Season premiere of The Will features country music queen Tammy Wynette

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The Will: Family Secrets Revealed gets a facelift this season, with not only family scuffles over the wills of their loved ones brought to light, but closer looks into tabloid scandals, with many details never before heard.

Fans of The Will: Family Secrets Revealed will be glad to know that Season 3 is returning to Investigation Discovery this week—with a facelift.

According to Investigation Discovery, the show will feature “the outrageousness that abounds when the famous depart. With royalties and residuals up for grabs, celebrities leave behind a lot more than a mansion full of cash – they also have managers, mom-agers, mistresses, and family members who all want a piece of the pie.”

Season 3 will spotlight an eclectic mix of superstars, including:

  • Ritchie Valens, an up-and-comer who died young and will-less.
  • Jerry Garcia, whose grateful heart promised too much to too many.
  • Gary Coleman, the former child-star who left behind a messy estate plan that pitted his ex-wife against his former best friend.

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and this new season of The Will offers viewers a way to glimpse into famous folks’ lives and a side of their drama that we don’t get to see too often,” said Henry Schleiff, president and general manager, Investigation Discovery. “Showcasing the aftermath of the afterlife, these stories prove that the outlandish lifestyles that celebrities lead don’t seem to end when they go six feet under.”

This new season of The Will: Family Secrets Revealed features the names you know, but also the details behind the tabloid scandals you’ve never heard, including:

  • When guitar legend Jimi Hendrix died without a will, an epic family dispute erupted between his brother and his adopted sister over an estate worth $80 million.
  • The soulful James Brown left almost everything to help underprivileged children, leaving his own children with almost nothing.
  • Wealthy NY socialite Brooke Astor’s grandson filed a lawsuit against his own father, claiming he forced Brooke to live in squalor during her last days.
  • Girl with the Dragon Tattoo author Stieg Larsson’s will was invalidated because it lacked a witness signature, while A Confederacy of Dunces author John Kennedy Toole’s mother worked hard to get his books published after his death…and even harder to cut her husband’s relatives out of the proceeds.

“When the personalities are big but the pocketbooks are even bigger, now that’s when things get really interesting,” says Investigation Discovery.

In the Season 3 premiere, The Will examines the estate of Tammy Wynette, the queen of country music. When her four daughters realized they had been denied their inheritance, they began questioning the events surrounding their mother’s death, and launched a $50-million wrongful death lawsuit against their stepfather and their mother’s physician.

Stay tuned.

Season 3 of The Will: Family Secrets Revealed premieres Thursday, October 18 at 9 PM (ET) on Investigation Discovery.

UPDATED: Life of Tammy Wynette featured on The Will season premiere tonight

Image: Investigation Discovery

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