneck, but the season always had a spot of constraint. It just was not comfortable viewing.

Fast-forward to this season.

Back in the USA

Although there are times in the season premiere where it may seem like the Clampets are once again travelling out of the country, they are indeed making their way across the great USA. According to CMT:

The Clampets think they're in a foreign country when they stop at a South Beach gas station where no English is spoken. After being awestruck at their beach front mansion, the family hits the beach, but it's unlike any beach they've ever seen before. The Clampets stick out like a sore thumb amongst the oiled-up, muscular bodies and a gaggle of hot, topless, exotic women.

And, of course, this time around, there is no shortage of Bud Light on-hand.

Time Marches On

This season should be a lot of fun. Jared and Michelle now have their first child, and Jared is sporting a gigantic beard; Chris and Aimee are still together, still loving the outdoors; Tommy and Tammy are enjoying married life after England; and Doug and Wendy? Well, they are still together, although it will be interesting to see if they are getting along better than they were in England, when they seemed to fight more than breathe.

Stay tuned. And, in the meantime, get ready for the Clampets' trip across America with this sneak peek from CMT:

My Big Redneck Vacation Season Three premiere airs on CMT this Saturday night, January 26, at 9/8c.

Image: CMT

Video: CMT/My Big Redneck Vacation

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