Tonight may be last stop for Brandon on Black Gold

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This week may find Brandon at the end of the drilling line at Big Dog.

Is it the end of the line for Brandon on truTVs Black Gold?

Brandon cannot seem to catch a break—but who does he have to blame for that other than himself? With all of his counseling and therapy and lawyer advice, he still just does not seem to get it: HE is the problem, not the world around him. He gives lip service to the idea that he has anger management issues—which is what is threatening to send him away to prison for 2-20 years right now—and he goes through the motions—some of them, at least—but he still does not seem to take his situation seriously. And, when something goes wrong? Out comes the temper and there goes the blame game. His lawyer was exactly right when she said that he just does not demonstrate the maturity for her to help him mount a successful defense, whatever “successful” would mean in this situation, anyway. Would two years be a success? At the rate things are falling apart, it appears that may be the case.

Same Old, Same Old

Once again, Brandon has managed to get himself in trouble, this time with the law in another town. According to truTV:

Brandon has a run in with the law far from home, and when his buddy Cheston breaks a promise to bust him out of jail, there is hell to pay on the home front. Oscar has had enough of no-show Brandon, and it looks like his days working for Big Dog may be over. Will the crew be able to overcome a major mechanical breakdown without Brandon around to fix it? Plus, all bets are off when Cheston and Mitch battle to fill the vacant driller slot.

Brandon Best of the Best?

If Brandon is the best Big Dog has to offer, they are in real trouble. He doesn’t show up for work more often than not, it seems, and if he does, he is late. Is it his employer’s concern or problem that he has court dates to attend, or that he needs to see his therapist? Apparently Brandon believes that it should be, from the way he conducts himself. But, he has been taking advantage of the good relationship he has had between himself and his supervisor, Oscar, and it is no surprise that he has finally had enough. In fact, it is more of a surprise that Oscar did not lose his faith in Brandon sooner.

Will Brandon find himself without a job tonight? Will Cheston be the one to fill it if he does? And, will Brandon finally realize that, yes, playtime is over—and he has no one to blame but Brandon?

Stay tuned.

Black Gold airs on truTV on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m.

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