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16 Cinco de Mayo Cocktails from HGTV

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HGTV is serving 16 sensational cocktail recipes to get the party started right for Cinco de Mayo including some virgin versions for people who prefer to skip the alcohol.

HGTV is offering recipes for 16 tantalizing cocktails to serve on Cinco de Mayo. From margaritas to mojitos and more, these luscious drinks are a great way to enjoy this traditional Mexican holiday that is also celebrated in the United States.

Background on Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is celebrated in the United States and regionally in Mexico each year on May 5. HGTV is offering suggestions to make the day more exciting including traditional cocktails. The celebration in Mexico is primarily in the state of Puebla where the holiday is called Dia de la Batalla de Puebla. In English, this means the Day of the Battle of Puebla. It started as way to commemorate the cause of democracy and freedom during the first years of the American Divial War. Now Cinco de Mayo is a way to celebrate Mexican pride and heritage in the United States. In Puebla, the date observes the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862 when the Mexican army had an unlikely victory over French forces. In the United States, people often drink specialty cocktails and eat the favorite Mexican cuisine. Celebrations also include colorful decorations and parades. HGTV is presenting a variety of ways to make Cinco de Mayo more fun.

HGTV Cocktails for Cinco de Mayo

In March, everyone looks forward to St. Patrick's Day to celebrate Irish culture with parades, food and drink. Two months later people are ready to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and Mexican culture. HGTV is offering some scintillating cocktail ideas for the occasion.

Watermelon Margarita

Cinco de Mayo would not be the same without serving margaritas. This sweet delight includes cubes of watermelon and agave nector.

Margarita with Vodka

If you don't really like tequila, you can still have a margarita for Cinco de Mayo. HGTV offers a tasty recipe for a margarita-inspired cocktail made with vodka that also includes sour mix, triple sec and soda.

Margarita and Mexican Beer

Mexican beer is a familiar favorite on Cinco de Mayo and throughout the year. This delightful variation means serving margaritas frozen then adding a splash of Mexican beer.

Spicy Mexican Beer

Are you still smitten with the idea of Mexican beer for Cinco de Mayo? The Michelada includes Mexican beer with pepper and hot sauce. This spicy concoction is sure to taste good with Mexican cuisine.

Classic Mojito

Few people realize a mojito is not a Mexican tradition. This cocktail with rum originated in Cuba. Either way, it tastes good on Cinco de Mayo and HGTV offers an irresistible recipe.

Virgin Grapefruit Mojito

Some people don't want to drink alcohol but can still enjoy a tasty drink specialty for Cinco de Mayo. HGTV offers an alcohol-free recipe with grapefruit, agave syrup and a refreshing sprig of mint.

Mexican Chocolate Mock-tini

Here's another virgin delight from HGTV to serve to your guests on Cinco de Mayo. They can skip the alcohol but get plenty of flavor by sipping this chocolate treat.

Pom-Berry Bellini

HGTV also offers a drink that can be made with or without alcohol. This colorful cocktail can be made with champagne as well as sparkling cider or non-alcoholic champagne. There will be options for everyone!

Rose and Mint Champagne

Do you want another cocktail made with champagne? This one is also colorful to serve when you sprinkle dried rosebuds on champagne cocktails then add lime juice and mint leaves.

Sol de Flare Cocktail

Do you want to add a fiery touch to your Cinco de Mayo celebration? This cocktail includes blood orange juice, pepper tequila and agave to fuel your party.

Pepper-Infused Tequila

Keep the spicy theme going with tequila flavored with peppers. Add 1 sliced serrano pepper, 1 sliced jalapeno and 1 sliced habanero pepper to the bottle of tequila then let it sit overnight to heat up for the Cinco de Mayo party.

Classic Sangria

A Cinco de Mayo celebration is complete when you serve classic sangria with an exciting splash of champagne to top it off.

Sake and Sangria

If you're not a fan of champagne, mix some sake into your sangria for a bit of Asian fusion to your Cinco de Mayo celebration.

Frozen Orange Cocktail

Summer is almost here and a frozen orange cocktail is a sunny and refreshing way to liven up your Cinco de Mayo gathering.

Fruity Ice Cubes

HGTV also suggests adding color and taste to your water by placing your favorite fruit in it when you fill ice cube trays. Add lemon and orange slices or blueberries for an infusion of flavor in your warm weather cocktails.This is also a healthy and yummy way to add more fruit to your diet.

To get the recipes for these cocktail and more for Cinco de Mayo, visit the HGTV blog. Also, check out the recipe below for a paloma. What cocktails do you like to serve for Cinco de Mayo? Share your suggestions in the comments section below!

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons Jon Sullivan Public Domain

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