Total Recall 'Sons of Guns' special gearing up fans, anti-fans everywhere

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Tonight's Sons of Guns special should get fans of the Discovery Channel reality show ready to go for a new season.

Tonight, July 25, is the much-anticipated Sons of Guns special on the Discovery Channel.

Sons of Guns, filmed at Red Jacket Firearms in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is one of the most popular reality shows Discovery Channel has put out there. Fans of the show just cannot get enough; critics of the show have volumes to complain about but, nevertheless, they seem to continue watching.

Tonight’s special should get fans chomping at the bit for the upcoming season, which appears to be set to make its debut next month, according to the stars' Facebook chatter. Inspired by the movie Total Recall, Stephanie Hayden said on Facebook today:

Can’t wait to see this movie! Most fun ever on SOG and met some of the greatest and BRAVEST ppl ever!

She also offered fans a sneak peek of the special earlier this week with the following video:

Guns & Ammo wrote about the weapon featured on the upcoming special:

“Sometimes the guys at Red Jacket like to let their imaginations wander a bit. We’re just fine with that, because it brings us even cooler, more outlandish guns than we could imagine. When Kris caught a glimpse of the trailer for the upcoming film Total Recall, he was so smitten with the film’s submachine guns that the team decided to bring these fantasy guns to life. This Kriss Vector SMB full-auto submachine features an integral silencer, specialized magazines and a wicked paint job. This is way more than just some non-firing movie prop — this bad boy is the real deal.”

Kris Ford also commented about the show on his Facebook page this week:

This Wed. July 25th Catch an all new Episode of S. O. G. Red Jacket had a ton of fun with this one... then our new season starts up in August....But don’t miss us on your T.V. this week.

Don’t worry, Kris; there is little doubt that fans and anti-fans everywhere will be watching.

The Sons of Guns special episode inspired by the movie Total Recall airs tonight on the Discovery Channel at 10 p.m.

UPDATE: Total Recall special demonstrates RJF gang still juvenile, still fun

Image: Discovery Channel


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flipping through the channels last week and i came upon that stupid show i once enjoyed. ford getting secret agent training, what a joke. He makes a great maxwell smart and steph makes a great agent 99 if any of you remenber that show. GET SMART

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