Todd forcing Indian River, Quartz Creek to merge tonight on Gold Rush

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Despite the fact Todd cannot seem to get his season going, fans are still flocking to Discovery Channel Fridays by the millions.

Fans of Gold Rush are lining up on Friday nights to see Todd Hoffman and his band of merry followers go for the mother lode. In fact, the show is helping Discovery Channel pull in some of the highest primetime Friday ratings in the history of the network.

On Friday, January 18, Gold Rush was the #1 show among men, bringing in 4.62 million viewers. With the help of Bering Sea Gold, which follows Gold Rush at 10/9c each Friday and delivered 2.61 million viewers on January 18, Discovery Channel was the #1 network in all of television among Men 25-54 and 18-49, beating all broadcast and cable networks, including programs on ABC, CBS and Fox.

New Week, New Problems

This week, fans can expect another chapter of the Todd Hoffman American Dream saga to unfold. As fans know, Todd’s turbo trommel troubles continue, and the monstrous waste of money has now been shut down, after a waste-of-time-and-resources seven-ounce cleanout:

Dave Back Under Todd's Thumb?

This week, in an episode called, “The Merger,” Todd forces the two teams into doing what everyone knew was coming: Todd, unable to do it himself, is now going to force Dave’s gold-producing team to merge with his dysfunctional one. According to the Discovery Channel:

Todd forces his crew and Dave's crew to merge into one team. The Dakota Boys use their new equipment to get back down to the bottom of the Glory Hole. Parker risks his life to get pay dirt from an abandoned mine site down a dangerous mountain road.

Will Team Dave revolt? Will Todd’s latest plan do anything other than cause both sites to become inefficient and non-working? Does Parker realize that finding gold just isn’t worth the lengths to which he is going? And, will the Dakota Boys FINALLY figure out what is at the bottom of the infamous Glory Hole?

Stay tuned.

Gold Rush airs on Discovery Channel on Friday nights at 9/8c.

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Video: Discovery Channel/Gold Rush


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I wish these shows would give us some idea of when these events occur. I'm not even certain that the video we see is even shown in chronological order.

Submitted by Karma (not verified) on
starts with telling us how far into the season they are.

Submitted by Karma (not verified) on
If anything, Todd and his entire crew should have went home. Let Team Turin keep doing their own thing. They've proven they can be successful, unlike Todd. I really hope next season we see Team Turin and NO Todd. So tired of hearing "Look, something failed and it's my fault. I take the blame", from Todd. I'm rooting for Parker and yes, hope the Dakota boys finally get to the bottom of the Glory Hole!

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