'Sons of Guns': Is Kris jealous of Jesse James and Stephanie? (VIDEO)

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If there is one thing Jesse James is good at, it is stirring up trouble--and he proves it tonight at Red Jacket Firearms.

Famed bike-builder Jesse James doesn’t seem to do much of anything without stirring up trouble, and his visit to Red Jacket Firearms promises to not break that cycle.

Jesse James has a new Discovery television show on the way, tentatively titled The Jesse James Project. Set to drop on Monday, April 9, at 10 p.m./9c., Discovery is obviously bringing James into the popular Sons of Guns shop to remind viewers that he exists, as he has kept a low profile since his highly successful appearance on American Chopper Live: The Build Off.

James will not disappoint on the havoc front in tonight’s episode of Sons of Guns. Determined to have the Red Jacket outcast Vince on the project, Vince, once again, is in front of the Sons of Guns cameras—it’s beginning to look like he’s never really going to leave, in fact—and the tensions rise among the one-time head gunsmith and his former workmates.

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“You know we’re not bluing the barrel,” Vince reminds Kris, working from his former station at Red Jacket Firearms as James looks on.

“Don’t even try to give me advice,” Kris spits out at Vince.

“Sorry, dude, whatever,” Vince replies, turning away from his one-time protégé.

While fans of Sons of Guns will no doubt love the drama caused by James stirring the pot (again), James fans who have never seen the show will likely be tuning in to see what’s going on with their favorite outlaw biker these days—and will not be disappointed with his antics.

“I’m going to go see what kind of trouble I can get in,” he says predictably.

Additionally, a little sneak peek of the upcoming show teases with a shot of newlyweds Kris and Stephanie, with Kris sullenly demanding to his bride, “You’re runnin’ off with Jesse James,” after a shot of Stephanie on the back of the troublemaker’s bike.

A little ripple in paradise?

Sons of Guns featuring outlaw biker Jesse James airs tonight on the Discovery Channel at 9 p.m.

UPDATE: Joe Perry visits Red Jacket Firearms.

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Video: Discovery Channel, Sons of Guns


Submitted by Burns (not verified) on
Well if it's not enough for him to ruin his relationship with Sandra and then showing it with other ladies. Now has the nerve to go on show after these newly weds are in love and it shows on the show> i can c having Vince come back on but Vince burned his bridge like a little f in girl. Can't even man up and say what he feels or doing. Hey look I'm Jesse and I want what I can't have. Sorry but if he even leaned towards talking to my daughter other than customer to business and think its cool. I would set him straight. He had some talent with Bikes back in the day now???? Just cause he is somewhat respectably famous some would c, he should improve he's image or not go out of his way to look like a shi! bag and try to mix up there personal family life. piss off Jesse and do ur own thang if u can.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Funny thing is , he didn't even do anything wrong! You watch to much tv and get caught up in the drama if you even look at that as stirring up trouble!

Submitted by Debby (not verified) on
U r Dumb. James clearly knew he was starting trouble. Hr Es a ppppppiiiiggggg

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
You sound as if you are a woman scorned because she can't keep a man! Is that true???? I bet you watch a lot of reality tv and believe that all is real and what it seems in tv land huh!? You people who sit on here and post negative comments about people like you know them should get a life and live in reality not reality tv! I'm sure if there was a show based on your life there would be a site just like this with people just like you spewing the same crap that you are! So get over yourself!!!!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
First of all, Jessie was minding his own business when she came up to him and insisted on taking pictures on HIS bike. All he said was ok. Then, later on, he got on and her panties got SOAKED. So it's on HER not to act like that. She wanted to have pics with him and on his bike, then when she was behind him she put her grubby little hands down his jeans on grabbed hold of his schwance.Her husband obviously has a little tiny peenor, because why else would someone his age SO predictably insecure unless he's packing a pencil downstairs? He heard the stories about jessies HUGE baby's arm under the belt, and didn't want his wife getting STUFFED and stretched and have her guts completely re-arranged and limp back into the bed, breath smelling like horsejizz and sweat. Maybe if he had more of a pinky in his undies this wouldnt be a problem. but he's a crybaby with a little teeny tiny peenor.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
with you that it was on her for approaching Jess in the first place. But the way you carried on about what each dude was packing in his shorts is a bit over the top. You sound obsessed with d*cks. SMDH And speaking of d*cks, that is exactly what Kris has become after getting with the bosses daughter. If you listen to his one on one interviews he acts like he is a seasoned gunsmith all of the sudden and acts like RJF is his as if he owns the place . Like when the dude brought the 40mm Bofors, he said something like "I just had a machine cannon pull into my parking lot". And he tells a customer at one point when talking about getting some work done on his gun that he will get "HIS GUYS" on it referring to Flem, Joe and the gang. Since when does he own Red Jacket and when did he start writing "his guys" pay checks? Also it seems he has also went from being pretty much a grunt around the shop that did nothing but fetch tools and cleaned guns to a top flight expert gunsmith when he started banging steph and vince left. He's a major D*CK. lol

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Hmm, Freud would say you have an obsession. You lika men's equipment? Do your parents know? You want to be penatrated by one even though you have a set of XY chromosomes. Please note I don't say you are a man, you are not. So, when do you get your 'gender reassignment' completed? I must congratualate myself on never going to or reading any site that discusses other men's equipment. I don't count you as you slipped one in as you would like one slipped into you. I'm sure Jesse would do you if it would get him on TV and not that lame show he's on now. Were you sad that he got beat by Paul JR.? Ha, he built a typical, unridable Jesse James junkpile.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Jessie wouldve stomped and stomped and stomped and stomped on your head had you had the silly idea of "setting him straight" over some puuntang. You wouldve moseyed up to him like a little beyyotch, he wouldve grabbed you by your collar and threw you to the ground. You wouldve screamed and he wouldve jammed his fist into your little pie hole and karate chopped you in the throat. You wouldve been gurgling and crying, and he wouldve twisted and hemmed you the F up, You wouldve tried to get up and run and he wouldve grabbed you by your boxers, ripped them up your ASS, and pulled you bak into the fight. You wouldve turned toward him, eyes to the ground admiring his shoes because you are an internet tough guy and wouldnt DARE make actual eye contact with him, then you wouldve met his fist to your glass chin, heard a POP and then another one as you hit the concrete your teeth popping out like little popcorn kernals scattered across the floor. THats all the F you would do, tough guy as far as setting him straight. The only thing you wouldve set is the bones set back in place before they put a cast on you. You're a talker and those are the worst type of pussies there are. Pussy.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Oh, an Internet tough guy. Simply pathetic. Is there enough space in your mom's basement? So, you'd like to wrestle Jesse huh, like rolling around with men? Not that there's everything wrong with that. If anyone is a wanna be tough guy it's that d-bag JJ. He's got a big mouth but I bet he can't back it up, much like you, yes? Gotta go, wouldn't want you to miss an episode of Glee.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
You people are absolutely retarded. FIrst, all reality shows are scripted. They hire writers as part of the show including Sons of Guns. Second, they have a thing called editing and they employ editors to do it. So while you may not have seen the real footage behind Vince leaving the show it was still shot. It makes for better TV when you have Drama. It makes for better Drama when you have a guy just randomly leave the shot/company when some dumb swamp ass hillbilly hick with no brain puts another even dumber swamp ass hillbilly hick in charge of a project he shouldnt even be allowed to touch simply because they guy is screwing his daughter. Vince is made out to look like the bad guy when in reality there is more to the story. But to put it simply so you all can understand, to be on TV in a show requires contracts, releases a lot of paperwork...Vince boy can't simply just say fuck you all and leave without having to still go thru paper work and other legal issues to make sure things are done properly. If you open your mind for two seconds and just think before you talk maybe you can really get the truth behind everything. Do you ever wonder why Will doesnt seem to do anything except for the high priority stuff....and no its not because he is the man in charge its simply for the shot and the ratings. The producers say to will hey we need a shot of you and Jesse polishing that thing for his gun. Also the issue between Jesse, Krys and Stephanie. Jesse James is a douche but he was able to get, screw and keep an multi million dollar academy award winning actress who still looks pretty hot in my opinion. What the heck would he want some buck tooth, country nasty skank from the bayou when he can easily get better women that are actually worth something and arent screwing dumb ass hillbilly hicks from the bayou? Think about that one for a minute. Oh and they are soooo In love yeah, it was funny that the specific scene that they decided to show is the one that Krys looks like he wants to show his dominance by smacking Stephanie around though he only yells at her...kinda curious if in the other footage he did smack her around and they told him they couldnt use it. Think, don't be retards this is why America is screwed up.


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