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Will Todd's investors shut him down on Gold Rush?

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Things are just crashing down around everyone on Gold Rush so far this season, and no one is happy.

This week is a week of contention for all involved on the Discovery Channel’s hit reality series Gold Rush, and the lack of gold coming out of the ground is making everyone’s tempers flare more quickly and higher.

Before the season began, Todd made a big sappy pitch to a group of investors about 'living the dream' to bring in the money needed to expand his operation in the Klondike, in hopes of making his 1,000-ounce goal. It worked, and with the cash flowing, he was able to secure a second claim, lease new heavy equipment, and add a few more men to the Hoffman team. But, things are not working out anywhere near as planned. And, with investors involved, it is imperative that they produce—and produce now.

Nothing But Amateurs

No dirt is currently running on Quartz Creek. Last week, after realizing that Little Blue was spitting out more gold than she was catching, Todd ripped her out and set her on the roadside, complete with a handmade “For Sale” sign. But, the “turbo trammel” he ordered still had not arrived, meaning that the operation was at a complete standstill—and no dirt running means no hope of gold. So, this week, Todd decides to make the 1,800-mile trip south to confront the manufacturer of the trammel, and try to salvage his season. Little does he know that his chief investor, Jason Otteson, will arrive while he is gone, to just check up on the operation and see exactly what he is getting for his money. What he finds is complete chaos, no Todd and no gold. Furious, Otteson threatens to shut the operation down and cut his losses before things get any worse.

Indian River is not finding any greater success than Quartz Creek. Dave Turin fancied himself a better leader than his friend Todd, but he is not proving that to be true. After initially siting his team on the wrong claim, now he has bitten off more than they can chew, creating potential disaster on the claim. While attempting to strip a massive cut in the mid-summer sun, one dozer breaks down, and the team may lose equipment and all when they become awash in melted permafrost.

Fred's 'Good Neighbor' Policies Returned

Things are coming to a head back in Alaska on Porcupine Creek between 17-year-old Parker Schnabel and his crafty neighbor Dakota Fred Hurt. After being turned away when he needed to borrow an electrical panel, Parker is not in the mood to be gracious to Fred and his son Dustin. So, when Parker takes on a contract to replace the bridge leading to the Dakota Boys’ claim in order to earn some much-needed quick cash, he refuses to provide Fred and Dustin with temporary access, causing the two claims to square up for war.

Stay tuned.

Gold Rush airs on the Discovery Channel on Friday nights at 9/8c.

UPDATED: Who hits the mother lode?

Image: Discovery Channel

Video: Discovery Channel/Gold Rush

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