20 Arousing Ways to Use Coffee Grounds at Home

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After you have your morning cup of coffee remember to save the coffee grounds to use for everything from deodorizing to fertilizing. With Caribou Coffee shutting down 80 stores nationwide, this gives you more reasons to start making coffee at home.

Most people look forward to that first eye-opening up of coffee in the morning. Some people head to places such as Caribou Coffee, which is now closing 80 stores. Making coffee at home has a few distinct advantages. For example, when you finish your morning Joe, make sure to save the coffee grounds. Consider these 20 arousing ways to use coffee grounds for everything from beauty treatments to repelling pests.

Coffee Grounds Around the House

Caribou Coffee just announced it will be closing down 80 underperforming stores with another 88 being turned into Peet's Coffee and Tea shops. It might be a good idea to start making coffee at home, especially since you can use the leftover coffee grounds for so many purposes such as:

1. Does your refrigerator have an odd odor when you open the door? Put a bowl of dried coffee grounds in a bowl. It works much like baking soda, which I also found 20 other uses for. Coffee grounds can also be used after cooking to get rid of food smells that stay on your hands.

2. Another zone that often emits noxis fumes is your shoes and boots. Get rid of that stinky foot smell by putting some dried grounds in your shoes as a deodorizer. Aren't you glad sandal season will soon be here?

3. Did your dog, cat or kids scratch the wooden furniture legs? They don't have to look shoddy anymore. Mix a bit olive oil with coffee grounds to create a brown stain. Apply it to the scratched areas of your wooden furniture for a smoother look. There are also many other uses for olive oil around the house.

4. With your pets in mind, coffee grounds can be used for them, too. Simply mix leftover coffee grounds with water to make solution for your dog's fur. It add a shine to a pooch's coat and has a rather pleasant smell. Best of all, they also deter those awful fleas.

5. Let's have a little more pet talk. If you have cats (or your neighbor's cats love to visit) that might be using your garden as a kitty litter box. Add a dash of coffee grounds to the garden to deter cats. They are also an excellent fertilizer for your soil. It's a win-win situation!

6. Do you have pots and pans to clean or a stubborn counter? Use coffee grounds as an abrasive cleaner. Read more about useful household items for cleaning include salt, lemons and orange peels. You can also mix coffee grounds with baking soda as an abrasive cleaner but be careful not to use on surfaces that might stain.

7. Is a nasty smell coming from your kitchen sink drain? This sink gets a lot of action and needs a little help. Put boiling water with coffee grinds down the sink to eliminate these unpleasant odors in your kitchen.

8. Are the spring bugs starting to become a real nuisance? Nobody wants to be bugged by insects, especially if they wind up in your kitchen foraging for food. Sprinkle coffee grounds around your house and in the cracks of your home's foundation. They will help to keep the bugs away naturally.

9. Cool spring evenings are a perfect time to build a fire in the outdoor or indoor fireplace. Who can resist a fire and s'mores? But after the party, someone has to clean up the mess from the fire. Mix wet coffee grounds on the ashes before you try to shovel them. This minimizes the flyaway ashes.

10. Spring is here and it's time to build a new compost pile to feed your garden soil. Make sure to toss in some coffee grounds to help balance the pH. The worms in your pile also love the java!

11. Do the blades in your garbage disposal need to be sharpened? Do it the easy way. Add a tablespoon of coffee grounds to the garbage disposal while it's on with the water running. This helps sharpen the blades and gets rid of odors.

12. Are you looking for a subtle brown dye for fabric, paper or even natural looking Easter eggs? Search no furtehr because you can use coffee grounds in boiling water to dye all these porous surfaces to a nice shade of brown.

13. Are you the crafty type? Make your own pin cushion using fabric and dried coffee grounds. The coffee grounds are an ideal filler because they help to keep your needles and pins free of rust.

Coffee Grounds for Beauty

Information is becoming available about the potential health benefits of drinking coffee in moderation. But did you know using coffee grounds can also enhance your external beauty? Check out these cool ways to use coffee grounds for beauty treatments:

14. Do you want a natural soap to exfoliate your skin and get rid of grimy hands? Make your own using 1/3 cup of coffee grounds and a melted bar of glycerin soap. Simply mold it into the shape you like then use it for your hands after a long day of working in the garden. It is sure to get rid of the dirt without stripping your hands of essential moisture.

15. The warm weather means wearing less clothes, which makes us worried about our cellulite. Thankfully, you can make an affordable solution at home to reduce the appearance of icky cellulite. Mix a tablespoon of olive oil with ΒΌ cup of warm coffee grounds. Apply it to the areas with cellulite then wrap them with plastic wrap. Relax for about ten minutes, remove the wrap and take a regular shower. It's a spa treatment right in your own home!

16. Are you an auburn haired beauty? Highlight your hair without damaging chemicals. Rub coffee grounds into your hair while it is wet and leave them in for 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse your hair and see the natural highlights shine.

17. Do your kids want a tattoo just like Daddy? You can make a homemade tattoo using the dye from coffee grounds.

18. With summer around the corner, you want to get rid of dead skin cells for a smoother look. Simply massage dried coffee grounds on your skin to slough off those dead cells. For added moisture, mix the coffee grounds with a dash of olive oil. Take a shower as normal afterwards.

19. Here's another way to use coffee grounds in the shower. Massage some through your hair while you wash it for superior shine.

20. You can also make a facial mask with coffee grounds. Mix 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds with 1 tablespoon of honey and 3 tablespoons of yogurt. It is the perfect way to awaken you skin in the morning after a long night. It makes your skin moist and smooth while minimizing puffiness.

Coffee gives you so much more than a jolt in the morning. The leftover coffee grounds are useful for a variety of household and beauty purposes. It's just another reason to fall in love with Joe! Can you think of other ways to use coffee grounds? Share them in the comments section below!

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