Sons of Guns: Total Recall special demonstrates RJF gang still juvenile, still fun

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Whether you are a fan or an anti-fan, it's hard to deny that Sons of Guns is a great way to escape into a world of fantasy, one hour at a time.

Sons of Guns, Discovery Channel’s wildly popular reality series set at Red Jacket Firearms in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, came roaring back last night with a new special, “Total Recall Vector Submachine Gun,” based on the upcoming movie, Total Recall.

It may seem that calling the show's stars “juvenile” is an insult but, really, it’s not. What makes Sons of Guns so popular, it appears, is that it plays on that little part in so many of us that just wants to play, even when we are all grown up with grown-up responsibilities. There are times when we all wish we could just step into another role, if only for a few hours, and have all of our stresses of the day—home, family, work, whatever—drop off of our shoulders. Sons of Guns provides viewers with an hour every Wednesday when they can do just that.

Last night’s episode was inspired by the Kriss Vector, the weapon featured in the movie. Not surprisingly, Red Jacket’s resident juvenile spirit, Kris Ford, had the idea to bring the gun from Total Recall to Total RJF—a total secret agent weapon.

“Who doesn’t want to be a secret agent?” Kris asked the camera. “You’re a kid, you run around, you play with guns [insert your own secret agent gun sounds here]. This gun, I think this would definitely be a secret agent gun.”

Will, however, was not on board initially.

“Let me explain something. Doing one is something you do on a Saturday afternoon for your own joy and edification,” Will said patiently to Kris. “Doing one that can be one of the next thousand, unless it’s replicable in a marketable, economical manner, then it’s a hobby.”

Will continued to point out to the camera, as Kris emailed whoever about doing a Total Recall Kriss Vector project, “You know, I love Kris’s enthusiasm, but building a gun just because you saw it on a movie trailer, that’s idiocy. We’ve got paying projects here that need attention, and we don’t have time to play.”

Fair enough, Will’s right and he’s the boss—but, there always seems to be time to play AND make money at Red Jacket Firearms.

Sony Ups the RJF Game

Making the “Tommy gun of the future” became a probability when Patrick Tatopoulos, the production manager for the new Total Recall movie, Skyped Red Jacket in response to Kris’s initial email. That, of course, was enough to get Will onboard.

“It is going to redefine ‘snowballing out of control,’” Will told his son-in-law firmly after Tatopoulos signed off. “So, whatever little nebulous ideas you’ve had percolating around, you’d better get that s*** coalescing and quickly. I don’t know what you thought it was going to be, but I’m tellin’ you what it’s going to end up being. If you’re gonna play the game, win it.”

Needless to say, the team jumped into super-production mode as they always do on new builds. And, Will got into the fun, setting up some secret agent training for Kris and putting him to the test with it later on in the show. Of course, when a hover car from the movie showed up in the Red Jacket parking lot, Will really got into the new project—who wouldn’t? “Okay, I’m gonna have to rethink this whole thing. Sony pictures done took us from prop guns to hover cars in my drive way. You know, I had a pretty cool week lined up for Kris, but I think this is shaping up to be the most incredible experience of his life. But, if you think I’m gonna let those things sit there like baseboard cut-outs, you are out of your mind.”

Stephanie, of course, got her own training from Janene Carleton, the stunt double for Jessica Biel in the movie.

“It was nice to finally meet a chick who can hang with the guys just as well as I can,” Stephanie commented.

And, both Stephanie and her husband put their training to good use, “fighting” each other with their new secret agent skills (of course, as he took the gun away from her he asked, “Are you okay?” and said, “I love you,” as he ran out the door to his next mission—well-trained husband, indeed).

Anyone who watches Sons of Guns knows that something is gonna blow up before that show is over, and you gotta know, with a hover car available and a “army” ready to stop him, this show was no exception. It was fun to watch; had to be fun to do. Fan or anti-fan, you really do have to admit: Sons of Guns is a lot of fun.

Fans can read more about Red Jacket Firearms projects on their website. And, fans should keep an eye open, as Sons of Guns is coming back to the Discovery Channel in August.

Stay tuned.

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Submitted by Maynard (not verified) on
Am I the only one who thought that this episode was just cheesy and self serving and that Will, Stephanie, and Kris spend most of the time posing for the camera? Kris is indeed a Village Idiot and is an accident waiting to happen, not to mention that he has no skills as a gunsmith. Just pointing out the obvious.

No, I'm sure, in fact, you're not the only one who thought these things; as I mentioned, this show has a lot of anti-fans, too--maybe more anti-fans than actual fans, in fact!

Submitted by Caleb (not verified) on
Honestly i loved this episode. Love the gun it is beautiful. As for Kris, he is a character. I'm sure he knows his way around guns better than you and most people. They have to play for the camera. otherwise, who would watch it? It has to be entertaining.

Submitted by TWombat (not verified) on
Im actually a big fan of the show. Just because there aren't a lot of shows about firearms on T.V. So I watch pretttttty much any show focusing on firearms haha. But Maynard is actually right. Kriss is definitely the village idiot. And anyone who knows a good amount about firearms, assault weapons in particular, knows that Kriss really doesn't know shit about them. I mean he seems to be learning - at a extremely slow pace - but learning nonetheless. But you would think, with the resources that kid is just GIVEN for free, that he would take a lot more time to learn more. If I had what he had, I'd spend every second learning more. Anyways, Kriss does Not know more about guns than most people haha (in the firearms world). And actually I'd prefer it (and think more would watch/be fans) if they didn't "play for the camera" in a attempt to make it more "entertaining". Just my two cents.

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