South Beach Tow: Inspector holds Tremont's license on his clipboard

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Disaster after disaster seems to follow Tremont Towing on truTVs South Beach Tow.

Things just don’t seem to be getting any better on South Beach Tow. Week after week, another disaster is waiting for the team at Tremont Towing.

This week, Christie and Robert Jr. were dealing with Robert Sr. being in the hospital, as well as a not-so-friendly inspector showing up on the premises.

Not surpringly, Robert Sr.’s injury was work-related. He got hit by a car, cracked a bone in his neck, and is going to need surgery. So, according to the doctors, he is going to have to be out of work for approximately two months. In the meantime, it is up to Robbie to keep Tremont running—and to get the looming loan paid off to rival tower Larry.

Talk about pressure.

Potentially worse than Robert Sr.’s current troubles was the appearance of Dave Cosgrove from the Miami Consumer Authority. He started off on a hostile note, telling Christie, when she tried to explain that her dad, owner and general manager, was in the hospital and was not available, “We can do this now, or I can have your application and license suspended until we can do it at a later time.”

Boy, Mr. Nice Guy.

Real-Life Towing Gets Smelly Sometimes

Worse, Robbie was locked in a blaring vehicle during a tow, and could not hear anything. Perez was taking him to the hospital, leaving only Eddie available for a ride-along. And, he started things off great, saying to the inspector, “Come on, bro’, we ain’t got all day.”

Oh, boy; things just go from bad to worse with everything Tremont touches these days.

Eddie and the inspector did not hit it off, although the inspector seemed to be critical of things that were basically none of his business, even telling Eddie that it would be best if he “didn’t say ‘bro’ so much; it’s just not very professional.” Also, like many “inspectors,” he seemed to have little understanding of real-life situations as to compared to handling things on a clipboard. So, you know, it seemed like he got just what he deserved when, while trying to play “compliance officer,” he got a truckload of manure dumped on him. Eddie had the situation under control, but the inspector had to play big-man-on-campus and had the situation escalating to, well, he had a load of manure dumped on him—that’s explanation enough.

Bernice Saves the Day!

Bernice, however, had the best quote of the day regarding Inspector Cosgrove:

“Drive safe! Don’t hit the pedestrian! Man, fool looks like he ATE a pedestrian before he got in my truck!”

Of course, it was Bernice who saved his rule-spouting, non-understanding self when a so-called pimp pulled a knife on him and his clipboard.

“You’re gonna pass with flying colors, I promise you that,” Inspector Cosgrove apologized.


Stay tuned.

South Beach Tow airs on truTV on Wednesday nights at 9 p.m.

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