Zeke, Emily revisiting past mistakes tonight on Bering Sea Gold

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If the cast could calm its collective tempers on Bering Sea Gold, they might find more collective success this season.

Bering Sea Gold is enjoying strong ratings this season, with millions of viewers turning their televisions to Discovery Channel each Friday night to find out who is golden and who is coming up empty-handed. In fact, the show is helping Discovery Channel pull in some of the highest primetime Friday ratings in the history of the network.

On Friday, January 18, Gold Rush was the #1 show among men, bringing in 4.62 million viewers. With the help of Bering Sea Gold, which follows Gold Rush at 10/9c each Friday and delivered 2.61 million viewers on January 18, Discovery Channel was the #1 network in all of television among Men 25-54 and 18-49, beating all broadcast and cable networks, including programs on ABC, CBS and Fox.

Temper, Temper

Many fans of Bering Sea Gold are less interested in what the cast finds than in the cast members themselves. For example, the interactions between Scott Meisterheim, captain of The Anchor Management, and Steve Riedel, deckhand on The Wild Ranger, are becoming increasingly nonsensical:

Another Week, Another Problem

This week, on “Gold Getting Hound Dog,” Scott’s temper continues to be a problem, this time with his greenhorn, Todd, and with his investors. According to the Discovery Channel:

Big swells and bigger tempers take over the Bering Sea in the search for more gold. As Scott teaches greenhorn Todd to dredge, a breakdown cuts his lesson (and temper) short. Later, with the investors tightening the screws and watching from shore, Scott’s poor anger management and even worse conditions leave his crew sick and their sluicebox nearly empty. “The Wild Ranger’s” veteran diver Daryl Galipeau boils over when a rock jam and the crew’s lack of experience come between him and the gold. Forced off “The Edge” with permitting issues, Zeke and Emily complicate their relationship further by moving in together for the second year in a row. On “The Christine Rose,” the swells make old man Pomrenke sick and Shawn is forced to bail his father out. But just how much will the setback take away from their search for gold?

Will tempers cause The Anchor Management and The Wild Ranger to continue reaping poor results? Can sea sickness really be an issue on The Christine Rose? And, seriously, what is the thought process behind Zeke and Emily’s decision that living together is a good idea?

Stay tuned.

Bering Sea Gold airs on the Discovery Channel on Friday nights at 10/9c.

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