10 Great Dining Room Design Ideas From HGTV

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Now that the fall is here, outdoor barbecues are starting to end as people head inside to share their meals. HGTV is sharing 10 fabulous dining room design ideas to revamp this area for upcoming fall and winter feasts.

Throughout the summer people enjoy carefree outdoor barbecues rather that staying inside to have meals. Now that the fall chill is setting in, HGTV is offering 10 terrific ideas to revamp your dining room for upcoming gatherings. By the time the holidays arrive, your dining area could have a whole new look.

The Power of Paint

Boring walls are a quick fix with a couple of cans of paint and a healthy dose of creativity. Painting the walls is an affordable and fast way to update your dining space. The striped walls featured on the HGTV website are classy and add an updated touch to the room. Consider innovative ways to use paint to make your dining room more attractive and inviting.

A Combination of Natural and Industrial

Some of the most practical combinations are ones you might not think of on your own. Natural and industrial elements can be seamlessly brought together to revamp your dining space. Add wicker chairs to a distressed wood table with industrial lighting overhead. This modern mix is sure to make this room one of the hottest spots in your house. Even if you have limited space, HGTV has excellent ideas to maximize small rooms.

Cover It Up

Upholstered dining room chairs are luxurious but you might get tired of the color or style over time. With continued use, upholstered dining room chairs may also get a dirty or dingy look. Transform them instantly with slipcovers. Add a new hue to the room or invest in slipcovers with your monogram for a glamorous and customized look.

Get ready to enjoy the inside of your home this fall and winter with an updated dining room. Check out the HGTV website for more ways to make your dining room a cozy place to eat, drink and be merry.

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