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Storms raging all around Tremont on South Beach Tow

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truTVs South Beach Tow would not be the same without Tremont Towing, but can they make Larry's loan deadline?

Bernice and her mom working together at Tremont Towing; who would have guessed that?

With Robert Sr. in the hospital and Christie pregnant, things had to change. Specifically, the Tremont Towing team needed more hands on deck. So, Bernice suggested her mom be trained for dispatch.

“Like mother like daughter,” Christie said when Bernice’s mom took over a rude customer at the window, and had her shaking in her boots—even apologizing for her behavior.

“I think we might have found our new dispatcher,” Christie said in a camera cameo, close to ecstatic.

But, Bernice did have one problem with her mom rockin’ the CB.

“Okay, Honeybun.”

“I’m glad my mom started working for Tremont and all, but she’s got to kill it with that 'Honeybun' BS!” Bernice told the camera. “I’ve got a rep out here to maintain!”

Okay, Honeybun.

10 Days and Counting

Troubles continued, however, with the loan Robert Sr. received from Goodfellas owner Larry. A big storm was coming to South Beach—in addition to the one that has been hitting Tremont Towing for a long time—and he wanted half of his money. But, of course, they did not have it.

“I feel sorry for Robert,” Larry told Robbie and Christie. “When he gets out of the hospital, he won’t have a business because of his stupid kids.”

“What if Larry’s right,” Christie asked the camera ominously. “What if we can’t get him his money on time?”

“We only have 10 days,” she said to a dejected Robert Jr.

Ten days left for Tremont Towing?

Everyone in South Beach was preparing for the impending hurricane, and Tremont Towing was getting all the business they could before it hit, making towing impossible—thus making turning cash impossible, possibly resulting in the handing the keys of Tremont over to Larry.

Go, Honeybun, Go!

The most outrageous moment of the show was when a so-called police officer arrested Bernice for not dropping his car. But, she was following protocol, requesting his badge number before she dropped it, and he refused before slamming her up against the tow truck, cuffing her violently.

Harassment, perhaps? Or just a fake pushing his luck?

“If this fool’s a cop, then I’m Obama’s twin sister!”

And when she got out of those fake handcuffs, Bernice put him down where he belonged and reported him to the real cops—there is just no way not to love that Bernice.

It's All Over but the Scamming

Before the storm hit, Christie sent all of the employees home. But, before she left, she allowed a crazy scam artist and her family to take shelter in the Tremont office. Robbie was stuck babysitting them as they drank, danced and carried on in the lobby.

“Christie owes me big-time for this!” Robbie told the camera.

It’s gonna be a long, LONG storm for Robbie and Tremont Towing.

And, it just might be the end.

Stay tuned.

South Beach Tow airs on truTV on Wednesday nights at 9:30 p.m.

UPDATED: Tremont may soon have new owner

Image: truTV


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That crazy woman stalking Gerome is the cherry on top of this show. She is rediculous! Why would anybody willingly put themselves out on the air like that? This show must be fake. I like Bernice she doesn't take any crap from anyone. I cannot believe the stuff these two truck drivers get into just trying to do their job. People are not that crazy are they? But maybe they are in Miami!

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