Parole Diaries: Carter's inflexible nature legendary among parolees

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Parole agents, can expect to have to wade through a field of lies when dealing with their parolee clients, and some, such as Agent Carter, are hardcore on the rules--and parolees know it.

It is the job of parole agents to help guide parolees, as best they can, to a new life as productive citizens outside of prison walls. But, in the end, it is up to the parolees themselves as to whether or not they will take the right road, or if they are just going to hop on the same old road that will lead them right back behind bars. Parole Diaries on TV One features Indianapolis parole agents working with their clients to make a difference, both with them and for the public they are trying to protect.

Agents Have Their Hands Full

  • Parole Agent Denise Jackson catches her parolee, ShaAnna Howell, in a lie this week. She is out of prison and out of control. Agent Jackson suspects she is popping pills, and decides to dig deeper for the truth. Will the answers she gets send Howell back behind bars?
  • Parole Agent Gerald Carter works a caseload of sex offenders, and he does not hesitate to send these parolees back to prison when they violate the rules--and his clients know it. There is even a rumor among parolees that Agent Carter had a man arrested because he was in a coma and could not make his scheduled parole meeting. But, some will still push Agent Carter to his very limit of patience. In this episode of Parole Diaries, Agent Carter is struggling to make sex offender Jerome Harris understand the rules of his parole, including housing options. And, when Harris runs out of options, Agent Carter goes above and beyond to be sure the public is safe and that Harris is not living where he is not supposed to be.
  • Parole Agent John Taylor has his hands full with parolee Joshua Blount this week. Blount, 32, has a criminal record with dozens of arrests and convictions. Agent Taylor wants to help Blount get himself together and walk on the right path, but Blount’s erratic behavior makes his job difficult, and suggests that Agent Taylor is getting nowhere fast with his client.

Will Agent Jackson’s tough love get through to her out-of-control client? Will Agent Carter have a breakthrough with his client? And, will Agent Taylor finally be able to make some progress where none appears to be forthcoming?

Stay tuned.

Parole Diaries airs on TV One on Wednesday nights at 10/9c.

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Submitted by Inez (not verified) on
You are quite handsome....just watched parolee diaries on demand was great iyou are funny and so serious. Its nice to know that someone wants to hold these monsters accountable for their actions....good job.....

Submitted by Corliss Johnson (not verified) on
Good evening Mr. Carter. I really admire you. Keep Up the Good Work..I realky enjoy watching the show especially you. .stay on them Brother.

Submitted by Maria Bolden (not verified) on
Mr. Carter, thank you for your seriousness, hard work, determination, & dedication that you put forth to make children, victims, & those that are helpless in any way to be safe. You are remarkable @ what you do. Your efforts are definitely noticed & highly appreciated. Thank you.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
He's amazing ! An exclent parole officer and a wonderful man.

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