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Bernice, Robert Jr. face down insane pageant mom on South Beach Tow

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South Beach Tow is cutting it close on the bills, and a pageant mom shows truTV viewers just how crazy crazy can be.

South Beach Tow drivers Robert Jr. and Bernice learned one of the hard lessons of life this week: You do not want to mess with a crazed pageant mom.

“She’s a mix between schizo and clown-crazy,” Robert Jr. said as they started rolling off with the family car, three months behind on payments. Suddenly, a crazed psycho mom came flying up to the window, pounding away at the side of Robert Jr.’s head with what looked like a tire iron, or something similar; clinked like one, too, when Bernice grabbed it away from her and threw it down the street.

The woman really was insane. The husband—who apparently had not told his wife the status of their car payment situation—begged the drivers get the car up and out of there before his wife came out of the house. Unfortunately, she caught them just as they were ready to drive off from the property. She was not only a screaming maniac, she didn’t exactly demonstrate great mom skills. After offering to cut them in on their pageant winnings that day (a yet-to-be-attended pageant with a $20,000 prize), the woman demanded that her daughter do her routine, right there on the sidewalk, in front of the tow truck. When the girl balked (understandably—it was horrible), the woman began threatening her daughter, grabbing her and saying, “Do it now or I delete the Facebook, understand me?”

It was sad.

“I’m sorry baby,” Bernice said to the girl, “but that was just whack.” To the mom she said, “What type of mom are you, got that girl out here doing this, man?”

It was too sad to even be funny, as she screamed at her husband, “YOU ARE SO USELESS!”

According to the husband, they had no money to pay the bills because of the woman’s insane spending on pageant garb; not a hard one to believe.

Tremont Towing on the Chopping Block?

Other big news was Robert Sr.’s decision to cut the drivers’ commission by 40%.

“This is the only thing I have to do to without letting people go,” he explained to the not-excited drivers.

He did not give Christie a pay cut, but he needed her to add extra hours while he attended a meeting about a contract that he said could solve the problems of the company and get more help for her in the dispatch office.

“That’s not the first time you’ve promised me that,” she told him, not at all happy at the prospect of working a 24-hour shift.

How will things play out for Tremont Towing? Will the drivers step up, or will they cut their losses and find other jobs? Or, will they simply turn against each other, like Bernice and Jerome did when Christie sent them out to the same tow.

“It’s every driver for himself,” Robert Jr. observed.

It could get bad at Tremont Towing.

Stay tuned.

South Beach Tow airs on truTV on Wednesday nights at 9:30 p.m.

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Image: truTV

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