'Sons of Guns' ready to entertain on Feb. 29 (VIDEO)

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The new season of Sons of Guns kicks off on Feb. 29, and fans are eagerly awaiting all of the new drama the Red Jacket Firearms team is sure to offer, including a visit from bad-boy motorcycle builder Jesse James.

The new season of the Discovery Channel’s hit Sons of Guns is coming up on Feb. 29, and fans are eagerly awaiting all of the new builds and new dramas that await them at Red Jacket Firearms.

At the end of last season, the Red Jacket Firearms team lost their head gunsmith, Vince Buckles. He’s still out of the shop as this season begins, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he is gone for good, especially when bike-building legend Jesse James drops by the shop and wants Vince on the build. But, will that actually result in the return of Vince?

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Regardless, orders are pouring into the shop, and being down a head gunsmith is not helping productivity at Red Jacket, forcing the team to work day and night, just to try and keep up. So, fans need not worry that Red Jacket is going anywhere, wherever Vince finally lands.

Following the season premiere of Sons of Guns, the Red Jacket team unites with another Discovery Channel gun team, as Will Hayden pals up with American Guns’ Rich Wyatt to count down 10 of America’s most iconic shootouts, including standoffs from the Wild West to mob hits to world war situations. The one-hour special, Top 10 Shootouts, will feature the duo firing historic weapons and imparting insight into the guns, their owners and how they affected history.

The Discovery Channel offers the following sneak peeks about upcoming episodes in this season on Sons of Guns:

  • Premiere: February 29 at 9PM E/P
    Officer David Liang of the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) wants to transform a Ferret armored scout vehicle into a crowd control/riot control vehicle and turns to Will Hayden and the Red Jacket crew for help. The team travels to New Orleans so Will can do a ride along with Officer Liang while the rest of the crew goes into the French Quarter to have some fun. They never expected that one of their own would witness a murder in the streets only 40 yards away. This project just got personal.

  • Premiere: March 7 at 9PM E/P
    Jon Weiler of Professional Marksmen Inc. commissions the Red Jacket crew to integrally suppress a .50 caliber sniper rifle. This is one of the largest caliber gun rounds — and gun — in the world. And they only have a week to do it. Will, Joe, and Kris work through the night to come up with a plan.

  • Premiere: March 14 at 9PM E/P
    Vahan Kelerchian from Armament Services International has a client willing to pay $50,000 to get his Japanese auto cannon repaired — but he needs Will's help. Will tells him he is backed up and can't do the job for months. Vahan leaves an unhappy customer. Joe, who recently lost his second job teaching, sees the situation unfold and decides to take on the job himself — and enlists the help of the other RJ guys. Everyone is nervous but they are willing to do it for Joe.

  • Premiere: March 21 at 9PM E/P
    Jesse James surprises the crew at Red Jacket Firearms as he stops by the shop to have them build a custom WWII BAR machine gun for him. He wants to help with the build, and had been talking to Vince about the weapon. Jesse wants Vince to lead the build. Tension builds with Vince in the shop again.

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Video: Discovery Channel, Sons of Guns

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