Parole Diaries: You can't trust a drug addict, Agent Jackson says

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Sometimes even the most successful parolees are tempted and need a little help to make it through the low points, as tonight's episode of TV One's Parole Diaries indicates.

Parole Diaries on TV One showcases agents from Indianapolis Parole District #3, giving fans an idea of what parole agents do to protect their assigned parolees, who they refer to as “clients,” as well as how their efforts impact public safety.

With that public safety in mind, Parole Agent Chris Spangler is committed to getting parolee Bobby Bowman back on his medication or back behind bars in tonight’s episode of Parole Diaries. Bowman, 31, has been on Agent Spangler’s caseload for two months. On parole for intimidation, Bowman was convicted of threatening his mother and sister with a knife; he also has a long history of mental illness, making it especially important that he stay on his prescribed medications. However, Bowman stopped taking his psych meds when he left prison, and Agent Spangler is determined that either he is going to start taking them again—and keep taking them—or he is going back inside. Will it be as simple a solution as it sounds?

Parole Agent Denise Jackson has been digging to uncover the truth about client Tabitha Cook’s drug habit. This week, she and her supervisor, Renee Henderson, go to Cook’s home for a routine visit, and notice that there are two people hiding in a vehicle in front of Cook’s house. Digging deeper, Agent Jackson and Henderson begin unraveling the web of lies that land Cook in a transitional home, where she must complete her time on parole if she wants to stay out of jail. Does she want it badly enough?

Parole Agent Justin Bennett is known for going above and beyond to help his clients, and his efforts to help heroin addict Sarah Bauer, 26, stay off of the drug for her last two months of parole are not an exception. She was addicted to heroin for five years when she landed in jail after robbing a business and selling her haul to feed her all-consuming drug habit. She has come a long way, Agent Bennett has acknowledged—and he is not an easy man to impress. Bauer is working full-time, and she is currently living her life drug-free. Now in the last two months of her parole, Agent Bennett is doing all he can to help her stay on-track and complete her parole successfully.

Stay tuned.

Parole Diaries airs on TV One on Wednesdays at 10 p.m.

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