2 Easy Ways to Make Hostess Twinkies at Home

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Since the demise of Hostess Twinkies in 2012 people have missed this sweet treat so much there are now 2 easy ways to make them at home.

For decades Hostess Twinkies were part of American homes and diets across the country. People missed this sweet treat after the bankruptcy of Hostess in 2012. Now Smart Planet has introduced the Hostess Twinkies Bake Set so fans can make their own at home. For those who want to use the equipment they already have, Michael Symon of ABC's "The Chew" also offered an amazing recipe for making Twinkies yourself.

The Smart Planet Hostess Twinkies Bake Set

Generations of Americans feasted on Hostess Twinkies as a delicious dessert or yummy snack. When Hostess closed its doors and there were no more Twinkies being produced, fans were upset. Some went on websites such as eBay to bid on cases of these tantalizing spongy cakes. Others just felt sad about the loss. Now people can make their own with the Smart Planet Hostess Twinkies Bake Set, retailing a variety of prices ranging from $29.99 to $16.99 to $8.99.

While it may not have the convenience of coming in an easy-going package, now fans can get some of the flavor they missed. The Twinkies Bake Pan includes a pastry bag and a recipe booklet to make them as authentic as possible. People can also get creative and concoct their own recipes for fun. The pan has a non-stock surface to make it easier to clean.

These fluffy golden cakes with mouthwatering white icing are now extinct on the market but can still be made at home. Imagine the delight people will feel at your next party when you whip up a batch of Twinkies. It is like bringing memories back to life. If you decide to get adventurous, you can create your own kind of Twinkies and find out what people think of the new version. Either way, it certainly beats missing out on Twinkies altogether. Besides, this bake set might be a collective slice of history in years to come.

Michael Symon's Recipe for Hostess Twinkies

After the demise of Hostess Twinkies, Michael Symon of ABC's “The Chew” offered his own recipes for these coveted cakes. The popular daytime television lifestyle show has its finger on the pulse of the foods people want to eat. They serve up all kinds of recipes that are a breeze to make and taste great. Michael is a renowned chef who knows how much Twinkies mean to his fans.

The recipes he created take only 30 to 60 minutes to prepare. There are 12 servings, which is enough to feed a few hungry family members or friends. Ingredients in the recipe include flour, butter, confectioners sugar and marshmallow fluff. The Twinkies recipe is featured at “The Chew” website with complete instructions on how to prepare them. While we might not be able to ride to the store for Twinkies anymore, there are two easy ways to make them at home. It was like the end of an era when people discovered one of their most memorable snacks would no longer be found on grocery store shelves. Do you remember when you discovered Twinkies were a thing of the past?

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