20 Cool Household Uses for Milk

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Milk is a staple in almost every refrigerator but few people realize some of the cool household uses for this common product.

Most people keep milk in their refrigerator to add to cereal or drink with a few cookies. Milk is the type of essential product people run out for in the middle of the night. Consider these 20 cool household uses for milk that you might not have known about.

Beauty and Milk

For generations, people have added a splash of milk to their beauty routine. Discover ways to use milk for smoother skin and to feel more fabulous. Now milk can make you look good from the outside in as well as the inside out!

1. Create a facial mask with milk. Using a facial mask is a way to achieve healthier, more glowing skin. Milk moisturizes your skin and is perfect to add to a simple facial mask. Add a bit of water to a half cup of powdered milk. Stir it until the mixture becomes a paste. Spread the mask on your face and leave it on for a half hour. Rinse with warm water to show off silkier skin.

2. Ease the symptoms of a sunburn with milk. As the warm weather continues, people are still getting sunburned. Put cool milk on a cotton ball to take the sting out of a sunburn.

3. Remove stubborn makeup with milk. It is important to remove your makeup every night before going to bed. Create a paste out of water and powdered milk to remove your makeup. After you remove your makeup, rinse your face with warm water and dry it with a soft towel.

4. Don't let bug bites start to bug you. Insect bites can become irritating and itchy. Create a paste using water, milk and salt. Put the paste on the bites for some sweet relief. Another way to ease bug bites is to apply a paste of water and baking soda. Check out these 20 ways to use baking soda around the house.

5. Are your hands and feet covered with calluses after working in the garden or walking on the beach? Apply cold milk to the callused areas three times daily to soften them.

6. Make your own shaving cream with milk. Whether you want to shave your face or legs, using shaving skin leaves you skin feeling smoother. Create a paste from powdered milk and water to use as shaving cream for impressive results. Rinse off the cream with warm water to reveal supple skin.

7. For centuries, people have been bathing in milk for fabulous skin. Add a cup of whole milk or powdered milk to your bath water for amazing skin. After all, it worked for Cleopatra!

8. Summer and fall are ideal times to go camping but sometimes you encounter poison ivy. Even well-trained people wind up getting caught in patches of poison ivy. Use cold milk to reduce the itch right away.

9. Nothing feels better than a sensual massage from your partner. Using essential oils is the ultimate way to achieve physical relaxation through touch and aromatherapy. Often these oils are too potent to use on their own. Milk can be used as a carrier for all types of essential oils to make them part of your sultry couples massage. Who knew milk could help your love life?

10. Are your fingers stained from working in the garden or painting? Dip a half a lemon in milk and use it to clean your soiled fingertips. Consider these 20 other ways to use lemons around the house.

11. Are you caught up in a myriad of honey-do projects around the house and in the garden? Your hands are likely to look icky after all that work. Mix oatmeal and milk together to create a paste. Clean your hands with it then rinse with hot water. Your hands will feel smoother and less yucky.

Using Milk Around the Kitchen and House

Besides making you more attractive, milk is handy to use for various purposes around the kitchen and house. Consider these surprising uses for milk.

12. Have you frozen some fish from a recent fishing trip? Nothing tastes better than fresh fish but sometimes a big catch needs to be frozen to make a second meal. Put the frozen fish into a dish of milk to thaw out. The texture and flavor will be just like you caught it today.

13. Does your silverware look dull? Now you have a good use for the sour milk lurking in the back of your refrigerator. Soak the silverware in the sour milk for about a half hour, wash and then rise it off with warm water to make it wonderfully clean.

14. Have your patent leather handbags and shoes lost their luster? Make them shine again by rubbing them with a dash of milk on a soft cloth. Dry and then buff the patent leather for a mirror-like sheen.

15. Nothing tastes better at the end of summer than corn on the cob. Pour a bit of milk in the water, boil it then add the corn to the boiling water. Somehow it seems to taste a little sweeter when you add that dash of milk to the water.

16. Some children have already gone back to school and with this time of year comes inevitable ink stains. Soak the ink stain in an equal mixture of milk and lemon juice to watch it fade away. Scrub the area with extra milk if the ink stain is stubborn.

17. Polishing your furniture is another great use for a mixture of lemon and milk. Add a dash of your favorite essential oil to make your furniture smell good, too.

18. It's been years since you got married and some of your china is starting to show fine cracks. Gently boil the china in milk. This might not always work but sometimes the protein in the milk reacts with the china to form an adhesive bond. It certainly can't hurt to try it.

19. As the cooler weather arrives, people start moving their favorite plants indoors. Over time, dust and dirt can build up on the leaves and make them look dull. Use a rag doused in skim milk to clean the plants then remember to rinse them off with water.

20. Did you happen to run out of cream and need it for a recipe tonight? You might be able to do the trick by whipping up one cup of dried milk powder and a cup of milk. Whisk the mix until it gets thick like cream.

Can you think of any other household uses for milk? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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