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Parker still looking for 'good neighbors' on Gold Rush

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Everything is going wrong for everybody on Gold Rush this week, but Dakota Fred probably won't find much more help from Parker this season, should he need it.

Two teams are trying to make it work in the Klondike for the Hoffmans, while Dakota Fred Hurt is being his old neighborly self on Porcupine Creek as the new season of Gold Rush opened on the Discovery Channel last Friday.

Dave Turin has grown increasingly wary of Todd Hoffman’s leadership, and insisted this year that he be given charge of one of the two Hoffman claims to mine his own way. Todd appeared to balk at first—why, it’s hard to say. After all, he cannot get one site to 100 ounces in a season, much less two. But, he quickly came around, and Dave will be running the second Hoffman site this season. It will be quite interesting to see if, indeed, Dave is able to outpace Todd, or if, in fact, his hemming and hawing has been all talk all along. With all new equipment, as well as their choice of wash plants, both Hoffman crews seem to have everything they need to score it big—if the gold is there.

Parker Finds Fred Being Fred

Meanwhile, down on Porcupine Creek, Dakota Fred found himself needing a little bit of help to get his mining season kicked off as soon as possible. When he arrived on the site and found his operation snowed under, he decided to approach his neighbor, 17-year-old Parker Schnabel for a little bit of neighborly help.

“Buddy, partner, friend,” he said, already sounding like a scammer, greeting Parker and throwing his arm around his shoulder, “you couldn’t be persuaded to push a little snow for me, could you?” Parker readily agreed. He even loaned Fred a generator he did not ask for, to charge up his excavator.

“It will cost me a few hundred dollars of fuel and a few hours of my time,” Parker said in a camera cameo. “But, it’s well worth it, because it is important to have good neighbors around here.”

Later, however, when Fred refused to help Parker get his wash plant up and running—unwilling to even rent him the electrical panel that had been sitting for more than two years on his site, after trying to overcharge him to purchase it, and blaming it all on a partner—Parker realized just what type of neighbor he is dealing with, saying, “At least now I don’t owe him a BLEEP thing,” after his dad helped him find the panel he needed.

Chances are, Fred won’t be finding much neighborly help from the Big Nugget Mine the next time he needs something. But, according to the Discovery Channel, everything is going wrong for everybody tonight:

Dave faces disaster when he finds his new claim is un-minable. Todd is thousands of dollars in the hole and the 1000 ounce goal looks impossible. The Dakota boys face the threat of historic floods and Parker desperately needs to secure new ground.

Stay tuned.

Gold Rush airs on the Discovery Channel on Friday nights at 9/8c.

Image: Discovery Channel

Video: Discovery Channel/Gold Rush


Submitted by Karma Grant (not verified) on
Dave's had to put so much time into Todd's site, going up 2 weeks in advance of the rest of the crew, that even if the 2nd site was mineable it'd be almost impossible to catch up to site 1. If Todd's crew overall is successful this year alot of the credit will need to go to Dave (and the other guy that went up earlier with him).

Submitted by jason (not verified) on
todd rocks and fred is not cool all he wants is the dollar and todd puts his heart and soul in to it and he will get is thousand owns mark i wish i was working with him he rocks on gold rocks but dont ask anything from fred

Submitted by Ayden (not verified) on
Great review! I just finally found the time to watch this episode on DISH Online earlier today after missing the premiere, and WOW is really all I can say. Because I've been an avid fan of this show from past seasons, and based on the fact he's awesome, I'm really hoping this season Parker is the one to make it big! Some of my coworkers at DISH and I were talking about it earlier too, and we couldn’t believe Fred would diss him the way he did either; I found that to be extremely rude! As far as the Hoffman group goes, I find it rather interesting that he decided to split the team up with Dave. It can really only go two ways for them that way; good or bad! I'm excited to see how the rest of the seasons plays out though, so I'll make sure to keep up every Friday with all the new airings. Good luck to them all; they will definitely need it. :)

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I find Dakota Fred deeply disturbing. As soon as I saw him asking Parker for help I said to myself: "He will never return that favour." thinking that maybe later in the season this would come up. I didn't even have to wait to the end of the show. I didn't even have to wait to the e n d o f t h e s h o w...

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