Sons of Guns: Will Kris choose Stephanie or his job at Red Jacket? (VIDEO)

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Fans are eagerly awaiting Kris's decision to Will's ultimatum: Stephanie or your job.

Tonight, the new season of the Discovery Channel’s Sons of Guns premieres, and viewers are ready to find out: Did Kris quit his job for Stephanie, or will he get to keep his job and maybe get the girl, too?

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Will Hayden, the founder of Red Jacket Firearms, is a native of Baton Rouge, LA. After six years in the Marine Corps in the early 80s, Will began his new life as a entrepreneur, starting a construction company. Eventually, however, he started a sideline business, an Army Surplus and Firearms Store—the forerunner to Red Jacket Firearms.

Will’s daughter, Stephanie, stepped in as business manager and partner of Red Jacket in 2003. Today, at 25, she manages the day-to-day business of the store—paperwork, purchasing, keeping up with orders and overseeing trips to gun shows, to name just a few of her duties. She does, however, know more about firearms than your average paper-pusher.

Stephanie grew up learning about the outdoors, hunting and firearms from her father, Will. Today, as an outdoor enthusiast, she enjoys rock climbing and horseback riding, as well as photography and writing. Her favorite weapon, she says in her bio, “depends on what she’s shooting at the time,” but a particular favorite is the Suppressed AK-47 built by Red Jacket.

As far as boyfriends, she says she likes “boys with tattoos and big-ass guns,” but tonight fans will be waiting to see if that includes Red Jacket employee—if, in fact, he still is employed—Kris Ford. In 2009, unemployed and in need of work, Kris met Stephanie at a party, and was eventually offered a job as an apprentice at Red Jacket. His job started at the bottom, sweeping floors, but, with the guidance of Will, he is now able to build a gun from start to finish. Will, he says, has become a real mentor to him, and Kris says in his bio that he considers his main job at Red Jacket to be “happily saying yes to Will.” However, that mentor/apprentice relationship took a hit at the end of last season, when Kris, obviously smitten with Stephanie, asked Will if he could date his daughter. Will’s response?

Stephanie or your job.

Whether or not Stephanie was fully aware of Kris’s desire to ask her out at the time of his inquiry to Will wasn’t completely clear, although the two did seem to have a measure of chemistry, at least on-camera. But, tonight fans will eagerly await Kris’s decision, and most fans appear to be cheering on the match.

See Will's words of warning to Stephanie about dating an employee in the video clip below.

The season premiere of Sons of Guns will air on the Discovery Channel tonight, Wednesday, Dec. 7, at 9 p.m. (ET).

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Video: Discovery Channel, Sons of Guns

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