'Sons of Guns': Did Joe betray Will's trust, or is 'creative license' at work?

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Red Jacket Firearms is still in recovery from the departure of Vince, but the way things are playing out seem, well, unreal.

The destructive force that is Vincent Buckles just keeps swirling at Red Jacket.

The loss of Vince—specifically the way it occurred—has left bitterness all around at the shop, and Will has no problem letting anyone know what his current feelings are regarding his ex-employee. In fact, when temporary worker Billy speaks to Will about Vince, and how he feels the guys in the shop are looking for him to be like Vince, Will makes it perfectly clear: No one in the shop (in his estimation, at least) cares about that, um … well, he was very colorful in making his point that he did not want to hear about Vince. Period.

So, imagine how he must have felt when he discovered Vince had been in his shop overnight, courtesy of his trusted Red Jacket team.

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Will seemed to place the blame on the producers and camera crew, but it may have been that he could not stand to think that his team would betray him and go behind his back, bringing Vince back into Red Jacket without his knowledge. But, betray him they did, and in more ways than one, although bringing Vince in was probably the most egregious, given the circumstances and atmosphere at Red Jacket.

Following Vince’s abrupt, childish departure, the shop was—and still is—shorthanded, and things got backed up (although, granted, one does have to wonder sometimes just how hard the guys are working—Billy was tearing it up when he was there, but that’s because he was focused on working, not on socializing and hamming it up for the cameras). And, with all of the pressure, Joe decided to give up his full-time teaching job, which he had held for 10+ years. But, when he made the decision to quit, and after following through with the decision, he inexplicably failed to inform Will of his actions, instead choosing to go behind Will’s back and scoop up a rejected Red Jacket project as his own.

Making Joe's actions even worse, he was working on the covert project on company time (after all, Joe doesn’t have his own shop facilities), pulling others from the shop into the deception (no surprise that Flem played right along, but shame on now-son-in-law Kris and daughter Stephanie), and he even took materials from the shop to incorporate into the build (Did anyone else question how he was funding other items he needed for the build?). And, although he was clearly not happy about Vince’s appearance in Red Jacket (he was invited, of course, by his constant and never-wavering cheerleader Flem), it was, in fact, Joe’s deceptive actions that led to the reappearance of Vince into the world of Red Jacket.

Ultimately, of course, Will discovered what was going on behind his back, and went directly to the source—Joe. Instead of blowing up, however, Will spoke calmly and compassionately with the obviously embarrassed and ashamed Joe, and ended up offering him the position of chief operating officer of Red Jacket. There was really very little said of the entire incident—certainly not the reaction one might have expected given the level of betrayal involved—and, apparently, Will’s trust in his crew, specifically in Joe, was not shaken in the least, leading one to believe one of two things must have been in the works:

  1. Will is an extremely compassionate, forgiving man, willing to wear blinders for the sake of keeping his team together.
  2. The entire scenario was staged for the camera, and, instead of just making Joe COO of Red Jacket upon Vince’s departure, it was decided that they would give the audience a little drama with the whole implausible idea of Joe quitting his full-time job and never mentioning it to Will, swooping in on a Red Jacket reject project—which, by the way, doesn’t really resonate with the Joe that viewers have been shown by the series thus far—commandeering the staff, and, ultimately, reaping rewards from the deception with, apparently, no repercussions.

Which was it?

Who knows—it’s reality TV, after all.

Stay tuned.

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Judgin by the article eithe this person is a friend of will or very un-imformed on the true structure of red jacket firearms, and I myself am not claiming to know eveyrthing that goes on behind the scenes however over the last couple months certain thing have become clear. Will lost his licience over missing guns and Vince stepped up and put it in his name whihc resulted in the formation of the limited compnay that vince, joe, etc obtained ownership in. Now we do not really know how much is for the cameras and how much is for the drama but we do know that joe has some skin in the game when it comes to red jacket so the materials being used and time and manpower is techincally part his(how much he owns and the structure we will prob never truly find out). WE also do not know if vince truly didn not call will or anyone else about him quiting becasue all we know is what hte camreas shows us, and there in lies the problem with reality tv...its not truly real and can be easily manipulated...example the top secret general who was interested in the rifles but didnt want to appear on camera for security issues....um its called GOOGLE, so before we take everythign this show feeds us as the truth and the real deal we need to remeber its just that a show.,..shows go for rating first and truth and reality second...plus i doubt vince would go into red jacket on his own time to help a project being built for no compensation especially after the way will treated him near the end and how will talks about him now...just do not think anyone would give up work for free liek that.... Now we could go on all day about fishy things in the show and who is the real owner and all of that but things do make you wonder.. vince being the FLL holder and so could kind of control the company and make Will and Steph do what he wants, well that makes me wonder if the grooming Chris thing had anything to do with Will Seeing how much the company is growning...a Company that he doesn't fully own anymore and makes you wonder if he saw Kris as his way to keep the shop in the family and regain his control....Kris marries sSteph...gets an FLL takes over or opens up Red Jacket Firearms Baton Rouge(jsut enough of difference to be a new unique company from the limited employee owned one wher vince holds the FLL) and WIll is back in the Driver seat.... Point is |I dont know Will and am not judging him becasue we do not know all the facts jsut what we see on TV....however I doubt he is the god like creature of forgivness described in the article

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Seriously, you should be embarrassed to have shared your thoughts clearly without any thought of proofreading. We are all impressed.

Submitted by Brad (not verified) on
Please, go and take an English course. Then, organize your thoughts, write them down, read them again, then correct them so they flow together in a literate and coherent(perhaps you should look those words up) manner. You may(or may not) have made a legitimate point or two in that mess of a rant up there. Of course, anyone thinking the entire thing all the way through knows that secret military weapons projects are not given to contractors with television contracts, and the contractors are given all manner of NDAs(non-disclosure agreements) to sign. I have no doubt that Vince has left Red Jacket, probably on bad terms. I never saw Vince mistreated on the show, but different people interpret these things differently. I'm sure that the circumstances televised surrounding his resignation were fabricated entirely for the benefit of the cameras, and the damaged AR as well. Now, I'm not saying anything you've stated is wrong, but it would be really nice if you decided to re-post it in a legible manner. Brad

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
You never saw vince mistreated!!!! Did you watch any of season 2? Will treated Vince like crap! All vince wanted was to be a gunsmith and by the end of season 2 all the cameras had turned red jacket into something resembling a circus, if that's what will wants hire clowns not gunsmiths! Good luck Vince!!

Submitted by english bob (not verified) on
Kris is the genius yeah blame Vince because wil makes kris the build leader of the ak bulid..have only built one that vice showed him how it was done

"god-like creature of forgiveness described in the article" ... LOL ... sorry, Anonymous, but I believed you missed the overall point: This entire "drama" was, in my opinion, staged for the cameras, i.e. it never really happened.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Kris should just glue his lips to Will's butt. He is a insecure,no nothing boy

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Kris should just glue his lips to Will's butt. He is a insecure,no nothing boy

Submitted by Detroit Dave (not verified) on
I am a viewer of the show and have always loved guns, etc. I have noticed that Vince has seemed to be the poor scmuck getting stuck back at the shop trying to finish up all the finall mods to the last minute gun repairs long into the night , or so portrayed? I realise a show is a show and ratings make it work but time and a again its Vince the guy staying late or some times flem. Kris is like the golden boy who always does no wrong? The show with Ted Nugent through video clips showed or portrayed Vince once again cut off at the knees\'s?? WTF ? He even told "The Nuge" he was from Mi and was snubbed once again...well I grew up in Mi and felt Vince's last straw attitude toward the whole way he is shown. I have always been a PROUD GUN OWNER and am a Red Jacket lover. Go Vince !

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