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Parole Diaries to premiere on TV One this Wednesday

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TV One premiering Parole Diaries to "shine a spotlight on the unsung heroes" known to the public as parole officers, and offering a message of hope.

Parole Diaries is a compelling new docu-drama that offers an unprecedented look into the lives of parole officers and the parolees they serve. The 13-episode series, produced by Towers Productions (Find Our Missing, American Justice) and airing on TV One, follows nine parole officers in Indianapolis, Indiana, as they tackle their most difficult and heart-wrenching cases.

Nationwide, more than two-thirds of inmates will be incarcerated again within three years of their release from prison. Parole Diaries offers an unwavering look at this uncelebrated and gritty corner of the criminal justice system. Each one-hour episode will follow three dynamic parole officers on the job with the Indiana Department of Correction and the parolee – or client – they are serving. With cases that include sex offenders, convicted murderers and addicts, the work these officers perform is high on stress, low on glamour, and extremely dangerous. Yet, with each case there is the possibility of positive change and the emotional uplift from delivering a second chance.

“TV One is proud to shine a spotlight on the unsung heroes whose tireless work offers men and women the prospect of a second chance,” noted Toni Judkins, TV One Executive Vice President of Original Programming and Production. “In keeping with TV One’s docu-programming slate, Parole Diaries offers a message of hope while delivering compelling drama that engages and enlightens.”

Parole Diaries follows nine dedicated parole officers of the Indiana Department of Correction around the clock in their everyday duties. From their desks riddled with necessary paperwork, to field work which often requires they be armed and outfitted in a bullet-proof vest – these agents must be prepared for the unexpected at all times. Viewers will also meet the parolees these officers are dedicated to serve – from the moment they first meet their parole officer, through random drug tests, several evaluations, to surprise home visits – we see the struggles these men and women face to earn a second chance. One wrong move and they can be sent back to prison.

In the premiere episode of Parole Diaries, viewers will meet Parole Officers Denise Jackson, Gerald Carter and John Taylor:

  • Parole Agent Denise Jackson: Jackson, a 12-year veteran parole officer, prides herself on her life-coaching and nurturing abilities and only handles female clients. The heart of this team of parole officers, Jackson leads off the episode working around the clock to stop her client Melissa, a recovering drug-addict and mother of three (with another one the way), from ruining the lives of her children.
  • Parole Agent Gerald Carter: Officer Carter exclusively handles sex-offender cases. Using his no-nonsense – by any means necessary – approach, he tracks down his client Kenneth, a sex-offender who is illegally living near a high school.
  • Parole Agent John Taylor: Officer John Taylor’s caseload ranges from murder charges to theft. In this episode, Taylor is determined to motivate his client, Brian, to stay on track and put the college degree he earned in prison to good use.

With each episode, Parole Diaries promises to deliver new insights into this area of the criminal justice system as well as reveal the power in receiving a second a chance.

Parole Diaries premieres on TV One on Wednesday, September 12, at 10 p.m. (ET).

UPDATE: Parolees try to manipulate agents, hide their secrets

Image: Towers Productions, LLC

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