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'People WILL get fired,' Oscar says on Black Gold

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Oscar has continued to defend Brandon, but it looks like Brandon may have become too much of a liability to defend any longer.

Things are bad on truTVs Black Gold, and it looks like they are only going to get worse, especially for Brandon.

“You know, changes are coming,” Oscar said in a camera cameo. “People are gonna like it, people ain’t. But, I ain’t gonna let my rig fall into the ground just because my hands can’t keep up with their job. And, people WILL get fired. I’m sick of it. I’m done.”

And, when he says he’s sick of it and done, he means he is sick of Brandon and done with his problems and the grief his personal issues are bringing to Big Dog Rig 28. Not only can Brandon not keep a crew, he is constantly showing up to work late for one personal issue or another, the majority stemming from Brandon’s anger management issues.

“I’m a very angry person,” Brandon says to the camera.

No kidding.

Glasses, Glasses, Oh No, Glasses

Brandon is just inches away from doing time in prison because of an assault on one of his rig hands—a clue, possibly, into why he has so much trouble keeping a crew on the rig—and he is missing work because he is prepping for a jury trial. If found guilty, his lawyer indicated that he will do 2-20 years. “The first part we’ve got to deal with is trying to make you be found not guilty,” she tells him. But, she has her hands full with her client. Facing possible years of time behind bars, his biggest concern seems to be that she wants him to wear a pair of glasses in court, to help create the image that he is a “respectable person that would never have committed a crime.”

“I can’t win for losing,” Brandon says of having to wear glasses in court.

Bowl of Bran Flakes, Brandon?

It’s not hard to imagine Brandon assaulting anyone, his temper is so extreme and short. Eating breakfast, he completely lost it at best friend Cheston, because he poured the wrong type of cereal into Brandon’s bowl. In a rage, he screamed at Cheston, demanding that he have “Oopsy Loops,” not bran flakes, in the future.

If a man can go over-the-edge about a bowl of cereal, one can only imagine how he could react in a truly anger-worthy situation.

End of the Line?

Rig 28 superintendent Freddy Moore has had it with Brandon, and seems close to losing patience with Oscar. “It’s his temper, man,” he tells Oscar. “These hands nowadays, Oscar, they’re not gonna put up with that. And, Brandon is a loose wire. He’s gonna explode on somebody out here, and then we’re gonna have to really cut him loose. You can’t protect him but so much, Oscar.”

And, from Oscar’s speech to the camera, it seems that he has thought about that and agrees.

Is Brandon’s time on Rig 28 coming to an end? For that matter, are his days as a free man numbered?

Stay tuned.

Black Gold airs on truTV on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m.

Image: truTV

Video: truTV/Black Gold

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