Sister Wives: Does Meri really want a baby at this stage of her life?

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Robyn threw Meri a curve on Sister Wives with her generous offer to carry a child for Meri and Kody; will they accept, or will Meri decide she is content with her life as-is?

So, after Robyn’s generous offer to carry a baby for Meri and Kody, the couple is exploring their options regarding fertility.

The biggest obstacle, physically, may be Meri’s age. After all, it’s obvious that Kody’s ability to spread his seed is still intact. But, as one of the specialists explained, as a woman over 40, Meri’s eggs may not be viable at this point, and she is not interested in using donor eggs. Only additional testing can confirm this one.

But, watching the show, it seems that perhaps Meri doesn’t really want a new baby; maybe she just misses the closeness with the family’s children that living in separate homes no longer provides.

“The little girls love Meri,” Robyn explained. “They adore her. She gives a perspective that Christine, Janelle and I don’t give.”

“I feel like having these four separate homes here in Vegas has not molded the family together as a family,” Meri said. “I don’t feel like I’m a mom figure to a lot of the younger kids. I feel like I’m just one of dad’s wives, and I’m a visitor in their homes, so that means nothing to them. And, that’s really hard for me.”

So, does she want her own baby, or does she just want to be closer to the Brown children, especially the younger children, as she once was in the Utah home and, as she said, be a strong mom figure in the Brown family?

That seems to be the question Meri is struggling to answer.

Meri has seemed to enjoy her independence, having her own home in Vegas. Her daughter, Mariah, is 16, and will be leaving the nest soon. And, Meri has expressed doubts about “starting over” with a new baby. But, Robyn’s generous offer seems to have stirred up possibilities for Meri that she never thought she would have, and she and Kody must to explore them thoroughly to feel good about their ultimate decision.

It is, no doubt, a hard decision; seemingly impossible at times, one would guess.

Meri is 41—not an obscene age to have a baby by any means. And, of course, she would have plenty of help. But, she also seems to be contemplating the fact that she has the best of both worlds at this point, able to be a mom figure to some adoring kids while still maintaining her own freedom—or, at least, she would feel like a mom figure to them, if the family is able to get their home situation in line in the near future.

But, then again, knowing that this may be her last chance, realistically, to have her own child is no doubt weighing heavily on her mind.

Again, a seemingly impossible decision, no doubt. And, a decision that only Kody and Meri can make.

Good luck and best wishes to them both.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Meri struggling to decide on baby, but Kody wants an answer

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