10 Ways to Make Boxed Brownies Taste Better

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Most people keep a box of brownie mix in the cabinet and there are a few ways to transform this easy favorite into a gourmet dessert.

Most people keep boxed brownies in the pantry to make as a treat for themselves or for dessert when unexpected company arrives. You can transform those basic brownies into something sensational. Even if you're not a whiz in the kitchen, you can look like a gourmet baker with some of these tantalizing ways to improve the taste of boxed brownies.

1. Add Your Favorite Chocolate Chips to the Mix

It's simple and does the trick. Reach into the back of your pantry for that bag of chocolate chips and add some to the brownie mix before you bake them. The melted chocolate chips make the brownies even more decadent. My favorite are the Ghirardelli chocolate chips but Nestle chocolate chips are rich and creamy, too.

2. Toss in Some Peanut Butter Chips

If you want to add a nutty flavor with a creamy texture to your brownie mix, just add some peanut butter chips to the mix before you bake it. Another option with chocolate chips and peanut butter chips is to put them on top of the hot baked brownies. They make a yummy topping for your boxed brownies and melt right into the top to make every bite a delight.

3. Sprinkle Some Powdered Sugar Like a Pro

When you buy pastries at a bakery, they always look more fancy because they are often topped with some powdered sugar. This is an easy trick to use at home, too. When your brownies cool off, simply sprinkle powdered sugar over the top.

4. Frosting on Your Brownies

Some of the richest brownies are topped off with frosting. You can do this with your boxed brownies, too. Keep a can of frosting in the cabinet to use when you make brownies. Get adventurous and try different flavors. Brownies taste amazing with chocolate frosting but vanilla is good, too.

5. Get Nutty

One the oldest ways to revamp boxed brownies is to add a handful of nuts. Walnuts are always a good choice but you can experiment by adding your favorite nuts to the mix. You can also top off the brownies with some chopped nuts or slivered almonds.

6. Fabulously Fruity

Bring some fruit flavor to your next batch of boxed brownies. Try adding some raisins, chopped maraschino cherries or craisins to the mix. Some people put in a dash of raspberry jam. Get creative and see what flavors and textures you like best.

7. Magnificent Marshmallows

Do you want to make your boxed brownies look like a professional prepared them? Top off baked brownies with mini marshmallows and let them melt. Then drizzle some caramel or chocolate syrup over the top. Everyone will think you spent hours making them!

8. Add Your Favorite Candy to the Mix

Another way to enhance the taste of boxed brownies is to add your favorite candy to the mix. I love to add M&Ms or top the brownies off with M&Ms for some color. You can also chop up your favorite candy bars and add them to the mix. What a way to enjoy candy and brownies - mmmm!

9. Add Lots of Stuff to Your Brownie Mix

You can also combine a few of the ideas above to make your own signature brownies. How about adding raspberry jam with slivered almonds on top? Or chocolate chips topped off with marshmallows and caramel syrup? Try your own unique combinations to create something absolutely unique. Don't forget to just top off your basic brownies with ice cream and whipped cream. What a treat!

10. A Splash of Kahlua or Baileys

You don't need rum cake to have a decadent treat with your favorite liquor. Instead of using water in your brownie mix, substitute it with Baileys or Kahlua. Everyone will wonder what you did to make such fantastic brownies. Serve your Baileys brownies with a simple cup of Baileys Irish coffee. What a fabulous combination!

Who says those classic boxed brownies have to be boring? Do you have any suggestions to make them even better? Share them with us in the comments section below!

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons