New Tremont dispatcher serious trouble on South Beach Tow

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Maybe Robbie isn't the best judge of character when it comes to new hires for Tremont Towing?

It’s another week of information—and misinformation—at Tremont Towing on truTVs South Beach Tow.

Robert Sr. finally got Christie the help in dispatch that she has been asking about for weeks. And, the guys, at least, really like her.

“She gonna @@@@ Tremont, and y’all gonna let her cause y’all want a smash,” Bernice tells Perez when he asks what she thinks of the new dispatcher.

So, yeah, Bernice doesn’t care for her.

Robbie's Recommendation, Christie's Problem

“Meet Dahlia,” Christie said to the camera. “Robbie highly recommended her. No training, no trial period, which means it’s my job to get her up to speed real quick.”

Robbie met her at the front desk at the gym where he works out, apparently. According to Dahlia, the reason she is no longer there is that the girls she worked with were “seriously jealous” of her.

It seemed history might repeat itself, just following Christie and her initial response to her new trainee. Of course, she was seriously annoying as well, spending more time observing her own beauty than concentrating on her work, it seemed. And, okay, she just was not very bright.

So, okay, maybe incompetence, not jealousy, was closer to the reason Christie was less than happy with her brother’s new hire recommendation.

"Not Guilty" and Naked

Bernice and Perez had an interesting pick-up this week: A repossession from a guy celebrating at a “Not Guilty" party.

“You know what kind of people celebrate being not guilty?” Bernice demands to the camera? “Guilty people!”

Seemed he confirmed that Bernice was right, too, as he told them he wasn’t read his rights, so the case had to be thrown out—not that he was innocent. At any rate, he had not made payments for six months because he was behind bars—not Tremont’s problem.

But, okay, the tow of the night had to be J-Money’s tow from a restaurant. As a highly agitated woman refused to pay for the car being on the hook, she beat on the truck, and tried to block J-Money from getting in the truck. Unfortunately for her, when he got in the truck and slammed the door, her dress was caught—and came ripping off as he left with the car.

“J-Money gettin’ a tow and a free strip show!” he laughed to the camera. “It turned out to be a good night!”

Jealousy--Maybe Not?

As her first day went on, Robbie’s great new hire was too busy drawing hearts on her notepad to take down the information that a new tow needed to be picked up from the west entrance of the business in question. And, as Robbie drove over a freshly-paved parking lot, the owner of the business went ballistic, screaming, “You can forget about me renewing my contract!” and pushed Robbie over into the fresh asphalt.

And, oh, she let the “Not Guilty” repo go for $250, then, after Christie fired her, she stole the cash out of the money drawer and drove her car into Perez as she tried to get away.

So, maybe girls being “seriously jealous” was not the reason Dahlia was fired from her last job?

And, Robert Sr.?

An odd phone call at the end of the episode informed Christie that he was in ICU, apparently with a back/spinal injury. How? Why? Is he okay?

Stay tuned.

South Beach Tow airs on truTV on Wednesdays, now at its NEW time at 9 p.m.

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