Red Sox legend Ted Williams featured on The Will: Family Secrets Revealed tonight

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Sometimes family members go to conflicting extremes after a relative passes, as in the case of legendary baseball player Ted Williams.

On tonight’s new episode of The Will: Family Secrets Revealed on Investigation Discovery, fans will learn more about legendary Red Sox hitter Ted Williams and the confusing aftermath of his death at age 83 in July 2002.

According to the article, “Pure Hitter: Ted Williams,” written by David Whitley as a special contribution to, Williams spent his career striving to be the “greatest hitter who ever lived.” And, when Williams fell short of his goal, he had the tendency to make his anger at himself known in no uncertain terms. For example, after putting his fist through a glass cooler following a pop-up in a minor league game, Williams explained, “It just exploded. Blood's flying, glass, everything. I was lucky I didn't cut my hand off.”

Williams’ persistence paid off, however, with a lifetime batting average of .344. During his career, Williams hit 521 homers and had 1,839 RBI, with an on-base percentage of .483—the best in baseball. Williams holds strong in second with a slugging percentage of .634, second to Babe Ruth’s record of .690. However, Williams does hold the single-season slugging average record, .406, which he hit in 1941. “[It] is one of sport's magic numbers,” Whitley writes. “No player has topped .400 since.”

Family Conflict between Williams' Children

Williams’ death in 2002 brought turmoil to his family. According to Investigation Discovery:

In July 2002, legendary Red Sox hitter Ted Williams dies at the age of 83. Without informing his half-sister, Williams’ youngest children whisk away his body to be cryogenically preserved. But Williams’ official will requested cremation, and his eldest daughter takes to the courts to fight to have his body returned, dividing the family with allegations of manipulation, estrangement, and fraud…until a former employee at the cryonics company reports that Ted Williams’s body has met a horrifying fate.

Stay tuned and learn more tonight on The Will: Family Secrets Revealed.

The Will: Family Secrets Revealed airs on Investigative Discovery on Thursday nights at 9 p.m.

Image: Investigation Discovery

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